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Queen Victoria died on 22 Jan 1901 at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, to be succeeded by her eldest son Albert Edward (born 9 Nov 1841). He chose to reign as King Edward VII.

Edward's coronation had originally been scheduled for 26 Jun 1902. However, two days before, on 24 June, he was diagnosed with appendicitis. At that time, appendicitis was generally not treated operatively and carried a high mortality rate, but developments in anaesthesia and antisepsis in the preceding 50 years made life-saving surgery possible. Sir Frederick Treves, with the support of Lord Lister, performed a then-radical operation of draining a pint of pus from the infected abscess through a small incision (through  4 1⁄2-inch thickness of belly fat and abdomen wall). The next day, Edward was sitting up in bed, smoking a cigar. Two weeks later, it was announced that the King was out of danger.

Edward was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 9 Aug 1902.

In Hungerford, great celebrations took place.

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19020809 Edward...
19020809 Edward VII's Coronation 19020809 Edward VII's Coronation

- Crowds and bands in the Market Place, thought to be on the occasion of the Coronation of Edward VII, Aug 1902.