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The shoe industry in Hungerford is just one part of the town's rich heritage. The town's tannery flourished for over 250 years at what is now 1 Charnham Street from before 1626 until c.1885. There were tanners, collar-makers, harness-makers, curriers, glove-makers as well as many shoe-makers and corwainers.

Much further work could be done to research the trade in Hungerford, but as a starter, some of the shoemakers and corwainers are listed below (in chronological order) (all are shoemakers unless otherwise specified):

15th century:

1499: Thomas Boughton, a shoemaker and wool-winder.

16th century:

1566: Ralph Baker (Deposition)

1573: John White (Survey)

1573: Robert Waite (aged 40 yrs), cordwainer (Deposition)

1575: John Whitte (PRB)

1578: Roger Dudmarsh (PRB)

1581: Robert Sandie (PRB)

1582: John Hayes (PRB)

1584 William Davies (PRM)

1585: Thomas Withers

1585: Robert Waite, cordwainer (PRB Deposition)

1587: Jerome Whitte (PRB)

1593: Thomas Hamblen (PRB)

1593: John Langher (HCB)

1596: Nicholas Pollington (PRB)

1599: James Frinde (Friend) (Dean of Sarum Presentments), non-conformist

1599: Richard Field (HCB)

17th Century:

1602: Walter Vasie (PRC and HCB)

1606: Robert Fisher (HCB)

1606: Reynold Hinton (HCB)

1606: Henry Pocock (mentioned in Will)

1614: John Hill (HCB)

1618: Thomas Crockford (Will)

1619: John Ken (HCB)

1636-1661: Isaac King, 125 High Street, cordwainer.

1639: Isaac Field

1662: Thomas Collins

1662: Thomas Robins (Will of Edward Sandes)

1666: Henry Pocock

1665/6: Isaac King, cordwainer

1666: Thomas Goddard (Will), cordwainer

1667: Anthony Goffe

1669/70: Stephen Helliard

1670 Isaac King, cordwainer

1670: Edward Plaisted (Deed)

1679: William Clifford, cordwainer

1689: William Clifford (Deeds)

1700: Edward Plaisted (Will)

1700-03: William Clifford, cordwainer, 13 Bridge Street

1706: Gabriell Viner, cordwainer

1714/15: Gabriell Viner, cordwainer, Charnham Street

1716: Thomas Eastmond, cordwainer / shoemaker

1717: Jonathan Reade

1727: Jonathan Bird

1733: Hugh Cooper, cordwainer

1745 Thomas BARE (Sun Life Fire Insurance )

1746: Hugh Cooper, cordwainer

1751: Thomas Bear, cordwainer (Deed)

1778 Sun Life Fire Insurance

1778: John Naxton (Sun Life Fire Insurance)

1781: John Clements (Sun Life Fire Insurance)

1782: William Dubber, cordwainer (Royal Exchange Insurance)

1786: Stephen Pinnock, cordwainer, Charnham Street (Royal Exchange Insurance)

1790: Francis Bear (UBD)

1790: William Cadman (UBD)

1790: Charler Dubber (UBD)

1790: Richard Hidden (UBD)

1792: F Bear (UBD)

1792: Cadman (UBD)

1792: C Dubber (UBD)

1792: W Dubber (UBD)

1792: Hidden (UBD)

1792: Wheldon, cordwainer

1792: Williamson, cordwainer

19th century:

1800: Francis Bear, cordwainer (Deed)

1841: James Wise (40), cordwainer, ?25 Charnham Street (Census)

1851: John Clements, 105 High Street (Census)

1851: James Wise (50), boot and shoe maker, ?21 Charnham Street (Census)

1851: William Bance (45), cordwainer, (behind JoG Inn, Bridge Street) (Census)

1861: Census: Stephen Clifford (22), boot and shoe maker, 33 Charnham Street (Census)

1861: William Arman. 11 Bridge Street

1861: William Robbins (43), cordwainer, 6 Bridge Street (Census)

1871: James Wise, Charnham Street (Census)

1875: William Lambourne, 37-42 Church Street (Deeds)

1881: James Wise (80), ?18 Charnham Street (Census)

c.1894-1920: William Lambourne, 8 Church Street

1940s: Bill Barnes, boot and shoe repairer, 2 Charnham Street

Post 1945: William Clifford, 111 High Street

c.1969-1980: Frank Fisher, 89 High Street, shoe shop

2011-present: Ellie Dickins’ Shoes, 97-98 High Street

Key to abbreviations:

CS: Census

HCB: Hungerford Court Book