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The following is a list of Ministers at Hungerford (PM=Primitive Methodist; Wes=Wesleyan). Those prior to 1977 were supplied to the HHA by the Methodist Church Archives (MR):

1869 (PO Directory) Aaron Smith
1869 (MR) Levi Norris (PM); George Obern (Wes)
1870 (MR) Levi Norris (PM); George Obern (Wes)
1871 (MR) Levi Norris (PM); (MR) John Alderson (Wes)
1872 (MR) S. Hooson (PM); John Leach (Wes)
1873 (MR) S. Hooson (PM); John Leach (Wes)
1874 (MR) S. Hooson (PM); John Leach (Wes)
1875 (MR) S. Hooson (PM); John Leach (Wes)
1876 (MR) S. Hooson (PM); John Leach (Wes)
1877 (MR) Nathanial Watts (PM); F A Powell (Wes)
1878 (MR) George Fowler (PM); F A Powell (Wes)
1879 (MR) George Fowler (PM); S Ainsworth
1880 (MR) George Fowler (PM); S Ainsworth
1881 (MR) Thomas Whitehead (PM); W Dinning (Wes)
1882 (MR) John Hancock (PM); G C Crickmay (Wes)
1883 (MR) John Hancock (PM); Thomas Hindley (Wes)
1884 (MR) John Hancock (PM); A W Badminton (Wes)
1885 (MR) A.W. Badminton (PM); T Kench (Wes)
1886 (MR) T. Kench (PM); A Welford (Wes)
1887 (MR) T Kench (PM); A Welford (Wes)
1888 (MR) T Kench (PM); J T Clarke (Wes)
1889 (MR) Joseph Peck (PM); J T Clarke (Wes)
1891 (MR) J Harrison (PM); G T Lovatt (Wes)
1892 (MR) (J Harrison (PM); S J Southwood (Wes)
1893 (MR) George Hull (PM); S J Southwood (Wes)
1894 (MR) George Hull (PM); S J Southwood (Wes)
1895 (MR) George Hull (PM); S J Southwood (Wes)
1896 (MR) George Hull (PM)
1897-99 (MR) P.T. Yarker (PM) (Dated brick "PTY 98" found at 9 Bridge Street under the gutter on outside rear lean-to building when ivy was removed by Furr's ?1999.
1900-02 (MR) Charles Portnall (PM); Wesleyan: "Avonside": Albert Fentiman (59), Wesleyan Minister, and his wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter and 1 servant.
1903 (MR) H Binnall  Goodwin (PM)
1904-07 (MR) H M  Hull (PM)
1908 (MR) John W Booth (PM)
1909-11 (MR) T K  Upright (PM)
1912-14 (MR) P T  Yarker (PM)
1915-19 (MR) R J  Barrett (PM)
1920-22 (MR) H R Didcock (PM)
1923-28 (MR) W J Smart (PM)
1929-34 (MR) William Turner (PM)
1935 (MR) Edgar J Hull (PM)
1936-37 (MR) H J Sadd (PM); V E Jay (Wes) "Circuits amalgamated in 1936".
1938-41 (MR) H J Sadd (PM); John Howes (Wes)
1942-43 (MR) H J Sadd (PM); Christopher Thompson (Wes)
1944-45 (Thomas Marlow (PM); Christopher Thompson (Wes)
1946-47 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); A Waterhouse (Wes)
1948 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); Leslie Hall (Wes)
1949 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); J H Burgess (Wes)
1950-52 (MR) D Collier (BA (PM); R B Wilkinson, OBE, BD
1953 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); William Briggs (Wes)
1954-55 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); no other
1956-58 (MR) D Collier, BA (PM); P M Stanley, BA (Wes)
1959-61 (MR) C E Garritt (PM); R H Booker, BD (Wes)
1962-63 (MR) C E Garritt (PM); Robert Delap (Wes)
1964 (MR) (C E Garritt (PM); M J Chapman (Wes)
1965 (MR) (C E Garritt (PM); Derek Hancock (Wes)
1966 (MR) (Stanley W Smith (PM); Derek Hancock (Wes)
1967-69 (MR) Stanley W Smith (PM); Derek Hoe (Wes)
1970 (MR) Stanley W Smith (PM); Robert O Saunders (Wes)
1971 "Circuit became Newbury & Hungerford, so minister at Hungerford was S W Smith.
1972-76 (MR) F Warren Davies
1977-80 (MR) G T Gill
1981-84 John Morgan
1985-91 Wallace Edwards
1992-2002 Colin Scarrett
2003-2004 Gloria Passmore
2005-2009 Irena Byron
2009 - 2011: Revd Andy Warren
2011 - 2012: Revd Terry Wright
2012 - 2013: Revd Elaine Rawlings
2013 - 2017: Deacon Shirley Mackintosh
2017-present: Revd Peter Bennett

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