Special historical events in Hungerford (in chronological order):

Riot in Hungerford, c1460-61

Great Fire of Hungerford, 1566

The Case of the Missing Charters, 1573

Civil War, 1642-51

William of Orange meets Commissioners of James II at The Bear, 1688

George III's Golden Jubilee, 25 Oct 1809

Enclosure of Common Fields, 1811

Bare Knuckle Fight on Hungerford Common, 1821

Bare Knuckle Fight on Hungerford Common, 1827

Agricultural "Swing" Riots, 22 Nov 1830

Grand Cricket Match, England v Hungerford, Jul 1852

Hungerford Races, 1848, 1859 and 1861

Autumn Army Manoeuvres around Hungerford, 1872

Police Murders, 11 Dec 1876

Bullock Stampede, 1879

Rural Sports, 11 Apr 1887

Queen Victoria's Jubilee, 21 Jun 1887

Charnham Street Floods, November 1894

Bicycle Gymkhana, c1890s

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 20 Jun 1897

Coronation of Edward VII, 1902

Disturbance in Hungerford, 1903

Proclamation of George V, May 1910

Tragic death of Mr Freddie Pratt, Jun 1910

Swimming Sports in the Canal, c1910 onwards

King George V's visit, October 1912

World War I, 1914-18

Plane Crash in High Street, May 1917

War Memorial Dedication Service, 1921

Charnham Street Floods, 1932

Hungerford Carnivals, 1932 onwards

King George V's Silver Jubilee, 1935

Coronation of King George VI, 1937

Hungerford in 1937

World War II, 1939-45

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation, 2 Jun 1953

Floods in Bridge Street and Charnham Street, Dec 1954

Fire at Great Western Mill, Church Street, 22 Jun 1960

Steam Rallies on the Common, 1970-78

Railway crash, Nov 1971

Opening of M4 Motorway, Dec 1971

Geoffrey Webb, Archers writer, killed in RTA, 22 Jun 1972

Hungerford Shooting Tragedy, 19 Aug 1987

Archaeological dig at Undy's Farm, 1988-89

Great Storm, 25 Jan 1990

World record for raw egg throwing by Hungerford man, Apr 1990

Hungerford Fish Mortality, 1998

Jubilee Pedestrian Bridge over Canal, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, 2nd June 2012

River Kennet pollution, July 2013

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations, 21st April 2016 (photos by Tony Bartlett) - and Barbeque

Covid-19 pandemic affects the whole world. Hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, and non-food shops all shut for months, 2020.

Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, 2nd-5th June 2022

Coronation of King Charles III, 6th May 2023

Regular events:

- Armed Forces Day (June)

- Beating the Bounds

- Christmas Events

- HADCAF - Arts Festival

- Hocktide and Tutti-Day

- Markets and Fairs

- Remembrance Parades

- Victorian Extravaganza, 1992-present

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