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The Virtual Museum pages include well over 12,000 historic and modern photographs. Most photographs are placed in sections relevant to the photographs.

However, some large collections on individual topics are brought together as photographic galleries:

- Tony Bartlett's Photographic Archive - Hungerford events 2006-2019 (over 5,500 items)

- Stewart Hofgartner's Photographic Archive (nearly 200 items)

- Aerial Photo Gallery (12 items) 

- Alfred Lane's Photo Gallery (2 items)

- Beating the Bound Photo Gallery (9 items)

- Benjamin Stone's Photo Gallery, 1902 (17 items)

- Bridge Street Photo Gallery (22 items)

- Cartes de Visites Photo Gallery (over 30 items)

- Charnham Street Photo Gallery (over 35 items)

- Clergy Photo Gallery (over 10 items)

- David Cave's Photo Archives (1) (Businesses in 2016) (244 items)

- David Cave's Photo Archives (2) (Businesses in 2017-2019) (31 items)

- Eddington Bridge and River Kennet Photo Gallery (over 20 items)

- First World War Photo Gallery (over 90 items)

Freeman's Lithographic Series, 1903 (18 items)

- Francis Frith's Collection of Historic Hungerford photographs (50 images as pdf)

- High Street (North) Photo Gallery (over 75 items)

- High Street (South) Photo Gallery(over 85 items)

- Hocktide Photo Gallery (over 140 items)

- Hungerford Carnival Photo Galleries

Ivor Speed's Photo Archives (over 60 items)

- Jim Bradshaw's Colourised Collection (180 items)

- John Brooks's Drawings of Hungerford buildings (10 items)

- Kennet & Avon Canal Photo Gallery (over 35 items)

- King George V's visit, Oct 1912 (29 items)

- Lois Pihlens' modern postcard collection

- Miscellaneous Group photographs (19 items)

Miscellaneous Photo Archives (1 item)

- Moya Dixon's Photo Gallery (copies of early 20th century B&W pics) (220 items)

Muriel Cornwell's Photo Gallery (20 items)

Robert Liddiard's Photo Gallery of key buildings in 1977 (10 items)

Ron Scott's Photo Gallery of old farming ways (96 items)

- St Lawrence's Church Photo Gallery (over 85 items)

- Michael Blakeway Photo Gallery (25 items)

  - Bridge Street, 1982

  - High Street, Dec 1984

  - 24 High Street interior, c1986

- Samuel Hawkes Photo Gallery of Portraits

- William Softley Parry's Photo Gallery (14 items)

- Mystery gallery of Unidentified Photos - can you help?

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Photographic Archives held by the HHA:

There is a further collection of prints and photographs held in the HHA Archive. Some are duplicates of images already in the Virtual Museum. These will be scanned and included in the Virtual Museum when time allows. They include:

Photos and Maps on Archive Room Walls:

Hungerford Hocktide 1911
Ordnance Survey, Parish of Hungerford and Kintbury, 1925
Handbell Ringers, c.1910
Ordnance Survey, Hungerford Port Down, Eddington and Denford Park, 1909
The Bear Corner, inc Wesleyan Chapel, c.1968
The Third Town Hall - built 1786
Chilton Electric Factory and Office (including James & Co Mill, Smitham Bridge Road) c.1982
Racal Annual District Award for Environment in Berkshire, 1978
St. John's Mission Hall, c.1903
Alexander Grocer, High Street, c.1910
Wesleyan Chapel, Bath Road, c.1930
Hungerford Railway Station, c.1946

Large albums of Prints and Photographs: (all in File F):

Album 1 (76 items)

