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Hungerford Deeds from the Hastings Manuscripts held in the Huntington Library U.S.A:

Transcribed by Norman Hidden, 2007.

Note on the role of The Historical Manuscript Commission and the Hastings Manuscripts:

The Historical Manuscript Commission was set up in the nineteenth century to locate and make accessible to researchers, records in the private ownership of persons, families, libraries etc. Records were inspected with the owner's permission and reports on them have been published (the number of volumes now running into the hundreds) in the form of calendars, lists and edited texts. The offices of the Commission are housed in Quality House, Chancery Lane, London.

The Hastings family were connected through marriage with the Hungerford family. Their records are housed in the Huntington Library in the U.S.A. who provided for us a microfilm of those documents which have reference to the town of Hungerford.

This file consists of all the entries relating to "the viII of Hungerford" included in the H.M.C.'s Report (pages 259-263, Hastings Mss vol.l), and a transcript of the microfilm contents which were not included in the Report. The latter, as with all transcriptions of original documents, may contain errors of interpretation of language and handwriting. Anyone using the information presented here, should bear this in mind.

The deeds date from a period between c1273 and c1469.

Joyce Hidden (2007)

The Hastings Manuscripts:

A report on these was presented by the Historical Manuscripts Commission [in 1928?]. Over 1300 documents were described which record the transactions ofland which at some date became acquired as the property of the Hastings family. William Hastings, created Baron Hastings in 1461, was a Yorkist supporter who benefited from his service to Edward IV (see Patent Rolls throughout this period), but on his royal master's death in 1483 was beheaded. Edward, second Lord Hastings, (see Complete Peerage VI, 374) had special livery of his father's lands in 1488. He had married (pre-1481) Mary Hungerford, Baroness Botreaux, and when the attainder of her grandfather (Robert? de Hungerford) was reversed in 1485 she became Baroness Hungerford and de Moleyns. The interest of the American Henry E. Huntington arose from the fact that George third Baron Hastings in 1529 became Earl of Huntingdon. In 1928 the Mss still held in England by the Hastings family, were owned by Mrs Abney Hastings (later countess of Loudoun) and were subsequently acquired by the Henry E. Huntington Library, USA.

Some 36 documents relate to property in Hungerford, Berkshire; and for 20 of these the Historical Mss Commission report gives brief abstracts; the remainder are listed. It is also notable that some Mss held by the Huntington Library are not among the Historical Mss Commission Report at all.

The Hastings Manuscripts in the Huntington Library, USA:

Hastings Ms no. 1176 (M/f25) 2 October 1273: Release by John Blundel, chaplain of the Blessed Mary of Hungerford, to Peter Molton of Hungerford, of all his right in a messuage and curtilage in Hungerford which Peter had once held in fee from William Kamall and Alice his wife, John's kinswoman.

Witnesses: John de Helme, John Tinctor, John Hommedeu, Geoffrey Bat, Nicholas Coc(?), William de Sandon and R- de Salle (?).

Hastings Ms no. 1176a (M/f26) temp. Edward !(?): Grant by Robert Ponzard, son of Geoffrey Ponzard, to Peter Farman and Joanne, his wife in return for their service 2 acres of lands in the fields of Hungerford, of which one acre lies in the cultivated piece of land which is called Hawkshill between the land which was Nicholas Cock's on the one side and land which was William le King's on the other; and another acre lies in the cultivation which is called Schepeland and is called Forhetere, between the land which was Ralph de Helme's on one side and land which pertains to the house of St. Johns of Hungerford. To have and to hold the said two acres of land .... paying therefor annually to Robert and his heirs one penny at Michaelmas for all divers services etc.

Witnesses: Nicholas Homeden, Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat, Ralph de Helme, Gilbert(?) de Saundon, Mathew de Langebrigge, Nicholas Coco, Geoffrey Ie Establier, Ad' Ie Establier, William Barette(?) William Ie King and others.

[Although no date is assigned to this grant, witnesses whose names appear in other dated documents are Nicholas Homeden 1272; Geoffrey Bat 1273, 1314; Gilbert de Sandon 1263; William le King 1306; Robert Punzard 1266, 1275; Geoffrey Punzard 1262/3; Peter Farman 1242, 1263.]

