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Probate Inventories are one of the most important primary sources of information on Hungerford in the 16th, 17th and 18th century. They include detailed records of the valuation of a deceased person. Some inventories are available on-line - they have been transcribed by Mrs Eileen Bunt, to whom the HHA is very grateful.

- Hungerford Probate Inventories 1650-1699

- Hungerford Probate Inventories 1700-1750

- Thomas Barrett, Balsdon, 1673

- John & Jane Tull, waggoner, 1669

- Anthony Ffield the Elder, Eddington, Yeoman, 1718

- John Mackrell the elder, Fellmonger, 8 Jun 1722

- Charles Hammond, Newtown, 1736

- Inventory of Thomas Cannon, apparently an insolvent debtor, 1761

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