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A Guide to the Day's Events:

The planned schedule of events is broadly similar from year to year, but for detailed information in any year, please refer to the Town & Manor website.

8.00am, Town Hall Balcony: The Bellman, Robin Tubb, will sound the Constable's horn from the Town Hall balcony. The commoners will then be summoned by the bell to attend the Hocktide Court.

9.00am, Town Hall steps - Tithing Men set off: The Constable will present the Tutti Poles to the two Tithing Men. Then accompanied by the Orangeman, Paul Lewington, and the Tutti Wenches, they will set off to collect the dues from the Common Rights properties. At every property they will be given a drink and, in return for a kiss, will present an orange.

9.05am, Town Hall - Hocktide Court: The selected Hocktide Jury will attend and all commoners are called. Spectators are welcome to watch and listen to this very old tradition.

See also Hocktide Court Agenda, 2011 for an example of the proceedings.

12.30 for 12.50 to around 4.30pm, Corn Exchange - Hocktide Luncheon: Tickets for visitors and non-commoners are normally available to purchase from Crown Needlework. The lunch is a four course meal with various toasts and is followed by the Shoeing of the Colts by the Blacksmith to the Town and Manor, Peter Rackham.
See also Hocktide Luncheon, 2011 for detailed program and list of office holders.

From 5.00pm, The Three Swans - Anchovies on Toast: All diners are welcome to the traditional finale of the meal.

7.30pm, Corn Exchange - Hungerford Town Band: The Town Band will play for the pleasure of the people of Hungerford.

9.00pm, The Three Swans Hotel - Return of the Tithing Men: The last port of call for the Tithing Men is the Three Swans Hotel at approximately 9.00pm. Everyone is welcome to see then safely in and celebrate the day.

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