This page includes some of the many publications on Hungerford's history.

"Aspects of Medieval Hungerford" by Mr. Norman Hidden

A compilation of original research work carried out by the late Mr. Norman Hidden, who spent over 30 years researching the medieval history of the town.

Aspects Cover

There are 30 separate chapters, covering such items as:
- The mystery of Stocken Street
- An armed affray at Hungerford
- John Tuckhill: First Constable of Hungerford
- The Great Fire of Hungerford
- Moral life of folk in Tudor England
- Pest House and Plague
- The murder of William and Ann Cheyney
- John Wesley's visits to Hungerford

Soft-cover. 316pp. Price: £8.95

20090000 Launch of AspectsThe launch of "Aspects", 2009

The text can be found here.

"Hungerford - A History"

Careful research on original documents has revealed interesting new information on the town's history - a book not to miss even if you have read others! The book was produced by members of the HHA as a Millennium Project, and was published by the HHA.

Soft-cover. 133pp. Price £4.95.

Hungerford Cover

"Reminiscences of Twentieth Century Hungerford", by Mrs Pam Haseltine

Personal reminiscences by local residents of life and times in Hungerford since 1900.

Soft-cover. 62pp. Price £3.00

Reminiscences Cover

All three of the above are available from:

The Hungerford Bookshop
24 High Street
RG17 0NF
Tel & Fax: +44(0)1488 683480

or Direct from the HHA using the special Order Form (Word format) or (PDF format).

"Hungerford - A Pictorial History" - New Revised and Enlarged Edition by Hugh Pihlens

The new edition of the Pictorial History of Hungerford was published in November 2007.

The first edition of the book, which included 170 photographs illustrating so many aspects of Hungerford's history, was published in 1992, and proved so popular that it had been out of print for many years. The new revised and enlarged book has 218 photographs, with an entirely new section covering the period from 1930 to 1990, including topics such as the carnivals, the Second World War, the open-air swimming pool, and the fire at the Great Western Mill.

Hard-cover. Price £17.95.

Pictorial cover

"The History of St. Lawrence's Church, Hungerford" by Fred Bailey

Published May 2011


Price £4.00, (£2.00 in church). 24pp with colour photographs.

Available from Hungerford Bookshop (see above)

The Changing Faces of Hungerford, by Dr Jimmy Whittaker.

Available via Amazon in three volumes:

Cover Volume 1s


Other publications - past and present:

The HHA 25th Anniversary Book

A celebration of the first 25 years history of the HHA. It includes interesting details on the history of the Association, and has resumes of six talks given during the 25 years.

Published by the HHA in 2005, and given free of charge to all members during the 2004-2005 season.
Out of print.

"The Story of Hungerford in Berkshire", by Rev. W.H. Summers

The original book on Hungerford's history - completed after Rev Summers' death by Harold Peake.

Published by the Trustees of the Borough and Manor of Hungerford, 1926
Out of print.

"The Story of Hungerford", by Dr Hugh Pihlens

A comprehensive short history of the town from prehistory until 1983.

Published by Local Heritage Books, 1983
ISBN 0 86368 000 3
Out of print

"A Walk About Hungerford", by Dr Hugh Pihlens, illustrations by Mr John Brooks.

Illustrated walks around the town, highlighting buildings and items of historical significance.

Published 1988.
Available from
The Hungerford Book Shop,
24 High Street, Hungerford,
Berkshire. RG17 0NF
Tel & Fax: +44(0)1488 683480
Price £2.00

"Hungerford - A Pictorial History", by Dr Hugh Pihlens.

The history of Hungerford illustrated by 170 well-captioned old photographs.

Published by Phillimore, 1992.
Out of print

"Hungerford Beyond Domesday", by Mrs Carol Cartwright.

Unravelling the mystery surrounding the origins of Hungerford, and providing a possible chronology and pattern of development.

Published by Carol Cartright, 1992.

"Hungerford 2000", by Rufus Segar

A wealth of historical and modern information about the town, with superb illustraions of the buildings.

Published by The Town and Manor of Hungerford and The Liberty of Sanden Fee, 1999.
Available from:
The Hungerford Book Shop,
24 High Street, Hungerford,
Berkshire. RG17 0NF
Tel & Fax: +44(0)1488 683480

"The Berks and Hants Line - Theale to Bedwyn (including Hungerford)" by John Allen

The history of this railway from 1845, including much fascinating information on the stations and staff.

Published by John Allen 2001.
Out of print.