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The post of Orangeman was introduced in the early 20th century, although the exact date is unclear.

The duties of the Orangeman are to assist guide and mentor the two Tutti-men when on their arduous duries on Tutti-Day when visiting all the Commoners' properties. Selecting which properties should be visited, and keeping to an appropriate time schedule are a key responsibility. Tutti-men normally hold the office for only one year, so the many years of experience of the Orangeman are vital.

The Orangeman also carries the oranges and pennies handed out through the day.

It is unclear at present just when the post was introduced. Recent research from the Hocktide Photo Gallery has revealed an elderly (un-named) Orangeman shown at Hocktide 1921. The Orangemen are thought to include:

Un-named (1921):

A photo by Albert Parsons of Shoeing the Colt in The Three Swans Yard at Hocktide 1921 clearly shows an elderly man holding a sack of oranges. It is thought he may have been the earliest Orangeman.

Jack Cox (unknown-c1927):

Jack Cox is shown in a number of Hocktide photos.

Fred Ruddle (c1928-c1947):

Mr Fred Ruddle (landlord of the Craven Arms, 111 High Street between c1911 and c1928) seems to have taken on the role after he retired in 1928, and continued for nearly 20 years until c1947.

Dick Scarlett (c1948-1967):

Dicky "Squab" Scarlett took over c1948, and held the office until 1967, when Robert James was Tutti man. 

Bob Lewington (1967-1992):

Bob Lewington took over in 1967, (arranged by Robert James) and held the office for 25 years, until he retired in 1992, handing over to his nephew Paul Lewington.

Paul Lewington (1993-2016):

Paul took over for Hocktide 1993, and was Orangeman for 23 years until his death in Mar 2017.

Jim Scarlett (2017-2019):

Jim Scarlett, nephew of Dick Scarlett, took over the role of Orangeman from Hocktide 2017.

At Hocktide 2019, Jim was unwell, and the role was undertaken by Peter Rackham.

Aaron Scarlett (2022-2023):

When Jim moved to Marlborough, the post was taken over by Aaron Scarlett, from Hocktide 2022.

Nigel Perrin (2024-present):

Nigel became Orangemen from Hocktide 2024.

Photo Gallery:


Shoeing the Colt in The Three Swans Yard, Hocktide 1921. An elderly "Orangeman" can be seen holding a loose sack of oranges. [A. Parsons]


Orangeman Bill Cox and Tuttiman Alf Macklin, thought to be 1927.


Alf Macklin (L Tuttiman), Jack Cox (Orangeman) and Bill Clifford (R Tuttiman), date currently uncertain.


Hocktide c1950-60. Tutti-men in The Three Swans yard. We are unsure who is acting as Orangeman on this occasion.

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