Hastings Ms no. 1177 (M/f29): temp. Edward I (?): Grant by Giles Ie Pogg of Andover, son of Reginald Ie Pogg of Hungerford, to Robert Ie Kyng, son of the late Richard Ie Kyng of Hungerford for 8½ marks sterling of one quarter part of a burgage which Giles holds in the vill of Hungerford, which lies between land which was Henry de la Stighele and land which was that of Sarre Ie Pogge, widow, paying annually to the lord of Hungerford 2d sterling at Michaelmas and to Giles and his heirs one farthing of silver for all services.

Witnesses: Nichoflas Ummeden], Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat, Peter Fareman etc (i.e. additional names in the M/f not transcribed by Hist. Comm).

Hastings Ms no. 1178 (M/f28): temp. Edward I (?): Grant by Stephen Tor of Hungerford to Richard and William King, brothers, of Hungerford for 3 silver marks of 2 acre in Everlong between Stephen's land on the west and land which was Nicholas Chapelain's on the east To Have and to hold, Richard and William paying annually at Easter one clove for all services, suits.etc.

Witnesses: William de Farley, John Fareman, Nicholas Coco, John King, Nicholas Chapelain, Nicholas de -------, Simone-

Hastings Ms. 1179 (M/f27): temp. Edward I or II (?): Grant by Robert, son and heir of Margery, daughter of Peter Farman senior of Hungerford, to Adam, son of Adam de Brunesdon, of 3 acres in the fields of Hungerford called Hawkeshill inherited through the death of Robert's mother Margery.

Witnesses: Robert de Aula, John de Helma, John Tinctor, Ralph de Spraye, Nicholas Gunter, John Ie King, William de Sandon.

Hastings Ms. 1180 (M/f30): temp.Edward I or II (?): Grant by Stephen de Lececombe, son of Walter Ie Lececombe of Hungerford, to John Ie Tayllur in free marriage with Margery his sister of !/2 burgage there lying between the land which was Geoffrey Bat's and land which was Stephen Ie Mercyer's, he paying one clove yearly.

Witnesses: Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat, John Fareman, John Ie Kyng, Nicholas the chaplain, William Farnley, Nicholas Coq, Richard de Kingsbury.

Hastings Ms. 1181 (M/f30):20 October 1329: Grant by Philip, chaplain of the Blessed Mary, of Hungerford to Robert Picheman and Joanne his wife and to John, son of the same Robert, one messuage with pertinences in Hungerford which is situated between the tenement of Peter de Molton on one side and a tenement formerly of William Golding on the other.

Witnesses: John de Langebrigge, Geoffrey Kyng, William de Shaldford, Peter Fareman, Peter Fretoxe(?), Walter de Norton, Richard de la Sale.

Hastings Ms 1182 (M/f34): temp. Edward I(?): Release by Joan, once wife of Peter Farman, to John Farman her son and Joan his wife in tail for 20 marks of silver of all her right in one burgage in Hungerford which lies next to the house which was once Richard Ie Tailleur on the south side which same burgage Giles, bishop of Sarum, once held; and one ½ burgage in Hungerford which Hugo Ie But held; and one half burgage and one quarter part of a burgage in Hungerford which lie together in the same town between the land of Adam Vidilatore(?) and the land of Robert Ode(?). In addition she grants to John and Joan the mesnalty of all her lands in the fields of Hungerford and Sandon and the mesnaIty of her meadow in Wydemarsh.

Witnesses: Nicholas Hommeden, Richard Bat, John Gunter, Robert le King,John Ie King, Nicholas Ie Cu, William Farnleye, Ralph de Aula. [Giles, bishop of Salisbury 1257-1262)]

Hastings Ms 1183 (M/f23): 10 August 1310: Release by Constance, widow of William Harre of Hungerford, to Robert de Brunesdone and John his brother, of all her right in all lands in Hungerford which they had of her husband's gift.

