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The Coal Club in Hungerford was first mentioned in 1860.

By 1883 there were 200 members, but "many more subscribers were needed".

The last reference was in 1922.

The Rules:

1. Each subscriber is entitled to nominate one member for every half-crown subscribed.

2. Each member is to subscribe one penny per week, so that an addition of about 3/- be made to each card, and that the whole amount be expended on Coal or on useful clothing, such as is approved by the Committee.

3. No member to be admitted except on the nimination of a subscriber or of the Committee.

4. The Committee has power to refuse admission to any person nominated, who is known to be of bad character, or too well-off to need charitable assistance.

5. All Coal Cards not paid in before the end of May will be forfeit.

6. All Clothing Cards not paid in before the end of the year will be forfeit.