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The Passion family featured greatly in Hungerford from the mid 1500s until the mid 1600s.

Nicholas Passion had migrated to Hungerford from Westbury in Wiltshire in the mid 1550s. Over the next century the family included mercers, broadweavers, and barber-surgeons. They played an important part in the town.

The detailed research into the Passion family has been a 25-year project by Derek Patience, a descendant of the family. He has painstakingly researched records at the National Archives, Wiltshire Record Office, Berkshire Record Office, Parish Records, Mercer's Hall, and many other sources.

The result is an amazing 66-page document, which makes fascinating reading. He has teased out so much information not only about his family history, but about life in an around Hungerford in the 1550s to 1650s.

On completing the work, Derek Patience has kindly contacted the Virtual Museum (March 2016) to allow us to share the information.

Follow this link for The Passion Family of Hungerford.