Witnesses: John Homedieu, Geoffrey Bat, Geoffrey Ie Kyng, William Pynel, William Isaac, John Tinctore, William de Sandon, Nicholas Gunter, Richard Ie Foude.

Hastings Ms 1184(M/f17): 3 November 1335: Grant by Margaret, formerly wife of Nicholas le Tanner of Newbury to Walter de Hyndone and Joan his wife for their lives and that of the survivor, of all her part of the capital messuage in the vill of Hungerford which came to her upon the decease of her father John Bat in the viII of Hungerford, together with all that part of it which John Ie Dyghere held in the right of his wife Matilda and which John Ie Dyghere granted her in houses, dovecotes, gardens and curtilages; together with 5 acres of arable land in the fields of Sandon of which 3 acres lie in Sandfurlong between the land of John Farleye on one side and land formerly Henry Riot's on the other side, and 2 acres lying in Cruchfurlong between the land of Thomas le Dyghere on one side and that of Richard le Fode, and all her meadow in Myllmeade and Wydemersh in the same viII of Hungerford, paying annually by four instalments the sum of 15 shillings.

Witnesses: Alan de Hanville, Edmund de Polliampton, Geoffrey le Kyng, Peter de -----------------, Walter le Dyghere, William de Merwell, John de Okeborne

Hastings Ms 1185(M/f16): 18 October 1336: Release by John Dene, chaplain, to Walter de Hyndone of all his right in all lands etc. of which he was lately enfeoffed by the said Walter.

Witnesses: Sir Robert de Hungerford, knight, Sir John Ie Rivers, canon of Salisbury, Robert Hoppegras, Alan de Hanvylle, Geoffrey Ie King, Richard de la Sale.

Hastings Ms 1186 (M/f11): 5 September 1339: Release by Elias Farman to Robert de Hungerford knight and Margaret his wife certain lands he had by gift of John de Pewelle, chaplain, in Hungerford and Sandon.

Witnesses: Robert Hoppegras, Edmund de Polhampton, Richard de la Sale, Walter de Norton, Geoffrey Kyng.

Hastings Ms 1187(M/f3): 27 January 1381/2: Grant by Henry Bruton of Hungerford to William Irmongre and Isabella his wife of one messuage lying in the town of Hungerford in the lane which is called Dedemann's lane, lying between a tenement pertaining to the chantry of the Holy Trinity of the same town on the one side and a tenement of Isabella, late wife of Henry Bailliff, on the other side, "de capite divis feod per servicia". [Seal, witnesses not given].

Hastings Ms 1189 (M/f24): 31 March 1306: Grant by William King, son of Robert King, to Robert Bronesdone of one burgage and 10 acres and a half and one rod of land, of which the burgage lies in the vill of Hungerford between the tenement which was Geoffrey Burgeys and the tenement which William (?) Compaygnon once held, and 6 acres and a half and one rod of land lying in the fields of Hungerford and Sandon, of which one acre lies in Ie Churchcrofte next to the land of the prior of Okebourne and 5 lie above Hawkhulle, viz 3 acres lie next to the land of John Tynctor and one between the land of the prior of Okebourne called Putacre and one acre lies next to the land which was Gilbert?/ William (?) Coc's and called Wytacre, and ½ acre lies in Schidebr--(?) betweeen land of John Homeden and land of the hospital of St. John of Hungerford and the said rod of land lies in Everlong and is a quarter part of a whole acre, of which Geoffrey Bat holds two parts; and four acres lie in the fields of Inkpen and la Hulle of which one acre is at la Harvesthede next to land which was Richard atte Penne's, and 3 acres ... [the rest illegible] ... To Have and to hold the aforesdaid burgage and land with pertinences to the said Robert his heirs and assigns "de capite feodi servicia", paying rent annually to William and his son Robert for the term oftheir lives, viz. 13s 4d. at 2 terms, viz. 6s.8d at Michaelams and the same amount at Ladyday.

Witnesses: John Tinctor, John de Helme, Geoffrey Bat, William de Sandon, John Kyng, Peter de Molton, Richard atte Hall, Richard Fode, Geoffrey Kyng, John-, William -. [Harvesthede, in Balston; see C690].

