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This section gives links to a number of historic sites mentioned in early documents. The exact location of some is not yet clear. It includes fields, closes, land and some buildings.

- Clip or Cliffe Close

- Dye House

- Farley's Lands

- Gifford's Land

- Hug (or Hulkes) Ditch

- Pale Mead

- Preys Barn (Pye's Barn, Praise Barn) (see also Sprayes below)

- Rack Close (?later Joyes' Close?)

- Short's Farm

- Stubwood

- Three acres in Charnham Street (Homefield als Charnham Field)

The Brewhouse:

1573 Survey (T/S p21)

The Brick House and Clay Pits:

1470 John Grynes for ye Cleypythys, qr 8d

1487 (Min Accts 2/3HenVII) "rent of 8s received from John Evenys (?Evans) for the licence to dig clay at Helmes Heath for tiles thereof to be made".

1552 John Bryncklow, tenant of Sir Edward Darrell, holds Purrs, also "lez Cleypytes" @8d qr.

26 Jul 1564: (Par Reg) Buried Thomas Lundell who was killed in the Earth Pits.

1573 Survey (T/S p5) - the Tile house is mentioned as part of the boundary of Sanden Fee, just north of Hanfield's House and garden "and so leadeth unto a pale or hedge and homes hethe on the south to the Tile house and then leadeth a hedge bounding in Helmes Heath unto ... Helmes Copse" etc. 1573 survey (p24) "John Coote, tenant of William Butler pays the Queen yearly for digging of the clay in the pits at Helmes Heath, 8d" [William Butler of Reading also held Purrs]

The Claypits appear in QRR right through until the c1930 roll.

1577 (DL4/11/23 Iremonger v Hidden, T/S p8d) Andrew Skynner , vicar of Kintbury, states Kintbury tithes are payable out of Handfelds Farm, the Tylekyln and the house adjoining.

25 Sep 1578 (Par eg) Buried Alice, wife of John Yonge, late of Brickelden

1591 John Hunte (tenant of Richard Stafferton) for digging clay on Helmes Heath, 8d

1609 Richard Stafferton esq..."for digging of clay upon Helmes Heath for the Tyle House", qr 8d (This went with Purrs and Popinjays at this date).

1609 survey: Tyle House and Clay Pits.

1610 (DL44/871) Rafe Yonge of Inkpen, brickman, aged 80 yrs, deposing re Popinjays and Helmes Heath. Also "great spoil made in the common by Mr Stafferton and his assigns with digging of clay pits, sandpits and chalkpits to make bricks etc. (Jury's presentment).

1613 D of S Will of Thomas Curr of Sanden Fee refers to Richard Hunt of the Bryckhouse.

1618 PCC will of William Norris refers to Richard Hunt of the Bryckhouse.

1659 (Somerset RO) Clay Meadow.

1676 Survey: for the clay pits (no name), qr 8d

Chantry House:

1470 BVM half burgae, qr 4d - but not named

1548 Draft lease in tenure of Edward Ransford, clerk "late chaplain of the chantry", rent 6s 8d pa.

1549 (DL29/723/11779) tenement blank. rent 6s 8d pa

1564 *DL29/723/11794) BVM. 6s 8d (tenement blank) NB "full rent"

1573 BVM William Edmunds, tenement, garden, backside, qr 6d

1591 BVM Thomas Seymour, tenement, garden, backside, qr 6d. Annual rent 13s. This is the last occasion on which it is named.

1609 The probably corresponding entry, though un-named, is for Thomas Curre, 1 tenement and 1 acre (though it is not clear where the 1 acre has come from), qr 6d

1676 (QRR) by position this could be "Curr's children for their house and land" - 6d If so, then 1753 Giles Fortune; 1774 Giles Harding; 1797 and 1805 John Harding; 1818 and 1832 George Bathe Cundell; 1836 Rev JC Townsend and c1930 Mr Harris.

Chapel Barn:

1573 "a barn decayed that was licensed by the chantry priest and the townsmen of Hungerford (T/S p?). Perhaps Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary.

(1598 (Chantry repairs): John Bacon, 1 tenement or barn in good repair? (DL42/98 f329-330), but see Widow Bacon, 1609.)

1627 PCC will of Vincent Smyth "that barn that belongeth to the Chantry adjoining his backside near the Church Lane".

1676 Isaac Field - Chapel Barn, qr 8d

1753 William Allen

1774 Widow Coxhead
1795 William Coxhead
1805 John Coxhead

1818 Joseph Atsworth(?)
1832 Joseph Aldworth (sic!)

1836 Samuel Plumbe

(later) G B Cundell

c1930 [blank] = empty site?


1573 Survey (T/S p15)

Parsonage House:

1573 Survey (T/S p21)


1573 Survey (T/S p4)

Postern Field:

This consisted of a large piece to the west of the present Salisbury Road, and a small portion to the east, the latter being known as Parsonage Corner (Summer's notes).


1573 Survey (T/S p4) (also Overpurres and Netherpurres)

1573 Survey (T/S p24)

3HVIII Anc Dd C2145 (nbi p32)

Sand Pits:

28 May 1587 (Par Reg) Buried "old Edward Swaite killed in the sand pits at Cakewood, hard by his house".

Sanden House:

1573 Survey (T/S p24)

The Shambles:

1673 (Constable's A/c): Paid James Ball for mending the Shambles 8s

1674 (Constable's A/c): Paid for implements about the Shambells 1s 2d

1676 (Constable's A/c): Paid for 1,000 tiles for the Shambles 17s 6d (and other work done on the Shambles this year)

1678 (Constable's A/c): Paid for mending the Shambles

Sprayes (le Spraygrene, Prayes) - (see also Preys Barn):

23EdIII: (Anc Dd C1306 (nb vi p5) "le Spraygrene"

3HVII (Anc Dd C2145 bni p32) Sprayes Barn - also Min Acct DL24/723/11779

(DL14/55 no 36): Concealed lands: 2 acres of waste at north-east corner of Helme Heath abutting on the garden of Edward Butler lying between the Heath and the tenement of said Edward (in occupation of William Iremonger) on north and a close of William Butler called Sprays Copse on south, and lying between a close of meadow called Sprays Mead on the east and the ditch or gulley or le Synke which separates Helme Heath and the said parcel of waste on the west.

Well Close:

1548 Draft lease for the sale of BVM Chantry: Well Close is leased together with Rack Close and the Dye House to George Lovelake for 40 years (14 Oct32HenVIII).

1573 Survey (T/S p23) In Sanden Fee. Held by Humfrey Bathe of Edward Fowler, parcel of BVM, qr 4d.

1583 (Hungerford family manor survey p3): Thomas Seymour in Church Croft

1591 Ralph Hatt, rent 6s 8d, qr 4d.

1609 Hunfrey Batt, qr 4d

1676 William Hobbes, qr 2d

1753 [missing]

1774 William Coxhead for Well Close late Youngs, qr 2d
1795 William Coxhead for Well Close late Young's, qr 2d
1805 William Coxhead for Well Close late Young's, qr 0d (sic!)
1818 William Coxhead for Well Close late Young's, qr 2d

1832 Elizabeth Coxhead for Well Close late William Coxhead qr 2d (Hiogsflesh added y later hand). In 1832 Herbert Hogsflesh widower married Elizabeth Coxhead at Kintbury. (Information from Mrs I Day, Australia)

1836 Trustees of Mrs Hogsflesh for Well Close, qr 2d

Yonge's House:

1573 Survey (T/S p25) in Sanden Fee.

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