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The War Memorial, Bridge Street

Hungerford's main War Memorial lies in Bridge Street. It was built on on land purchased by a group of Trustees in 1920 from the International Tea Company, whose International Stores had recently closed. Follow this link for more on the War Memorial Dedication Service. Several other war memorials can be found in other key buildings, including St Lawrence's Church, schools, and businesses such as the banks.

Photo Gallery:

20161113 img_5650
20161113 img_5650

The Bridge Street War Memorial, Nov 2016.

Hungerford School War Memorial
Hungerford School War Memorial

Hungerford School War Memorial.

- The Bridge Street War Memorial, November 2016.

- Hungerford School War Memorial.

The Stories behind the names:

The individual stories behind the names on the

Bridge Street War Memorial to those who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars can be found on the following pages:

First World War Memorials

Second World War Memorials

Also: WO2 Spencer Faulkner, died Kandahar Afghanistan 27 Apr 2014

Commonwealth War Grave Commission graves:

See the special article dedicated to the CWGC graves.

The Church House (now Croft Hall) War Memorial:

A First World War Memorial was dedicated in Church House (now Croft Hall).

The War Memorial at the Hungerford Primary School (previously the All-Age Council School):

This memorial includes the following:

In honour and in loving memory of:
R V Weaving, F J North, S Vockins, A N J Salt, C J Rosier, L E Lambourne, E Vockins
our Comrades who made the great sacrifice 1914-1919.

1939-1945 - In Grateful Remembrance of
D H Amor, E G Bell, J N Chandler, E J Cottrell, R R Dixon, R M Gibbs, C E Mayne
G F McKeand, A R G North, A C Pike, T Pike, S C Pinnock, F W Rogers, F H C Rosier,
L A Shears, L G Street, F Tucker, D M Vyall, A D Walter, H C Wright.

who died for us

Their name liveth for evermore

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