Hastings Ms 1190 (M/f18): 15 October 1334: Surrender by John, son of John Ie Deyghere, of Hungerford to Margaret, formerly wife of Nicholas le Tannere of Newbury of all his purparty* in one messuage, dovecote, garden, with curtilage adjoining in the vill of Hungerford next to the messuage of the said Margaret.. and 5 acres of arable land in the fields of Hungerford and Sandon, of which 3 acres lie "ad apud ville" of Hungerford above Ryehulle next to the king's highway and 1 acre lies at Mappelene Stubbe next to the land of the said le Deyghere and 2 acres lie in the 'cultura' [cultivation] of Pudden next to the land of the prior of Okebourne and one acre called (Werm?) acre ... with reversion of all & singular lands in the vill of Hungerford, Sandon, Inkpen, and la Hulle which Christina, widow of Geoffrey Bat held as her dower after the death of the said Geoffrey and were once her husband's.

Witnesses: Sir William Ie Blunt, knight, Sir Robert de Bilkemor knight, Thomas Ie Deyghere clerk, John de Sandon, Elias Farman, Reginald Pynel, William Gunter, Walter de Norton.

[* purparty = share or proportion of an inheritance]

Hastings Ms 1191 (M/f13): 16 February 1336/7: Deed witnessing that Christine, widow of Geoffrey Bat, had attorned and done fealty to John de Pewell, chaplain, for a half part of the lands etc. held by her there in dower.

Witnesses: Robert de Hungerford knight, Robert Hoppegras, Edmund de Polhampton, Geoffrey Kyng, Richard de la Sale

Hastings Ms 1191a (M/f14): 1 June 1337: Release by Nicholas, son of John Ie Spencer of Cookham, and Margaret his wife to Sir John de Pewell, chaplain, of all his rights in all lands etc. there and in 15 shillings annual rent from Walter de Hynedon and Joan his wife, [see the Hungerford & Sandon deed of 1336 p.261 Hist. Comm.]

Witnesses: Robert de Hungerford knight, Robert Hoppegras, Walter de Norton, Alan de Hanville, Geoffrey Kyng, John de Sandon, Robert de Whatcombe, [same witnesses as in MIflO, Hastings 1192 below.]

Hastings Ms 1192 (M/f10):1 June 1337: Release by Margaret, widow of Nicholas Ie Tannere of Newbury to Sir John de Pewell of all her right in premises in Hungerford, Sandon, Inkpen and la Hulle.

Witnesses: as for Ms 1191a above.

Hastings Ms 1192a (Is this on M/f?): 16 July 1338: Release by Nicholas le Despenser and Margaret his wife to Robert de Hungerford knight of all actions of debt which they have against him concerning the tenements lately belonging to Geoffrey Bat. [Hist. Comm says that the tenements are not specified, but the deed is tied up with the four which precede it and the one which follows it.]

Hastings Ms 1193 (M/f12): 26 October 1337: Deed witnessing that Christine, widow of Geoffrey Bat, had attomed and done fealty to Robert de Hungerford knight for certain lands which she held of him in dower. Dated at Templeton near Hungerford. [Ms difficult to read]

Witnesses: include -Kyng, - atte Hall, Walter Kyng, Adam Blake(?) and others.

Hastings Ms 1194 (M/f6): 2 February 1354/5: Release by Walter de Hungerford to William Cobbe of the same vill and Sir Thomas, perpetual vicar of Hungerford, of all his right in all lands, woods etc in Hungerford, Hull and Balateston [= Balston] which once belonged to the Bats and which William and Thomas had offeoffrnent of Thomas de Hungerford, Walter's son and heir, to whom Walter had granted them. Witnesses: John Aylgar, Roger Raundelson, Thomas Hanville, Henry Bailiff, Thos. Deighe(?).

