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Most extracts from the NWN appear on relevant pages of this Virtual Museum. There are a few miscellaneous items that are grouped here:

NWN 14th May 1868:

Various items including Sunday School at Eddington, proposed Fete and Gala, Sunday School Anniversary, Welcome to Mr Willes, Fracas among farm labourers (Tidburys!), The state of the marsh, Proposed new Corn Exchange. See NWN 14th May 1868.

Carriage accident, 1881:

The NWN of 22nd September 1881 reported "A carriage accident occured in Hungerford when a pair of horses belonging to Mr W Waldron, of Ploughley (?Poughley?) Farm, was being used to convey home the owner and his brother-in-law. When a short distance from Hungerford, the horses took fright. The occupants jumped out and the horses tore along without restraint. Coming into contact with some posts and rails at the entrance to the town the wheels were torn off. This did not check the speed, for the animals dashed along through the town, ploughing up the road and causing sparks to fly. Their headlong journey was not stopped until Newbury."

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