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In past centuries, treatment of dental problems was often carried out by barber-surgeons, apothecaries, and later by chemists. This was the case in Hungerford.

Chemists and dentists at 128 High Street, c.1844-1914:

In c.1844 Benjamin Keen came to Hungerford and opened a chemist shop at 128 High Street. He bought the premises in 1847. He was also a brewer!

He died in 1858, and his widow arranged for Charles Crook to take over the chemist. (She later married Henry Edward Astley).

Charles Crook was chemist there in the 1871 census, but by 1881 it was Henry V. Telfer (40) - chemist & dentist.

The business passed to Henry Telfer's brother-in-law John William Waddington - chemist and dentist.

John Waddington died in 1914.

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Frank Kerley, 2 High Street, c.1944-1970:

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Mr Garabet, 109-110 High Street, c.1950s:

Jack Williams remembered that at 109-110 High Street "The entrance hall was superb, a huge polished cupboard, cases of stuffed fish, a magnificent staircase, and a loud ringing bell when the front door opened. There was a great cellar with apple racks, and an unexplored attic; a large bedroom occupied by Mr Garabet, a dentist from Marlborough one day a week, as I remember."

The Church Lane Dental Practice, 1964-present:

The dental surgery in Church Lane was built in 1964 by George Dunbar, who was dentist there until his retirement in Aug 2001.

The practice was bought by Simon Smallwood, who later expanded the partnership with Simon Wombwell (2011).

Dr Humphrey Hope, 131 High Street:

Dr Hope's practie was at The Briars in Newbury, but he did have a small dental surgery at his house in the 1960s and 70s where occasional patients could be seen.

Williams Dental Practice, High Street, 1987-present:

The practice opened in Marlborough and 96 High Street Hungerford in 1987.

In 1987, dentists Gareth and Vernon Williams set up the practice. After Gareth retired in 2014, dentist Amreeta Sanghera joined Vernon as a partner followed by Vernon’s son, Christopher, who joined as an associate in September 2015.

{my}dentist, Fairview Road, 

In 2021 the dentists are listed on the practice website as Dr. Faisal Ahmed Dilib, Dr. Katharina Ahlert, Dr. Andrei Dinu and Dr. Lucas Marcello Gervastri.