Nine other undated grants of land:

In addition to the above there are 9 grants of land undated - 1 temp. Edward I; 1 temp. Edward II; 5 temp Edward III (p.259); there is also 1 grant ofland in Sandon and Hungerford temp. Edward II and 9 grants of land in Hungerford and Sandon (p.260), of which 2 are undated, 1 is temp. Edward II, 5 temp. Edward III, 1 temp Richard II. Also (p.262) under Hungerford, Hull in Inkpen, & Balsdon 1 deed relating to land there temp. Edward III.

The above are all the deeds relating to the vill of Hungerford included in the Report of the Historical MSS Commission pages 259 - 263 (Hastings Mss vol.l). The Commission includes in its report also on these pages other Hastings Mss which relate to neighbouring manors etc and these are given below.

Charlton in Hungerford (p.259): Grants of land - 1 temp. Edward I; 5 temp Edward III. Also a deed of 15 August 1335: Grant of a little land there to Robert Hopegras, lord of Charlton (Cherleton).

Inkpen (p.261): 1 grant of land undated. Also(?) Hastings Ms 1188: I grant of land temp. Edward I as follows: grant by Lucy daughter of William Buggy and Joan her sister to Adam de Brunestone and Isabel his wife of one headacre of arable land in Inkpen, they paying ½d yearly. Witnesses: Richard King, William King, William de Sandone, Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat etc. Also 1 deed relating to land temp. Edward III. Also Hastings Ms 1195 10 October 1339 -Grant by John Brende of la Hulle to Sir Roberrt de Hungerford knight and Margaret his wife of 18d. annual rent out of land there belonging to the heir of John, son and heir of Geoffrey Bat.

Godingflod [in Kintburyl: 2 undated deeds relating to land; also 1 temp. Edward II; also Hastings Ms 1196 (temp. Edward II). Grant by Hugh de Comerwile to Adam de Brunestone and Isabella his wife, of free chase and liberty to drive their sheep to and from their fold, wherever it might be upon their land there belonging to the grantor's fee, they paying him ???d yearly. Witnesses: Geoffrey de Watecumbe, John Gunter, Geoffrey Bat, John Fareman, John Kyng, Richard Kyng, Ralph Ie Parker etc.

Hastings Ms 1197: temp Edward II? Confirmation by the same (as in 1196 above) to the same, of 6 acres of land which they purchased from his free men of Godingflod. Witnesses: John de Helme, John de Carswacun, John Fareman, William Pinel, Adam de Walatun etc.

Hastings Ms 1197a: 4 March 1351/2: Grant by Remund de Bourgh of Hungerford, barber, to Walter Person of Hungerford and Maud his wife of 1 acre ofland there adjoining a wood of the prior of Ogbourne.

Witnesses: Walter de Norton, John de Helme, John de Farleygh etc.

Templeton (in Kintbury): deed relating to the manor dated 26 July 1337: Defeasance of a bond for £20 to secure the quiet enjoyment of the manor by Robert de Hungreford knight to whom it had been granted by the Prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England for his life, with remainder to his executors or assigns for 4 years following his death, they maintain ing during those 4 years a chaplain to celebrate in the chapel of the manor.

Hastings Manuscripts held at the Huntington Library, USA as provided on micro-film, but NOT included in Hist. Mss Corum. Report:

Micro-film no: 1: 9 May 9 Edward IV (= 1469): Lady Margaret Hungerford suffers the Duke of Gloucester & his heirs to have and enjoy the manor and castle of Farley etc. and also a toft in Hungerford called the Hungerford Court and all the lands which there appertained in Hungerford which late were Walter sometime Lord Hungerford's, without interruption of the said Margaret or the feoffees lately enfeoffed by Robert late Lord Hungerford.

[Then follows a list of places which Margaret may enjoy] Arrangements are included for the Duke at his pleasure and cost to assign or depute a servant of his to survey all the manors and lands which Margaret shall occupy during her lifetime to see if any waste be done to them and if so to give warning to Margaret for her to take steps to prevent or repair it.

Another clause provides that where divers persons for their old and long service to Walter Lord Hungerford and to Robert hold certain lands or annuities out of divers parcels of the said manors, lands and tenements.]

