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The Hungerford and Camburn Educational Trust:

One of the oldest of Hungerford charities is the Grammar School Foundation, which included the charity of Dr. Thomas Sheaff founded by indenture in 1635, that of John Hamblin of 1726 and those of Elizabeth Cummins founded by will dated 1735 and codicil 1743 and Capp's charity also by will sometime before 17 82.

These, when amalgamated, formed the Hungerford Educational Foundation. In 1942 John Holmes Wooldridge founded a bequest for a Grammar School Exhibition. Caleb Camburn a former headmaster of the Methodist school, that was situated in Church Street, he was later the first head of the Fairview Road School, caused a trust to be set up, called The Camburn Education Trust for Hungerford in 1946.

In 1980 the Camburn Educational Trust for Hungerford and the Hungerford Educational Foundation (which was administering J.H.Wooldridge bequest) were regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commission to become the Hungerford and Camburn Educational Foundation.

This trust has, over many years, helped many young people to further their prospects, in further education, approved apprenticeships, or other self improvement, or with financial help from the trust.

Candidates must be under 25 years and have lived in Hungerford for more than three years. Applicants can apply in June, interviews are held each July.

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