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Summary: Oxford Street, Eddington, c1836 - c1869:

The earliest record of The Three Horseshoes, Oxford Street, Eddington, was in the 1836 Old Moores Almenac, which listed so many of the inns of the day. (It is not mentioned in Pigot's Directory of 1830).

In 1850 William Davis is mentioned (in Slater's Directory) as a "blacksmith" and as a "beer retailer" in Eddington.

He is listed in the 1861 and 1869 Kelly's Directories and the 1869 Post Office Directory as "blacksmith and beer retailer, Eddington".

In the 1854 and 1864 Billings Directory he is listed as "beer retailer and blacksmith, Three Horse Shoes, Edington (sic!)". The 1871 census includes William Davis (a blacksmith aged 74 yrs) living in Wantage Road, Eddington.

He is not included in the 1877 Kelly's Directory.

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