M/f no.2: die Sept Henry VI [year not observable on M/f. See Pat.Rolls 1430]: William Coventre de Denford and William Golding 'clericus' have granted to William Darrell, Richard Milborne, Robert Lange, & Roger Trewbody ½ burg in Hungerford which formerly William Coventre lately acquired of Richard Fode and have given to William Darrell etc. all that land and tenement, meadow, pasture, and rents of the aforesaid [a] which were to William Haynes and Peter Farman in Hungerford and Sandon, Berkshire, and [b] all lands and tenements which were William Haynes' or Peter Farman's in Charleton iuxta Hungerford, Wiltshire, which [Co ventre?] lately purchased of Thomas Haynes clericus, brother of William Haynes, to have and to hold all the abovesaid burgage, lands and tenements etc. to William Darrell etc.

M/f no 4: Date 41 Edward III (?) = 1367: John Fareman grants to Stephen Panchefot a garden(?) lying in Hungerford between the tenement of Geoffrey le Vode on the one side and a tenement late of William Golding on the other.

M/f no. 5: Christina Carter daughter ofthe late Robert Ie Deyghere of Hungerford grants to Sir John de Kymesford chaplain and Stephen Paunchefot 1 messuage & curtilage in Hungerford situated between the messuage of John atte Hegg on the one side and the messuage of William Ysaac on the other side, together with 1 acre of arable land lying in the fields of Sandon between the land of the priory of St. John on one side and the road which leads to Sandon on the other side and (fifteen?) acres of arable land which lie at le Shortecroft between an acre of John Farle on one side and [land?] of John Homeden on the other side.

Witnesses: Henricus Baylif, John----------, John Ie Deyghere, John Coleyns(?), Nicho Coq (?).

Dated at Hungerford (day and month) 37 Edward III (=1363).

M/f no. 7: Robert Deygher of Hungerford grants to Geoffrey Deygher, son of Walter Deygher of Hungerford, and Edith his wife 1 messuage situate between the messuage of John Deyere and the messuage of Richard Deyghere.

Witnesses; Walter --------, Thomas Deyghere, Peter Farman, Elias Haynes, John Farman, John Pyman(?).

Dated 22 Edward III [= 1348].

M/f no.8: Robert, son of Nicholas Denseye grants to Rober Denenisse(?) and Alice his wife.

Witnesses: Walter de Morten, Alan de Hanville, John Farman, Elias Haynes, John Pike, John Farleye, Ralph de Combe (?).

Dated 23 Edward III [= 1349].

M/f no.9: William Ie Vode of Hungerford grants to Richard Tinctor of the same vill and his son Richard 1 messuage in the High steeet between a tenement of John Gonayn(?) on one side and a tenement of Nicolas Couque on the other.

Witnesses: Geoffrey Kymber, Thomas Ie Deyere, Richard atte Halle, Walter le Deyer, Andreas Stub.

Dated 12 Edward II. [= 1338]

M/f no. 13: Christina, widow of Geoffrey Bat of Hungerford, grants to John de Pewelle chaplain

Witnesses: Robert de Hungerford knight, Robert Hopgrass, Edmund de Polhampton, Geoffrey Kyng, Richard de la Sale.

Dated: 16 February 11 Edward III =1337.

M/f no. 15: Walter de Hyndone grants to Robert de Hungerford, John de Pewelle, John de Dene, chaplains, all his right in various lands ... enfeoffed by him.

Witnesses: John de Holte, Henry de Holte, Edmund de Polhampton, Geoffrey Kyng, Richard de la Salle, John de Conanges(?)

M/f no. 19: Geoffrey King of Hungerford grants to John le Lange de Kymdesmesford(?) and Emma his wife all rights and tenement which were once William Iremongre's in Hungerford, Sandon, and Charlton, and which William lately had of gift of William de la Mare and Richard Loftshulle.

Witnesses: Lord Robert de Hungerford knight, Alan de Hanvyll, Peter Fretoxe, Walter de Matcon (?), Andeas Stobbe, Robert Watecombe, Richard de la Sale.

Dated 10 October 8 Edward III [= 1334].

