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Earliest information: <1470
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (37 ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: c1780
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

Common rights; quit rent 10d.

1470 Helme -> Drew -> Elston -> Became a tavern called "The King's Head" in 1557. Destroyed by fire c.1609, after which it amalgamated with 12 Bridge Street, and carried on trading until c.1700. Along with 12 Bridge Street, it was rebuilt c1705 and again c1780. In residential ownership for 100 years until it became the wharfinger's house when the canal opened. Wooldridge's builders closed in 1967.

Description of Property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. 18th century. Tiled roof with central gabled dormer and brick dentil course to eaves. Red brick walls. 2 storeys and attic. One blank panel and 2 glazing bar sashes with exposed frames and cambered heads, the right being narrower. Ground floor has central canted bay with glazing bar sashes and panelled shutters, 6 panel door to right with rectangular fanlight in doorcase of engaged columns and open pediment. 19th century extension to rear fronting Canal Walk of no special interest.

Photo Gallery:


13 Bridge Street, Mar 2007


Bridge Street c1900

nwn 20091210
nwn 20091210

Move for CoCo & Co, NWN 10.12.2009

18400000 13 bridge street and the wharf
18400000 13 bridge street and the wharf

11-13 Bridge Street and the wharf, c1832-1847 (with thanks to Iris Lloyd).

19500000ca plan of hungerford wharf
19500000ca plan of hungerford wharf

Plan of Hungerford Wharf, c1950 (with thanks to Iris Lloyd).

20180823 13 Bridge Street
20180823 13 Bridge Street

CoCo & Co, 13 Bridge Street, Aug 2018.

- 11-13 Bridge Street and the wharf, c.1832-1847 (with thanks to Iris Lloyd).

- 13 Bridge Street, March 2007.

- Bridge Street c.1900.

- Plan of Hungerford Wharf, c.1950 (with thanks to Iris Lloyd).

- Move for CoCo& Co, NWN 10th December 2009.

- CoCo & Co, 13 Bridge Street, August 2018.


<1470 (NH) Thomas Helme (+12BS)

1470 (NH) Thomas Drew(+12BS)

?1550 (NH) Francis Elston (separate from 12BS), Constable of Hungerford in 1550.
<1552 (NH) Francis Elston (owner); William Leche (tenant).
1552 (NH) Francis Elston (owner).

The King's Head Tavern, c1557-c1705:

1557 (NH) Francis Elston - granted a licence by the Crown to keep a " tavern, the wines to be drunk within his dwelling house at Hungerford." Died 26 Jul 1570, buried in the parish church.

1571 (NH) Alice Elston married (20 Aug 1571) Robert Mylles (died 1578).

1573 (NH) Robert Mylles is listed in the town survey as holding 1 tenement, garden and orchard, together with Pound Close - 1½ acres Woodmarsh, in the right of Alice Elston.

1578 (NH) Robert Milles, gent, was buried in the parish church 6 Dec 1578.

1591 (NH) The property is described as in 1573, now belonging to Alice Elston and "now in the tenure of the widow Miles, but how appeareth not".

1601 (Parish Register) Alice Mills (widow) of the "Kings Head" was buried.

In 1609 there was a severe fire, after which it was amalgamated with 12 Bridge Street as an extension to the tavern:

1609 (NH) John Boardman (owner), John Cooke (tenant). Boardman also held the freehold of the neighbouring property to the north (now 12 Bridge Street), which is described as "lately burned". Quit rent for both properties totals 10d (6d + 4d).

1629 (NH) Thomas Langfield (owner) - in his will left the King's Head to his wife Gillian, together with its appurtenances, viz barns, stables, gardens, fish ponds etc.

1662 (Constable's a/c) "Pd for methedling(?) at ye kingshead - 4d" [Metheglin is a spiced kind of mead; mead is an alcoholic liquor made by fermenting honey and water. So, metheglin is a wine made of herbs, honey and spices.]

1667 (QR) William Clifford. 10d per year for "ye Kings Head".

