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Great Bustard
Great Bustard Great Bustard
Tiled Table
Tiled Table Tiled Table
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Souvenir of Hun...
Souvenir of Hungerford Souvenir of Hungerford
ORsPouchBadge ORsPouchBadge

- A buckle or badge inscribed "The Borough of Hungerford" around the star and crescent device in the middle. Kindly loaned by Bob Wheeler of Ramsbury, who found it in the 1990s when metal detecting there. The badge, probably of brass, is 36mm in diameter, with a broken clasp on the back.. It's history is unclear at present.

- An undated "Souvenir of Hungerford".

- A badge (40mm diameter) thought to be a belt badge of the “Boys Brigade” circa 1900. (Sent by Andrew French, Mar 2020)

A collection of miscellaneous items of historic interest - from the bizarre to the ridiculous!

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