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About 38 schools are described in this section of the Virtual Museum. If anyone can add information on any of these or other schools, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

List of Hungerford schools, in chronological order:

Free Grammar School, The Croft (1635-1884)

Wilton House School, 33 High Street (1661, 1871-1922)

Mary Wheeler's Boarding School (<1788-1803) (then run by Miss Batten)

Mrs Webb, 18 High Street (1808)

Mary Humfry's, Ladies' Boarding School, High Street (1811-1830)

National School, 42 High Street (1814-1910)

Robert Fisher's, Boys' Day School, The Croft (1830)

Eliza and Jane Westall's ladies' boarding and day school, High Street (1830).

John Hives Boarding School, 25 High Street (1841-48)

Westfield House School, Parsonage Lane (1842-1906)

Wesleyan School, Church Street (<1847-1910)

British School (<1847-1910)

- Mrs Sarah Spanswick, girls day school, High Street (?no.) (1847 Post Office Directory) - ?wife of George or James

- Ladies Boarding School, 16 High Street (1847)

Union Workhouse School, Cow Lane (now Park Street) (1848-c.1864)

Sarah Balding, 129 High Street (1851-1869)

Ann Snook's Day School Eddington (1854)

College House, 130 High Street (1861-1919)

Buckland House School, Eddington (1864)

- Jane Beasant, day school, High Street (?no.) (1864 Billings Directory)

- Mrs Jollys Boarding School, High Street (1864 Billings Directory)

- Elizabeth Blamires Day School, Great Church Lane (now Church Street) (1864 Billings Dir)

Hungerford Newtown School (1864-1965)

Library Cottage, 1 Church Lane (1868-1871)

Infant National School, Eddington (1869-1910)

- Miss Dunman's Ladies School (Music & Dance), Church Street (c1871)

Market Place School (1872)

High School (Mr C A Marsh) (1885-1889)

Methodist Sunday School, Bridge Street (1907-19??)

Miss Hemming's School, Hillside, Salisbury Road (1908-1911)

The Manse, 32 High Street (1916-1960)

Mrs Averill's School, 17 High Street (c1942-c1952)

Miss Booth's School, Church House (1960-1972)

All-Age Council School, Fairview Road (1910-1963)

Croft Nursery School, The Croft (1942-present)

County Primary School, Fairview Road (1963-present)

John O'Gaunt School, Priory Road (1963-present)