1669 (BRO D/EBl T4) Lease by Thomas Goodwin of Hungerford, yeoman, and Richard, his brother, of Hungerford, tailor, to William Clifford of Hungerford for £30. Property described as "all those 3 lower rooms with the chambers over them being on the west side of the messuage, tenement, or inn commonly called the King's Head; and also that piece of ground with appurtenances containing 4 perches next adjoining unto the said rooms. Also 1 plot or parcel of ground containing 5 perches next unto the west side of the stables there. Also the shop next to the street there, with liberty of ingress, egress and regress unto any the said demised premises into and from the same through the backside there as often as needs require" for a term of 99 years, paying 1d p.a. rent.
1676 (NH) William Clifford paid QR 10d for "ye King's Head".

1700 (BRO D/EBl T4) Conveyance of property above by Thomas and Richard Godwin to William Clifford.

1700-03 William Clifford, cordwainer, assigned his house to John Cramps of Hungerford, yeoman and vintner.

1703 John Cramp (and his wife Sussana) sold it to Joseph Wall of Marlborough. It is described as possessing "a parcel of meadow thereunto near adjoining called the Pond Close containing 1 acre, 2 roods".

1705 Approximate date of rebuilding of 12-13 Bridge Street.

1707 (BRO D/EBl T4) Conveyance: Joseph Wall of Marlborough sold it to Thomas Clempson, apothecary, of Hungerford. It is now described as "all the messuage ... situate in the High Street together with the stables and other outhouses, yard, garden ground thereof unto belonging (a great part of which messuage was lately new built", confirming that "the old messuage there whilst it stood was called the King's Head" and also described "those gardens & meadow grounds & the grounds now used as a cock pit & whereon a summer house was lately built .... heretofore called the Pond Close".

13 Jun 1710 Deposition (E134/9Anne/Trin3) taken at the house of Thomas Eyres "known by the sign of the King's Head and Trout".

1774-90 (QR) John ?Forty (amended to General Williamson) "for the lower house", q.r. 10d.

1781 (CL) John Sherman for house lately built

1795-1804 (QR) John Sherman "and for the lower house, q.r. 10d.

The Canal Company and Wooldridge family, c1804-c1944:

The canal was opened to Hungerford on 9 Oct 1798. See Building the Kennet & Avon Canal.

1818-23 (QR) Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal "for the lower house late General Williamson's, q.r. 10d.
1805-17 (QR) Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal "for the lower house late General Williamson's, q.r. 10d.

1832 (QR) Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal "for the lower house late General Williamson's, q.r. 10d.
1836 (QR) Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal "for the lower house late General Williamson's, q.r. 10d.

1841 (CS) ?Charles Barnard (25 yrs), Agent ?for K & A?

1847 (KD) ?Joseph Neal, corn dealer. Thomas Wooldridge (Croft) Wharfinger.

1847 (CL) K & A Canal Co (own); Charles Barnard (occ)

1851 (CS) Thomas Wooldridge (38), Civil Engineer. (Constable 1855-56)

1853 John Holmes Wooldridge born at 13BS - lived all but 4 yrs of his life here.
1861 (CS#16) Thomas Wooldridge (48 yrs), Contractor & timber merchant.
1861 (CL) K & A Canal Co (own); Thomas Woodridge (occ)
1864 (BD) Thomas Wooldridge
1865 (DD 12BS) K & A Canal Co; Thomas Wooldridge
1885 (DD 12BS) K & A Canal Co; Jane Wooldridge
1891 (KD) John Holmes Wooldridge – Agent for K&A Canal.
1896 (CL) K & A Canal Co (own); Mrs & son Wooldridge (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Proprietors of Kennet & Avon Canal (owners); John Holmes Woodridge (occupier)
1914 (CL) K & A Canal Co (own); John Holmes Wooldridge (occ)
1922-23 (Robert James) JHW built 23 & 25 The Croft c. 1912/13; WW1 caused shortage of materials and stopped building; 27 & 29 The Croft in 1922/23; 28 and adjacent property c.1925. Lived in 27 for ?four years. Dennis Cryer disagrees! 28 & adjacent pre WW1, others post WW1.
(Jock Rolfe, 1983 says the stone house on the wharf was called "Salt house")
1932 (QR) G.W.R. (amended to Wooldridge) for "Kennet & Avon Canal for the Lower House", q.r.10d.
1939 (DD 12 BS) James Wooldridge
1939 (Blacket's) J.H. Wooldridge
1940 (T&M Register) Miss Beatrice Wooldridge (occupier)
1941 (NWN) J.H. Wooldridge died (at home) 4.12.1941 aged 88 years. See NWN obituary.

