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Earliest information: 1470
Original estate: Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary
Common Rights? Yes (43 ft + 4 ft = 47 ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: c.1609
Listed? Grade II

Thumbnail History:

<1470: Chantry of BVM
1470: John Tuckhyll (1st Constable of Hungerford)
1566: Destroyed by Great Fire of Hungerford
c.1609: Re-built after fire
1676: Butler family
1737-c1881: Woodham family (watch & clockmakers)
c1881-present: Various retail businesses

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, late 16th century with 18th century re-fronting and 19th century alterations. Tiled roof, structural timber frame with painted brick front, dentil course to eaves, and band at first floor. Tile hanging to gable and brick infill to timber frame on canal side. L plan, 2 storeys.

High Street elevation: 5-light and two 3-light 20th century casements to left with insurance plaque between first and second from left. Square 19th century oriel bay to right and door approached by iron bridge; ground floor open entry with cambered head to left, 20th century casements flanking central door and simple casement head to right. Canal side elevation: gable to left with exposed timber framing at first floor and brick ground floor. Two irregular casements on first floor and one to right of ground floor. Building extends to right with pitched roof at right angles to High Street. Two short bays of exposed timber framing. 20th century door under flat roof to left of first bay, and two light 19th century casements in second bay.

Photo Gallery:


1 High Street, Jan 2007


1-5 High Street, c1880

1hs divine right mar 2004
1hs divine right mar 2004

Divine Right opens, Mar 2004


Roderick Anthony and Bridge Gallery, c1982.

20200928 14.56.56
20200928 14.56.56

1 High Street, 28 Sep 2020.


The lower High Street in c.1904, showing the bridge to 1 High Street, with the advert for "Umbrellas Recovered and Repaired" [Albert Parsons]

20221210 1 High Street
20221210 1 High Street

Interior of 1 High Street, December 2022.

20230718 15.17.00 Shine Down
20230718 15.17.00 Shine Down

Shine Down, 18th July 2023

20230718 15.17.09 Shine Down
20230718 15.17.09 Shine Down

Shine Down, 18th July 2023

- 1-5 High Street, c.1880.

- The lower High Street in c.1904, showing the bridge to 1 High Street, with the advert for "Umbrellas Recovered and Repaired" [Albert Parsons].

- Roderick Anthony and Bridge Gallery, c.1982.

- Divine Right opens, March 2004.

- 1 High Street, January 2007.

- 1 High Street, 28th September 2020.

- Interior of 1 High Street, December 2022.

- SHine Down, 18th July 2023.


<1470 (NH) Belonging to the Chantry of BVM; Julian Verman (occ)

c.1470 (NH) John Tuckhyll (the first Constable of Hungerford) "late Julian Verman's". In this survey John Tuckhyll holds no fewer than 11 burgages! These include:
- Site of present Kennet & Avon Canal (west side)
- 1 High Street
- 108 High Street
- 109-110 High Street
- 129 High Street
- 131-132 High Street

1547/8 (NH) Thomas Faller, Thomas Eyton (occ). 1548 - the BVM Chantry draft lease includes rent from land of Thomas Fuller of 12d, which may correspond to the 12d obit due from Thomas Goddard's tenement recorded in the 1573 survey.
1552 (NH) Town Survey: Thomas Faller (died 1560, father of Edward Fawleye); Richard Pennye (occ)
8.11.1560 (NH) Edward Fawleye passed his lands and this tenement to John Goddard. [By deed dated 8 November 2 Elizabeth (=1560) (Wilts R.O. 110/16) Edward Fawleye of Enford made a feoffment of his lands and tenement in Hungerford to John Goddard. The tenement consisted of a house with barn, stable, orchard, garden and curtilage and was situated in the High Street between a tenement of the Holy Trinity chantry on the South side (=2,3,4 HS) and a tenement of Edward Fawleye on the North side (later Canal). The Holy Trinity chantry tenement (2,3,4 HS) was at that time in the occupation of Thomas Longe. The lands which accompanied the dwelling house consisted of 1½ acres of meadow in Woodmarsh. Both land and house had been lately in the trust and occupation of Thomas Fawley, deceased, father (?) of Edward.

There was a Thomas Fowler to whom the Duchy of Lancaster leased the Hungerford mills by deed of indenture dated 21 December 2/3 Philip and Mary (=1555) (P.R.O. REQ2/240/49), and he assigned the mill lease to John Austen shortly afterwards. It seems likely that Thomas Fawleye is a variant spelling or mistranscription for Thomas Fawler (the name is also spelled Faller, Faulor and sometimes Fuller) and that Thomas was dead by 1560.[In the 1609 town survey Anthony Faller derives another property from "Edward Faller of Enford."] . A note on the front of the Fawlye - Goddard deed, in a later handwriting, states "Robert Haynes' tenement", but this cannot be the 1609 tenement of Robert Haynes. Among the witnesses to the deed, as interested parties, were Thomas Longe, George Bradford, and John Fawler. [P.R. Burials 14 August 1566. Thos Longe aged 80]. A note on the front of the Fawlye - Goddard deed, in a later handwriting, states "Robert Haynes' tenement", but this cannot be the 1609 tenement of Robert Haynes.

