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Faulknor Square lies on the south side of Charnham Street.

Modern numbering is (from left to right): 2 and1 on the south terrace, then 5 on the west terrace.

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- Charnham Street, c1905, showing Faulknor Square on the left.

- Faulknor Square, 1912, showing the lawn, and the low hedge along the Charnham Street boundary.

- Charnham Street, with Faulknor Square on the left, on the occasion of Mr Platt's funeral, 1910

- Children playing in the flood waters outside The Lamb in Faulknor Square, 16th May 1932

The origin of the name "Faulknor":

The origin of the name "Faulknor" had been unclear, but an enquiry about family history in 1992 may give a clue.

Mrs Joan Nichols wrote from Australia, stating "We are descendants of David and Maria Faulknor, who set up business as a draper in the High Street in Hungerford in 1823. In 1868 David and two of his sons apparently had a rope-making business in Church Street Hungerford. In 1884 (or maybe earlier) his son William had a pork butcher shop in Bridge Street, Hungerford.

David was a nephew of Joseph Faulknor, "after whom Faulknor Square was named."

In the 1815 Land Tax Assessment for Charnham Street as occupier of "Land" owned by "Hungerford Parish".

William Faulknor is mentioned in the 1891 Kelly Directory as a pork butcher in Bridge Street, in the 1895 Kelly as a butcher in Bridge Street, and in the 1896 Commoners' List as occupant of 1 Bridge Street.

We have no knowledge yet of a Faulknor rope business in Church Street, and are unable to confirm a Faulknor draper in High Street. However, the 1792 Universal British Directory has a Faulknor as Broker and Auctioneer, and the 1796 Berkshire Directory names him as Joseph Faulknor, Broker and Auctioneer (but no address accompanies this entry, of course).

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