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In the 21st century we take it for granted that there are General Practitioners in almost every town and hospitals within half an hour's travelling distance. This situation, however, has only become commonplace since the mid 20th century.

This part of the Virtual Museum illustrates how the modern medical model has evolved through the ages, by following the local story.

The history is split into several articles:

- The Early Days - from the 13th century

- The Start of Organised Medicine - from 1550 to c1830

- The 19th Century and Medical Nepotism

- The Early 1900s

- District Nursing

- The First World War

- Between the Wars

- The Second World War

- The Coming of the N.H.S.

- The 1950s

- The Healthcare Team

- Local Hospitals (including more distant ones used by Hungerford residents)

See also:

- Caring for the Poor

- "History of Medicine in Hungerford" by Dr Hugh Pihlens, 1991 [HHA Archive N36]

- "History of Medicine in Hungerford" by Dr Hugh Pihlens, 2006 [HHA Archive N37]