St John's Mission Hall c. 1903
Congregation of St John's
Outside of St John's ? c.1949
Choir and Vicar near St John's
St John's Notice Board
Front view of St John's after last sevice 1984
Rev. Graham Foulis-Brown
Rev. Tom Shortland and others outside St John's
Jean Bolton and Ron Talbot
Half of St John's building demolished
1909 - 1910 Graystone Cup Winners
Cricket Club Pavilion R.Tidbury and G. Neale 1911
King's visit to Hungerford 1912
Railway station decorated for King's visit
Decorations in High Street
Decorations in Park Street
Hocktide outside John O'Gaunt Pub 1911
Mr E.W.Munford in full uniform of a 1st World War soldier
2nd photo of Mr Munford
Large crowd of people outside Town Hall before dedication of War Memorial 1921
Infants' School Fairview Road c.1916
The Elite Cricket Club 1911
The Choir outside St Saviour's Church Eddington c. 1920
Tyler & Banyard High Street c. 1925
Sydney Bushnell Bellman outside Town Hall c. 1936
Arthur William Bucknell Tenant Farmer Denford
Dopsons Shop High Street
Holy Trinity Church Denford Built c. 1833
Hocktide rear of Three Swans 1918
Hungerford Dramatic Scy. Church House 1933
Floods in Bridge Street c. 1930
Sydney Bushnell Town Crier 1937
Knife Grinder who used to visit the town in the 1920s
The Territorials 1936
Local Red Cross Detachment
Small Aircraft made by Chilton Aircraft Co
The first St Johns Ambulance 1935
Interior of Ambulance 1935
Ambulance on Duty on Hungerford Common c. 1937
Hungerford Ladies Football Team 1956
Variety Concert, Church House, c. 1969
Young Wives Methodist Hall, c. 1970
Hungerford Railway Station - Looking East c. 1946
Primary School Fete c. 1958
Austin Fire Engine G.L.E. built June 1942
Bear Hotel and Charnham Street Hungerford.
Atherton Crescent Victory Party 1945
St Johns Ambulance men, High Street. c. 1952
St Johns Ambulance County Inspection c. 1952
The Manor House,High Street.
The Regent Cinema, before it was demolished 1974
The Forge and Bordon Carriage c.1980
James & Co Great Western Mills Smitham Bridge Road

Photo 2

Photo 3

Hungerford Hospital Notice Board
Hungerford Hospital 17th March 1990
Hungerford Hospital Chapel 1990
Wesleyan Chapel, Bath Road Hungerford
St Lawrence Church, with gates
St Lawrence Church
St Lawrence Church (Interior)
St Lawrence Church (Interior)
St Saviours Church, Eddington.(Ext)
St Saviours Church, Eddington.(Int)
Hungerford including Parish Church
Postman outside old Vicarage
Young man in stocks
Home Cafe Charnham Street c. 1983
Demolition of Home Café c.1983
Clearance of Café Site, now Chapel Court
120 High Street, Hungerford 1989
Chilton Electric Factory and Offices Church Way c. 1982
David Cookson Manager of Gas Works c. 1912
David Cookson and Gas Works c. 1912
Hungerford Outdoor Swimming Pool 1997
2nd Photo –do-

Album 2: (32 items)

Hungerford Parish Church (ext) 1809
Hungerford Parish Church (ext) 1813
Hungerford Parish Church (ext) 1821
Hungerford Parish Church (int) c.1939
Hungerford Town Hall 1769
Third Town Hall 1786
Third Town Hall 1786
Third Town Hall 1821
Corn Exchange under repair 1988/89
Town Hall Clock mechanism 1988/89
The Rev. W. Gray c.1920
Alexander, Grocer, High Street, c.1910
Church Lads Brigade, Church House, c.1910
Steam Railcar, Hungerford Station c.1912
Collier Collection:
Canal Bridge, c.1911
Eddington Mill, c.1911
Swing Bridge & Pumping Station c.1911
Kennet Bridge, Eddington, c.1911
Kennet Mill, Denford, c.1911
Hocktide, Rear of Three Swans, 1935
Outside Regent Cinema 1937
Victory Celeberations, High Street, 1946
Victory Celebrations, A.T.C. Band, 1946
Munford's Shop, 129 High Street, Coronation 1953
Outside Regent Cinema, Coronation 1953
Kennet & Avon Canal Bridge, c.1962
Kennet Bridge, c.1962
Bear Hotel & Charnham Street, c.1962
View from under Canal Bridge, c.1962
Down Gate, Hungerford Common, c.1962
Gas Works, David Cookson and family c.1905
David Cookson, Manager of Gas Works c.1912

Album 3:

