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The Railway Tavern stands at the entrance to the railway station. The original station was opened at Hungerford (as a terminus) in 1847, and it is likely that The Railway Tavern was opened at ariound the same time.

The first reference to the Tavern was in the 1851 census:

1851 (CS) Benjamin Stone (41), Innkeeper; Elizabeth Stone (30) and son (1); George Fernell (55) Ostler.

Benjamin Stone stayed, with added responsibilities variously as "victualler; licensed to let horses", "publican & railway goods agent", and "agent to G.W.R." through 1869 (Kelly) until c1877 - the last reference being in the Kelly Directory.

Later landlords included:

1895 Kelly: Charles Strutt "Railway Tavern"

1900 Cosburn: W. Giles

1903 Kelly: Henry Walter Garrett (for the Railway Hotel)

1911 Kelly: Alfred Smallbone (again the Railway Hotel)
1915 Kelly: Alfred Smallbone, "Railway Hotel"

1920-24 Kelly: Henry Ring "Railway Hotel"

1928 Kelly: James T. Cope

1931 Kelly: Mrs. Agnes Lilley

1935 Kelly: H. George Cook

1936 Kelly: Harold Cosh "Railway Hotel"

1939 Kelly: Albert John Sealy (now the Railway Tavern)

1960s: Peter Eeles (assisted by daughter Stella Troke and her husband, parents of Terry Troke).

Sep 2001: David & Katie Jones.
See "Glasses and hooves raised at re-opened pub", NWN 20 Sep 2001.

Photo Gallery:

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- Railway Tavern, Aug 2001

- A funeral procession passing the Railway Tavern, undated.

- The Railway Tavern garden and barn, Feb 2019.