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The earliest known surviving detailed survey of Hungerford property is a Duchy of Lancaster rental dating from c1470.

The lands and properties of Hungerford have long been part of the Duchy of Lancaster estates. See Manorial History.

Follow this link for more on the Origins of the Town and Manor of Hungerford.

Town Rentals and Surveys:

The Duchy of Lancaster made regular surveys of Hungerford, and several surveys and rent rolls exist from this period. The Virtual Museum is very grateful to Derek Patience, who emailed in March 2011 offering his careful transcriptions of many of these early documents. These are now available (as pdf files) through the links below:

- 1470 Rent Roll (Edward IV's reign)

- 1552 Survey (Edward VI's reign)

- 1573 Survey (Elizabeth I's reign)

- 1591 Survey (Elizabeth I's reign)

- 1606 Survey (James I's reign)

- 1676 Rent Roll (Charles II's reign)

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