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The 45 years of the "Elizabethan Period" cover the reign of Queen Elizabeth I – from 1558-1603. This important part of Hungerford's history was the subject of an adult education course in 1995 led by Julie Shuttleworth, which resulted in the publication of an excellent book entitled "Elizabethan Hungerford". I am very grateful to Julie Shuttleworth for her kind permission in allowing me to reproduce here much of the material in her book.

The topics covered include:

- Introduction

- Hungerford in 1558

- Dispute with the Duchy of Lancaster

- The open ("common") fields

- Woodland and Parkland

- Roads and Tracks

- The 1591 Surveys of Hungerford and Sanden Fee

- A Growing Town (population changes)

- The Plague Epidemic 1603-04

- Trades and Occupations

- John Collyns – an Elizabethan Yeoman

- Family Life

- The Dark Side: Illegitimacy, Poverty & Disease

- 'John and Jone': A Survey of Christian Names

- Crown, Gentry and Town

- The Case of the Missing Charters

- Parish and Manor: The Structure of Government

See also:

- Elizabethan Hungerford, by Julie Shuttleworth and Hungerford Local History Group, 1995 [HHA archives, Newton Collection]

The HHA Archive also holds the following files:

- Elizabethan Hungerford [S89]

- Notes for Course [E44]

- Notes for published book [E44]