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The articles below are from "Aspects of the Early History of Hungerford" by Norman Hidden, 2009. They form a rich source of local historical material collated during a lifetime of primary research by Norman Hidden.

- Foreword

- Introduction: ‘Hidden’ places in Berkshire

- Origins

- Medieval Town Development

- Simon de Montfort

- The Manor of Hungerford Engleford

- Royal Itineraries and Medieval Routes

- Hungerford medieval documents in the Berkshire Records Office

- The Chantry of the Holy Trinity

- The Chantry of the Burgesses

- The Priory of St John

- Vicars of the parish church of St. Lawrence, Hungerford

     1148 to 1381

     1381 to 1558

     1559 to 1640

     1641 to 1681

- The Leper House at Hungerford

- The mystery of Stocken Street

- An armed affray at Hungerford

- The early Constables of Hungerford

- John Tukhill: First Constable of Hungerford

- Richard Mayhew

- Two militant women

- The Currs – a Roman Catholic family

- Early dissent in Hungerford

- Eary schools and schooling in Hungerford

- Moral life of folk in Tudor Hungerford

- The Great Fire of Hungerford

- The ‘Missing Charters’ of Hungerford

- Freemans Marsh – A history of dispute

- Pest House and Plague

- Civil War – caught in no-man’s land

- Hungerford during the Commonwealth

- The murder of William and Ann Cheyney

- John Wesley’s visits to Hungerford

- Glossary