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A modest number of Hungerford Wills are available here on-line, including:

- 1634, Anne Houghton (extract by Norman Hidden). See also: Dye House

- 1707 Edmund Chilvester, Charnham street, Hungerford, Brk Dean of Sarum will, grant 9080: "Will of Edmund Chilvester of Charnham Street, yeoman.
Testator is aged and infirm. To son-in-law William Westall 12d. To grandson Edward Westall messuage, lands and tenements in Hungerford called Undyes. To grandson Richard Westall 2 acres of meadow and 4 acres of land called Sadlers during the term of my leases, also my house and 20 acres of land on lease, also to be sole executor. Dated 16 March 1699. Makes mark, seal. Wit: John Butler, John Talmge, Mary (X) White. Probate to Richard Westall 16 Dec 1707"

- 1714, John Paty, yeoman (see 51-52 High Street)

- 1722, John Mackrell the elder, Fellmonger (28 High Street)

- 1737, John Hidden, button maker

Other records of Wills on Hungerford residents are to be found in a number of records offices and archives.

The following is a list of Wills of Hungerford residents, held at The Institute of Agriculture, University of Reading (compiled by Fred Whitby):

BER.36.15.5 1705 Edward Dore
BER.36.15.8 1738 Thomas Hobbs
BER.36.15.11 1750 Thomas Jackson
BER.36.15.16 1762 John Thomas
BER.36.15.18 1764 Joseph Dobbs
BER.36.15.19 1765 Charles Thomas
BER.36.15.21 1768 John James (Denford)
BER.36.15.20 1776 Edward Lucas
BER.36.15.25 1777 Edward Wodham
BER.36.15.26 1778 Joan Wodham
BER.36.15.34 1795 Seymour Mundy
BER.36.15.38 1803 Thomas Winkworth (Eddington)
BER.26.15.41 1803 John Pearce
BER.36.15.43 1804 Matthew Bance
BER.36.15.49 1810 Thomas Mitchell
BER.36.15.50 1814 Robert Smith
BER.36.15.51 1816 John Austin (alias Drew)
BER.36.15.52 1816 Thomas Ray (Eddington)
BER.36.15.54 1828 Mary Kimber

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