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The deeds of 37-42 Church Street record that

10 Jun 1875:  William Lambourne (of Hungerford, shoemaker) paid George Hidden (of Hungerford, organist) £505 for two cottages formerly in the occupation of George and Mary Hidden his mother, and then John Lambourne and George Bunce. Also four other cottages. William Lambourne arranged a mortgage of £348 19s for 14 years at £3 per month from the Provident Union Building and Investment Society. The cottages "now and for some years" were occupied by George Smith, Edward Bushnell, John Newman, William Joyce. The property to the west (i.e. 36 Church Street) was a cottage owned by Mrs Hempstead and occupied by (blank) Pounds.

11 Feb 1913 £36 for 14 years at 5s 11d per month. In this mortgage it is recorded that the properties consist of two cottages, formerly one messuage, formerly in occupation of George and Mary Hidden, afterwards John Lambourne and George Bunce, now Albert Wyatt and Elizabeth Gibbs, also four cottages on the western side in occupation of George Smith, Edward Bushnell, John Newman and William Joyce, now in occupation of Harriet Sprules, William Killick, William Moss and Thomas Love. All bounded on the west by cottage belonging to Stephen Taylor