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Among Norman Hidden's papers was the following collection of notes on Malthouses mentioned in Sun Fire Insurance Policies:

1716 Vol. 6: William New, maltster.

1717/18 Vol 7: William Bonner, maltster in his malthouse adjoining the house of Robt. Tuck.

1721 Vol 13: William Ryman, maltster.

1722 Vol 14:Edward Hanson, maltster. Late house of Francis Mills. (26/27 High Street - The Arcade ?)

1723 Vol 15: Joseph Shipton on EAST side, occ. Robt Tuck dwelling house + malthouse etc. (see Vol 7 no. 129?)

1723 Vol 15: Edward Hanson, maltster. House + malthouse.

1724 Vol 17: Anthony Woodrofte, maltster. House + malthouse. (No.33?).

1727 Vol 25: William Ryman maltster, on the Bell inn occ. by Geo. Povey (115 High St.?)

1727 Vol 25: William Ryman, dwelling house and malthouse. (No. 33)

1729/30 Vol 30: Thomas Liddiard, maltster. Malthouse and kiln etc. (detailed description) (15 Bridge Street, The Old Malthouse")

1731 Vol 34: Richard Sare new(?) house in tenure of John Pocock + malthouse adjoining in tenure of John Biggs.

1733 Vol 39: Essex Bell on house and malthouse, occ. by William New.

1734 Vol 40: as in Vol 34

1736 Vol 41: John Chalk maltster, on his dwelling house and malthouse.

1736 Vol 47: Thomas Woodroffe's house in tenure Wm. Bonner + adjoining malthouse.


(1) P.C.C. will of William Bonner, probate 1741, dated 1738, "moiety of freehold house to John Ambrose on trust for his daughters Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Dunsden) and Ann (wife of Abraham Shepherd).

(2) D.C.W. will of Anthony Woodroffe maltster, probate 1735.

(3) PCC will of Edward Hanson 1770