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All the articles on this page have been written by Neil Hardwick. Neil, who currently (2021) works as a volunteer for the Canal and River Trust at the Dundas Aqueduct, has carried out a large amount of research on the Kennet and Avon Canal, including what he calls "various overlooked aspects" of the canal. He has contributed to the Hungerford Virtual Museum on several occasions previously, but he is now (Oct 2021) kindly allowing us to share others of his fine collection of well-researched and interesting articles:

- Building the K &A Canal through Bath.

- James Mills, K&A Resident Engineer - a fascinating account of the ups and downs of this difficult man, including many brushes with the authorities and the law. 

- Building the Bradford to Bathampton Railway, and Railways 1845-1885.

- Generations of Tragedy - How the Kennet and Avon Canal brought distress to Bath - a tale of Drownings, Suicide and Murder.

- Dundas Basin 1793-1802.

- Dundas Basin 1802-1894.

- The Bath Pumping Schemes.

- Pleasure and Scotch Boats.

- Lady Emily’s Demise - the fate of an experimental steam tug.

- Claverton Pumping Station.

Charles Brand - The Kennet and Avon Canal Company’s Principal Agent and Accountant.

- Acramans of Bristol - William Acraman & Sons.

          - W D and WE Acramans, Ironfounders.

          - William Edward Acraman - the 1838 Council Election.

          - W D and WE Acramans, Shipping Agents.

          - Acramans, Bush, Castle & Co. - tea traders.

          - Clarke, Acramans, Maze & co. - Cotton spinners.

          - Acramans, Morgan & Co., Shipbuilders and Engineers.

          - Bristol - Bancruptcy, 1842. 

          - Epilogue - the end of the Acramans story.