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Earliest information: 1573
Original estate: ?Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary
Common Rights? No
Date of current building: 20th century
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

(There is considerable confusion between No. 15, and 16 High Street. The official listing is attached to No. 16. Common Rights currently assigned to No. 15. Current postal address of 16 High Street is 15 High Street!)
A draper's shop in the late 18th century, then Universal Stores before being incorporated into the Co-op.

Photo Gallery:

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1880ish a e allright-01 1880ish a e allright-01
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1880ish a e allright bill head 1880ish a e allright bill head
LHS-104 Dec 197...
LHS-104 Dec 1978 LHS-104 Dec 1978

- Co-op store, 15 High Street, Jan 2007 [p1280834]

- Allright's Universal Stores decorated for the King's Visit, Oct 1912 [A. Parsons] [kv_14]

- Removing the shop frontage to the Queen Anne building, Dec 1978. [HSL-104]


Batt family, c1573-c1615:

1573 (NH-see under 14 HS) "BVM tenement, occupied by Humphrey Batte (clothworker)".

1585 (NH-see under 14 HS) "..[ tenement] of the chantry, in the tenure of Agnes Batte".

1591 (NH) Widow Batte is still occupying the … chantry tenement with 7 acres of land".

1609 (NH) Humfrey Batt? q.r.4d

Garmy/Cooke  family, c1615-early 1700s:

1661 (NH) Thomas Garmy also Cooke the elder made a nuncupative will D/S W. Ann, son Thos.
- Thomas Garmy born 1582, children: Isabel 1610, Thomas 1611, John 1615, Joan 1617. Wife Elizabeth buried 1641. Thomas buried October 1661. "Thomas Garmy the elder". Second wife = Ann.
- Thomas Garmy born 1611, buried 1670. Elizabeth Garmy, widow, buried 1674. Son Thomas baptised 1649.
- John Garmy born 1615, married Mary. Buried Dec 1683. Son John baptised 1654, daughter Mary baptised 1652.
- Thomas Garmy born 1649, married Mary 1679. Note: Extensive Garmy family in registers]

1663 (NH) Hearth Tax: John Garmy
1676 (NH) Ref D: QR: Thomas Garmy for his house q.r.4d
1676 (NH) Ref C: QR: John Garmy for his house q.r.4d.
1676 (NH) John Garmy (?alias Cooke), q.r.4d
Mar 1683 (NH) DCW will of John Cooke alias Garmy the elder of Hungerford, butcher, probate April 1684, to son John Cooke (als Garmy) "all my lease in the messuage wherein I now dwell…". Daugher Mary (born 1652), w/o Thomas Cook als Garmy (m. 1679, buried 1649).
1694 (NH) DCW admons of Thomas Garmy als Cooke of Hungerford butcher to wife Mary. Inventory of butcher's shop; also lease of cottage and meadow in Charnham Street = £17.

Bridget Simkins, c1753-c1770:

1753-61 (QR) Mrs Bridget Simpkins for her house late Cooke q.r. 4d

George Jones, c1770-c1795:

1774-90 (QR) George Jones for house late Simkins amended to Richard Townsend for house late Crooke q.r. 4d.

1781 (NH) Sun Fire Insurance: George Jones (owner) – "one house and offices near the aforesaid (16 High Street) in the tenure of Wheeler, £100" [see notes under 16 HS].

Sun Fire Insurance: Vol. 293/175 Policy No. 444027 13 June 1781: George JONES of Newbury, gent.
(on his own dwelling house and another 2 houses in Newbury, and the Crown Inn in Thatcham], One house and offices only, adjoining at H. Berks, in the tenure of Mr HAYWARD: £300. [This is 16 High Street-HLP]
One house and offices adjoining near the aforesaid in the tenure of Mr WHEELER: £100. [This is 15 High Street-HLP]
On the Angel Alehouse only, near in the tenure of Henry CLEMENTS. Brick, timber and tiled: £100. [This is 23 High Street-HLP]
One house only, near, late in the tenure of Joseph ALLEN, now empty: £80. 
All brick and tiled except as above.
Total £1900.

1781 (CL) Widow Wheeler.

Note: This may be the site of Miss Wheeler's School?

1787 (NH) Will of George Jones leaves this property (and others in Hungerford including The Angel Inn) to be administered by Richard Townsend, his partner, and the husband of George Jones' niece Ann.

Rev Richard Townshend, c1790-c1870:

1795-1804 (QR) Richard Townsend for house late Cook's q.r. 4d [probably inherited from George Jones by latter's will]
1805-17 (QR) Rev. Richard Townsend for house late Cook's q.r. 4d
1818-23 (QR) Rev. Richard Townsend for other house late Cook's q.r. 4d
1832 (QR) Rev. John Charles Townsend for other house late Cook's q.r. 4d
1836 (QR) Rev. John Charles Townsend for other house late Cook's q.r. 4d
1851 (CS) ?No entry
1861 (CS) ?No entry

Allright's Draper's shop, c1871-c1920:

1871 (CS) A. E. Allright (28) draper. Note: Various printed items (see Photo Gallery) state that A E Allright was at 11 & 12 High Street in the 1880s. This suggests the numbering has been changed - as it surely was in 15 High Street?

1876 The Parish Magazine dated June 1876: "The Drapers of the Town have happily agreed to close their Shops on Thursday afternoons at five o'clock. This will be a great boon to those in their employment, and a very slight inconvenience to their customers. It is to be hoped that other tradesmen will be disposed to follow their example."

c1880 A E Allright's bill head: "Draper, Milliner, Dressmaker, Tailor, Clothier, and Boot Warehouse"
c1880 A E Allright's bill head: "General Draper & Hat & Boot Warehouse" "Milliner, Dressmaker, Clothier, Dyer &c. The noted house for kid gloves. A good stock of ladies underclothing"
1881 (CS) Alfred Allright (38) master draper, 4 assistants.
1891 (KD) Alfred Edward Allright, draper and shoe warehouse, High Street.
c.1898 (Photo) Universal Stores, Allrights
1912 Photo shows Universal Stores, Allrights

Co-operative Stores, c1920-present:

1932 (QR) Co-operative Stores for "Another house formerly Crooks afterwards Rev. J. C. Townsend", q.r. 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) 15: Reading Co-operative Stores (C. Franklin, manager)
1999 Part of Co-operative Stores – whole store refurbished.

See also:

- Advert for Allright's Universal Stores, Marlborough Times 11 Jun 1898.