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Walter Money never lived in Hungerford, but he is important because he produced the earliest book on the history of the town, entitled "An Historical Sketch of the Town of Hungerford", published 1894.

The chapters include:

- Introduction
- Hungerford - Its Derivation
- The Battle of Ethandune
- The Domesday Survey
- Later Manorial History
- The Manor of Eddington
- The Manors of Standen-Hussey and North Standen
- The Manor of Sanden-Fee
- The Hock-Tide Ceremonies
- The Borough Seal
- The Rectory
- The Church
- The Vicars of Hungerford
- Monuments in the Church and Churchyard
- The Great rebellion
- The Rising in the West
- The Revolution of 1688
- Natives of Hungerford
- Royal Berks yeomanry Cavalry
- Town Hall and Corn Exchange
- Conclusion.

The Appendices list:
- Constables of Hungerford
- Seneschals or Stewards
- Extracts from Constables' Accounts
- Abstract of Town Documents
- Churchwardens' Accounts
- Manors and Free Chapels of North and South Standen
- Charities of Hungerford

The book, whilst not accurate in every way, provides a wonderful introduction to the history of the town.