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Earliest information: 1676
Original estate:
Common Rights? Yes (but not in 1990 CL) (Frontage 21ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 17th century, with 20th century alterations.
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

In the Webb family from mid 1750s, then William Coxhead (and his widow). By the mid 19th century it was James Bodman's linen draper's shop. From c1914 it was a butcher's, before John Mills started his radio and television shop in c1947, later W.G. Razey. In 1983 it was Pocock's estate agents, then Stan James licensed betting office between c1993 and 2006 -> Five Star Fruit and Veg shop -> Blue Bee Florist -> Hungerford Nails.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now offices. 17th century, with 20th century alterations. Tiled roof with single gable to road on left, brick wall with planted timbering. Timber framing visible internally. Two storeys and attic. One 20th century casement in attic. Tripartite glazing bar sash at first floor with exposed frame. 20th century shop front on ground floor.

Photo Gallery:


18 High Street, Jan 2007


Hungerford Nails, 18 High Street, Nov 2012


Blue Bee Florists, 18 High Street, Aug 2010


Blue Bee Florists, 18 High Street, Nov 2010


W G Razey, c1974-75.


John Mills, Radio and Television, 1976.

- W G Razey, c1974-75 [LHS-101].

- John Mills, Radio and Television, 1976 [LHS-102].

- Five Star Fruit & Veg, January 2007 [p1280838].

- Blue Bee Florists, 18 High Street, August 2010 [img_5575].

- Blue Bee Florists, 18 High Street, November 2010 [img_1944].

- Hungerford Nails, 18 High Street, November 2012 [img_1908].


1676 (QR) Noah Webb for house q.r. 6d. [J. Dix for Youlle's land, q.r. 5d.]

1753-61 (QR) Jane Webb for her house and Youles's land, q.r. 11d. (Norman Hidden: I think the q.r. 11d comprised house 6d and land 5d. The 11d q.r. dates back to 1753 QR Jane Webb. In 1676 however, the house seems to belong to Noah Webb q.r. 6d., and Youlle's land to J. Dix 5d.)

1774-90 (QR) ?Sarah Webb for her house and Youles's land – 11d

1781 (CL) Noah Webb

1795-1804 (QR) Harriett Webb for her house and Youles's land – 11d. In 1795 Harriet Webb widow of Noah Webb yeoman deceased intestate, renounced administration to John Pearce, yeoman and Robert Smith glazier both of Hungerford. Principle creditors of her late husband, who died 11 Feb 1795.

1805-17 (QR) James Webb for house and Youles's land, [amended to William Coxhead] q.r. 11d.
1807 (CL) Mrs H. Webb
1808 Harriet Webb widow advertises her school.

1818-23 (QR) William Coxhead (amended to Elizabeth Coxhead) for his house and Youles's land, q.r. 11d.
1832 (QR) Elizabeth Coxhead for land late William Coxhead (amended to Hogsflesh), q.r. 11d.
1836 (QR) Trustees for Mrs Herbert Hogsflesh for land late William Coxhead's, q.r. 11d.
1841 (CS) ?

1851 (CS) Elizabeth Bodman (40), draper's assistant
1861 (CS) James Bodman (57), linen draper – employed 1 man, 2 boys.
1861 (CL) Trustees of Mrs H. Hogsflesh (owner) – James Bodman (occupant)
1871 (CS) ?Entry missing
1881 (CS) ?Entry missing

1896 (CL) Berks & Hants Extension Railway (owner) – Arthur Killick (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Berks & Hants Extension Railway Co (owner until 1967)
1903 (T&M Register) Arthur John Killick (occupier until 1912)

(Harold Clements) "Bootmaker, then butcher, part of Eastman's group – later went to 9HS"

1914 (T&M Register) London Central Meat Company (occupier until 1939)

1932 (QR) G.W.R. "formerly house and Youles land formerly Coxhead's, then Trustees of Mrs H. Hogsflesh", q.r. 11d.

1939 (Blacket's) London Central Meat Company (Mr Rice, manager)
1940 (T&M Register) Miss M H Armitage (occupier)
1941 (T&M Register) Harry Bright (occupier)

WWII (*1) Café, with a chained-up teaspoon

1942 (Rufus Segar) James & Co traded in unrationed feed for livestock: rabbits, pets, poultry, pigs and ponies – even horses and humans (oats)!

1947-70 (CL) John Albert Mills (Radio and TV business). Lived at Down View.
1968 (T&M Register) British Railways (owners); John Albet Mills (occupier until 1972)
1972 (Jack Williams) John Mills died

1972 (Jack Williams) W.G. Razey Radio & TV shop
1973 (T&M Register) Gordon William Stephens (occupier)
1974 (T&M Register) Geoffrey Edwin Bond (occupier)
1976 (Mrs Razey) Mr Mills electrical shop was bought by Sandford & Stephens in 1976.
1976 (CL) Geoffrey Edwin Bond
1978 John Mills – electrical retailer

1983 (CL) void – Pocock's Estate Agents
1984 (CL) Nigel Peter Ludlow
1985 (CL) Nigel Peter Ludlow
1990 (CL) No entry for 18 HS.

By 1993 Stan James Licenced Betting Office
2006 Stan James moved (Feb 2006) to north end of 127 High Street (Wessex House)

2006 Five Star Fruit and Veg opened (Aug 2006) having moved from 9 High Street.
Dec 2009 Five Star Fruit and Veg closed.

Aug 2010: Blue Bee Florist opened 2nd August 2010 (moved from 129 High Street).
Dec 2011: Blue Bee closed on this site - moved to share property with Sugar Mouse at
9a High Street.

Nov 2012: Hungerford Nails opened.

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