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Benjamin Stone was not a Hungerford resident, but he is included here because he left many splendid photographs of Hungerford c1902.

John Benjamin Stone (1838 - 1914), who was later knighted, was born in Aston, Birmingham in 1838. He was an inductrialist, active as a local councillor, magistrate and MP in the Birmingham area, but it is though for his photographic archive that Stone has remained famous.

Stone photographed individuals, groups, street scenes and ancient buildings and amassed an archive of some 22,000 prints.

In 1897, Queen Victoria's Jubilee year, Sir Benjamin Stone announced the formation of the National Photographic Record Association (NPRA).

Its aim was to record the ancient buildings, folk customs and other 'survivals' of historical interest for the future. The result would be a national memory bank that would foster 'a national pride in the historical associations of the country, or neighbourhood, [or] in family traditions'.

No doubt it was the spectacle of Hocktide that brought him to Hungerford in 1902, where he took many photographs of the High Street and Bridge Street and Tutti-Day.

Photo Gallery:

benjamin stone
benjamin stone benjamin stone
hocktide-074 19...
hocktide-074 1902 hocktide-074 1902
hocktide-072 hocktide-072
hocktide-003 19...
hocktide-003 1902 hocktide-003 1902
hocktide-071 hocktide-071
hocktide-073 19...
hocktide-073 1902 hocktide-073 1902
uhs-007 85
uhs-007 85 uhs-007 85
uhs-049 85
uhs-049 85 uhs-049 85
hsl-16 hsl-16
church_66 church_66
children_10 children_10
children_11 children_11
hocktide-075 19...
hocktide-075 1902 hocktide-075 1902
leverton-10 leverton-10
hocktide-076 19...
hocktide-076 1902 hocktide-076 1902
hocktide-077 19...
hocktide-077 1902 hocktide-077 1902
littlecote-10 littlecote-10

- Sir John Benjamin Stone

- "Hock-tide Customs, Hungerford. Constable, Tithing-men & Officials, 1902" (The Constable was William G Alexander coal-merchant at 120 High Street) [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Hock-tide Festival, Hungerford. The Constable and two Tithing men with "Tutti Poles", 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Hock-tide Customs, Hungerford. The Constable (W G Alexander Esq) & Court of Commoners, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Council of Commoners, Hock-tide, Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Hock-tide Customs at Hungerford, Berkshire. The Constable and tithing, or "Tutti", Men, 1902" (The Constable was William G Alexander coal-merchant at 120 High Street) [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Hungerford. Looking South from Railway Bridge, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Looking South from Town Hall, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Looking North from Railway Bridge 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "The Parish Church, Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "School Girls, Hungerford. Berkshire. Hock-tide festivities. (Mr Camburn, Master), 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "School Boys, Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "The Hungerford Bugle Horn, dated 1634, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Ancient Stocks Nr Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Ancient Charter, Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "Ancient Charter, Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

- "The Ancient Finger Stocks at Littlecote, Nr Hungerford, 1902" [J Benjamin Stone]

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