M/f no. 20: John de Farleygh chaplain grants to John de Brimmesden & Margaret his wife 1 messuage in Hungerford situate between a tenement of John, son of Hugo de Farleyghe, on one side and a tenement of the said John Brimmesden on the other side de capite domino feod p. service.

Witnesses: Robert de Hungerford, Geoffrey Kyng, John Tinctore, William de Shaldforde, William Dru, Richard Fode, Robert Watecombe, Richard de la Sale.

Dated 13 Edward II [=1320].

M/f no. 22: grant by Agnes, daughter of Geoffrey Burgeys of Hungerford to John de Brymmesden and Margaret his wife and their heirs and assigns 1 messuage with curtilage and with pertinences in Hungerford, lying between a tenement of the said John on the one side and a tenement which Adam de Brymmesden holds for the term of life of Matilda Mathew on the other side, de capite fee service

Witnesses: Robedrt de Brymmesden, John Tinctor, Geoffrey Kyng, William de Sandon, Peter Molton, Richard de la Sale etc.

Dated at Hungerford on the eve of Ascension Day [10 days before Whitsun] 11 Edward II [= l318].

M/f no. 31: William, son of Gilbert de Sandon, grants to Margery, daughter of Henry Ie -'rte(?) of Hungerford 1 acre which lies in the field called Pydden between land which was John -'s and land which was Nicho Gun[ter?]'s. for 40s. gersuma.

No date given.

Witnesses: Ricardo Bat, Robert de Waleton, John Sperwe, Geoffrey Bat, Radulf de Spraye.

M/f no. 32: Geoffrey de Latecombe of Hungerford grants to Adam, son of Adam de Brymmesden 3 acres in a field of Hungerford called Hawkhulle and which lie between the tenement of John le Kyng on the west and land of John Tinctor on the east, returning thence annually to John Farman and his heirs 7d at Michaelmas.

Witnesses: Robert de Aula, John de Helma, John Tinctore, Willo de Sandon, John le Kyng, Ralph de Spray etc.

No date given.

M/f no. 33: Thomas de Hungerford, chaplain, grants to Adam Lachmere and Isabella his wife 2 acres of arable land in the fields of Hungerford lying in that part of cultivated land called Cruchfurlong next to the king's highway which goes to Sandon, viz. on the east between land which was Nicholas Pribiti(?) and the king's way, with an allowance to Adam and his wife Isabella of 1 obol on the feast ofSt. Michael and the lord.

Witnesses: Noel de Arpenham, Hugh de Cumerwelle, John Ponzard, Peter Fareman, Robert de Aula, Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat, William Tropyn, Robert Bocharde.

No date given.

M/f no. 35: grant by John de Aseville to John Tayller of Hungerford for 20s sterling of 1 acre of arable land which lies in the fields of Hungerford and Sandon next to the river which flows from Shalborne and extends upon the lands of the hospital of st. John of Hungerford on the south side; also of 4 'hammas' [little closes or meadow strips] which lie (with, within?) the aforesaid 4 hammas. paying rent annually of one clove at Easter for all services.

Witnesses: Nicholas Homeden, John Homeden, Richard Bat, Geoffey Bat, John Fareman, John le Kyng, William de Sandon, Nicholas Coq, John Tinctor, Richard G-.

No date given.

M/f no. 36: Henry -Ie Carettar [= carter?] of Hungerford grants to Richard Ie King and Margery, Henry's daughter, "in librum marriag'" 5 acres of land, one in land called les Buttes which lie next to the land which was Nicholas Quoq's, and one which lies between the land which was John Sparewe's and the land of Henry, and two lying between the land which belonged to Margaret widow of John Taylleur and land which was Nicholas de Sandon's, and one piece of ground of my messuage containing 36 feet on the east side to have and to hold to the said Richard and Margerie. Rent: 2d annually payable to Henry, his heirs, assigns etc. at the Feast of the Purification [Feb.2].

Witnesses: Richard Bat, Geoffrey Bat, Adam de Bromesden, John le King, William Ie King, Nic Quoc, Robert Hoppegras.

No date.