Sporting Types on bicycles c1890s
Hocktide with Tuttie Men and Girls 1921
Hocktide Kisses and Coins
Hocktide c1928
Hocktide with George Allen - Tuttieman
Hungerford Foresters' Sports 1935
Methodist Bazaar with 13 year old Anne Hutchings
Methodist Bazaar with Annie Leach
Hungerford Town Football Club darts tournament Nov 1970
Methodist Bazaar Mrs M.Gregory, Mrs V.Martin, Mrs N. Martin.
Hungerford' ambulance unit
Methodist minister Rev. Stanley W. Smith and cake stall ladies
Past and present Wives' Group Nov 1987
The Bear Hotel Charnham Street c. 1925 - 1930
International Stores Bridge Street c. 1912
Bridge Street and War Memorial c. 1921
Hungerford Post Office at 126 High Street - Built and opened 1914
Police Station Park Street c1940
Joe Brady First Mayor of Hungerford 1974
Hamstead Lock restoration completed and re-opened Easter 1971
Copse Lock before rrestoration
Copse Lock restoration completed 1972. re-opened May 1972
Hungerford Lock before restoration
Hungerford Lock restoration completed 1973 re-opened July 1974
Kintbury Lock before restoration
Kintbury Lock restoration completed 1972 re-opened July 1974
Dun Mill Lock before restoration
Dun Mill Lock restoration completed 1973 re-opened July 1974
Twinning signing outside Town Hall Hungerford – Feb 1981
Great Western Mills Smitham Bridge Road during demolition Oct. 1985
Silvia Pascoe with her medal for bravery during Hungerford shooting with Lisa Mildenhall
Joan Kendall's 80th birthday party 14th December 1992
Joan Kendall's birthday cake
Mrs Olive Sadlier Moffat "Moffie" 6th Feb 1900 - 6th Feb 1995
Sonner North 98 years old 11.06.97
Presentation of Legion d'Honneur to Sonner North Feb. 1999
Sonner North 100 - up and going strong
The building housed the Laundry and later Lowheat Ltd.
Oakes Bros Park Street before demolition April 2000
Oakes Bros Park Street during demolition May 2000
The site after demolition.
The Rose of Hungerford on Kennet & Avon Canal May 2000
Repair work on the Kennet & Avon Canal Early 2001
Hungerford Cycle Speedway c.1960
The Marsh and Canal
The old library 2007 Exterior, Interior, and Library staff

Album 4:

Hungerford War Memorial 1939-1945 – Original Photos and Documents

Album 5:

Hungerford Hospital – the last days of demolition, Oct-Nov 1995, presented by Ivor Speed

Album 6:

"Everest Climb" by Berkshire Firemen at Town Hall, 11th July 1998

Album 7: Presented by Geraldine Richens, April 2003

Local views taken by SW Parry, Bridge Street
Various portraits taken by WS Parry, Bridge Street
Photos of Berkshire Yeomanry

Album "The Hungerford Pedestrian Bridge, 2011-12, by Ray Stebbings.

Miscellaneous Album

St. John's Ambulance Brigade – Hungerford Division
Notes on Blood Donors and Blood Transfusion Service from 1950, and St. John's Ambulance
Nursing Cadet Division

Envelope 8:

Alexanders Coal Wagon, Midland Works, Birmingham
Park Street Development (Williams Court) – May 2000 (Ivor Speed)
Railwaymens Supper, 1912 (Parsons)
Hungerford Station Staff c1905 (Parsons)
Station Staff, King's Visit 26.10.1912 (Parsons)
Last Broad Gauge GWR
Christingle Service 7.12.1978

Envelope 9:

5 pics of East Woodhay

Lantern Slides c.1900

* St Lawrence Church
* Canal
* Three Swans Hotel
St Paul's from Southwark, c1875
St John's Mission Hall, 1986
King;'s Visit High Street
Hocktide 1912 – Police Inspector Tom Randall and family
Ladies Football team, 1956

Miscellaneous B18

Beard Family
Rear of 33/34 High Street
Templeton House
H'ford High Street looking North
Christine Nora Stock nee Richens b.1900
Bridge Street (west) B50
High Street (west) B51
High Street (east) B52

Miscellaneous set of old photographs of Hungerford, from The Sun Inn (via Alan Staddon) Sep 2018, probably previously mounted on the walls of the pub (held by HLP):

Brown and gold frame with buff mounts:
• High Street & VAD Hospital.
• War Memorial (Parsons)
• Constable & Feoffees at the station 26.10.11 (Parsons)
• Kennet & Avon Canal and Dunn Mill (Frith, HGD 18).
• Priory Avenue (Frith HGD 23)
• Atherton Crescent (Frith HGD 25).
• The Croft (Frith HGD 39)
• Staff (about 65 people) outside an art deco factory - ?where.
Heavy black frame, with black & white mounts:
• Crowds outside The Bear, when King George VI, 12 Mar 1948.
• Hay-making at an unknown site.
• A brass band in formal pose outside the front door of a stately home.
• Hungerford Volunteer Fire Brigade in The Croft

Box of colour slides of various buildings in and around Hungerford

Taken by Ted Baker for his HHA talk on 24th Nov 1982. Donated to HHA Feb 2022

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