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Chilton House was an old manor house at the west end of Chilton Foliat village. It should not be confused with the much grander Chilton Lodge and its estate to the east of the village.

The site of the medieval manor house of Chilton Foliat or its site, together with an enclosed demesne farm and former park, formed the nucleus of the Chilton House estate, deriving from a conveyance in 1590 by Sir Francis Walsingham to his secretary Francis Mylles. The original house was mentioned in documents of 1546 and was sited to the west of the church and demolished c.1754.

A new house, Chilton House, was built between 1755 and 1758 immediately north of the previous house site. The owner in 1834, Fulwar Craven, sold this estate, by then comprising 877 acres, to E.W. Leyborne-Popham and it was then incorporated into the Littlecote estate. The new house was demolished in 1965. Subsidiary buildings to the north of the house site were converted for residence after 1965.

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Chilton House c1914 Tomkins and Barratt
Chilton House c1914 Tomkins and Barratt

Chilton House c1914 [Tomkins and Barratt].

- Chilton House c.1914 [Tomkins and Barratt].

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