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The Hocktide Court Book records are an important primary source of information on Hungerford in the 16th - 18th centuries.

In 1583, there was listed "Certain Ancient Customs perpetuallie remaining" - an interesting early record of the "The Libertie of the Towne of Hungerford".

Later records include the names of the freeholders of Hungerford properties, year by year. Transcriptions of several representative years are available on-line. They have been transcribed by Mrs Eileen Bunt, to whom the HHA is very grateful.

-Hocktide Court Book 1583 (part of original document)

- Hocktide Court Book 1583 (transcription)

- Hocktide Court Book 1656 and 1658

- Hocktide Court Book 1705 and 1708 (giving most interesting details of the running of the town, and offices in the town which have long-since lapsed!)

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