c1944: 13 Bridge Street became separated from the business premises of wharf.

See also: Wooldridge Family

Death of Miss B M Wooldridge:

Feb 1947: "In the person of Miss Beatrice Mary Wooldridge, death has removed the last surviving member of the old established family of Hungerford builders. The daughter of the late Mr and Mrs T Wooldridge, she passed away on Friday of last week at her home at Bridge House, Bridge street, after a very short illness. It was at Bridge House that Miss Wooldridge was born, 89 years ago. She was very well known through the district and a charming disposition endeared her to a wide circle of friends. Though she took no active part in public affairs, she retained always a great interest and never denied a helping hand. Cremation took place yesterday (Thursday) at Reading."

1959 The Church Diary includes an advert for J Wooldridge & Son Ltd, Building Contractors, established 1825. Canal Wharf, Hungerford.

Major Fairfax Harvey, c1944-1967:

1947 - 18 Jul: (Copy conveyance) Bought by Major Humphrey Le Flemming Fairfax-Harvey for £3,000.

1947 (DD 12 BS) Major Humphrey le Fleming Fairfax-Harvey (previously landlord of the Three Swans. Constable 1950-56).
1952-1976 (CL) Humphrey le Fleming Fairfax-Harvey

1967 Wooldridge wharf business closed.

1968 (T&M Register) Humphrey leFleming Fairfax Harvey (owner & occupier).

See also: Major Humphrey Le Fleming Fairfax Harvey

Michael & June Blakeway "Blakeway Books", 1976-1995:

1976 (T&M Register) Michael Blakeway (owner & occupier)
1983 (CL) June Elizabeth Logan Blakeway (Bookshop)
Michael & June Blakeway, Second-hand Bookshop, closed April 1995. They then moved to 56 Church Street.
1984 (CL) June Elizabeth Blakeway
1985 (CL) June Elizabeth Blakeway
1988 Blakeway Books (Michael and June Blakeway) "Antiquarian and good quality second-hand books".
Jan 1995 Blakeway Books closed.

Jonathan & Hilary Roots, 1995-c2005:

Whole building reverted initially to private use, bought by Jonathan & Hilary Roots.

Apr 1995 Jonathan & Hilary Roots. Saddler's workshop at home – outlet at Roxton's.
1996 Front room opened as saddlers.

1999 Front room changed to "MJM Antiques" antique armour and militaria.
2000 (CL) Jonathan Charles Roots
2005 (CL) Jonathan Charles Roots

Mrs Iris Lloyd, c2005-present:

c.2005 Roots sold to Mrs Iris Lloyd.
2007 "MJM Antiques". "Our main business covers the following: Pistols of the following type:- duelling, travelling, overcoat, pocket, officers, blunderbuss, carriage, holster, sea service, land pattern, coastguard, brass-barrelled, Queen Anne, revolvers, flintlock and percussion. Long guns of the following type:- Winchester, shotguns, rifles, fowling-piece, Snider, Enfield, Brown Bess and Blunderbuss. Also swords of all types".
2007 (T&M Register) Julie Lloyd (occupier)
2008 Mrs Lloyd (residential) and MJM Antiques
2009 (?Aug) MJM Antiques closed

2009 Dec: CoCo & Co Designer Clothing moved from 112 High Street.
2011 (CL) Julie Lloyd

Aug 2018: CoCo& Co closed (moved to Kintbury).

Dec 2018: Lloyd Evans solicitors.

Feb 2022: Lloyd Evans closed.

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