A draft lease of the Holy Trinity chantry properties on dissolution in 1547 or 8 records a tenement let to Thomas Longe at 8 shillings p.a. This corresponds with a similar entry in the 1552 town survey. This Holy Trinity tenement lies on the south side of two tenements held by Thomas Faller, one late in the tenure of Thomas Dallman and the other in the tenure of Thomas Eyton and at the time of the survey in the tenure of John Asheton (or Austen) and Richard Pennye, the two quit rents totalling 12d.

[These adjoining tenements probably formed the 1½ burgage property (quit rent 12d) in c.1470 of that well-to-do local merchant John Tuckhyll, the first Constable of Hungerford. This site was "late Julian Verman's".]
1565 (NH) Wilts R.O.: 39/6: (1622-25) Fourteen Affidavits re Littlecote Estate.110/16: (among bundle): 17 May 1565: Bargain and Sale Thos Lovelake to Jn Fawler of Chilton Foliat. Gift of land in Hungerford once site of a messuage.

1573 (NH) Thomas Goddard"decayed by fire", q.r. 6d. It is likely that this was one of the many properties in Hungerford that were destroyed in the Great Fire of Hungerford in 1566. [In 1573 these have become one tenement, garden and orchard held by James Gardiner for term of life, the freehold belonging to Thomas Goddard, gent, quit rent 6d; and another tenement "now decayed by fire", with garden and orchard, the freehold of Thomas Goddard, gent. The jurors report that there ought to be paid out of the latter premise the sum of 12d annually to "the chantry". This chantry payment probably is the 12d p.a. in the BVM chantry lease of 1548 as 'rent from land of Thomas Fuller'.]

1591 (NH) Thomas Goddard – "decayed by fire", q.r. 6d. [In 1591 these two premises appear to be held by Thomas Goddard, the first (probably 3-4HS) leased to William Pittfoule (quit rent 6d), the second (probably 1HS) still "decayed by fire", quit rent 6d, and still with a note that 12d p.a. is due to the chantry.]
1609 (NH) Thomas Goddard (no longer "decayed by fire"- possibly re-built), let to Thomas Brown. [In 1609 they are still owned by Goddard who has leased the first (i.e. the most southerly, probably 3-4HS) to Henry Winsor and Winsor has sub-let to Ingram Winkworth. The second (probably 1HS) seems to have been re-built, for it no longer is said to be "decayed by fire", but is now let to Thomas Brown. Both are recorded as paying the same quit rent.]

1676 (NH) (QR) Thomas Butler, q.r. 6d. [In 1676 these two dwellings appear in the Quit Rent roll of that year as John Jenkins (3-4HS), quit rent 6d, and Thomas Butler (1HS), quit rent 6d. The 1654 will of Edward Jenkins, tailor, dated 1652 leaves a messuage to wife and sons John and Edward occupied by A. Hafford and L. Beneditch and also "the house I now live in" to my wife and son John half each to pay rent", overseers John Butler and Jonathan Read. ]
1716 (NH) (Sun Fire Insurance) There are various insurance records in the late 18th century which may relate to this property, e.g. Thos Butler, ironmonger, 1716 (Sun Fire vol 5 / 297) – see will of Sarah Toe 1731. Since Wodham was an ironsmith it is probable that his house, late Butler's, was that insured by Thomas Butler, ironmonger, in 1716 (vol 5 Sun) and by John Butler in 1719 (vol 10 Sun), also ironmonger. [In 1733 Edward Mullington purchased 1 house from Joseph Shipton (H.C.B.) and it may have been the tenement held by "the heir of Edward Mullington" (H.C.B. 1739) and later occupied 1753 by Ann Mullingan, widow.]

Fire Insurances: There are various insurance records in the late 18th century which may relate to this property:
- Thos Butler, ironmonger, 1716 (Sun Fire vol 5 7297)-see will of Sarah Toe 1731.
- Joseph Shipton mercer 1716 (vol 6 / 325) on an empty property in the High Street.
- Edward Woodham blacksmith - dwelling house etc (description) on west side of High Street (vol 48 / 507) 1737/8. Are the "brewhouse and woodhouse adjoining" the "extensions" shown on photo 1?

The Woodham family, 1737-1881:

1737/8 (NH) (Sun Fire Insurance Street (vol 48 / 507) 1737/8). [In 1737/8 Edward Wodham blacksmith insured his premises on W. side High St. — dwelling house, brewhouse, and woodhouse adjoining on west side of High Street. Stone, timber, slated, tiled, £150 dwelling house, £50 brewhouse: total £200.]

1738/9 (NH) This date roughly corresponds with the date of the Foot of Fine Trin. 11 & 12 Geo II (=1738/9), Edward Woodham the younger and John Ambrose gent & his wife Elizabeth deforciants re a house in Hungerford. The two messuages may have been in mortgage to Stephen Pearse of Standen gent (see Joan Wodham' s will 1779). There is a proviso in the will that James Wodham (executor and heir) should "suffer his brother Benjamin to enjoy the back shop now in my possession for one year without rent."

1753 (NH) Joseph Butler (owner), William Allen (occupier), q.r. 6d. In 1753 these are recorded as the houses owned by Ann Mullington, widow, (probably 3-4HS, quit rent 6d) and Mr Joseph Butler (1 HS, quit rent 6d), the latter being occupied by William Allen.

1768 (NH) (Berks Poll Book) (a=3-4HS) Benjamin Bronsdon of Inglewood, freeholder in Hungerford, of messuage and lands occupied by Joseph Patey, (b=1HS) William Dunsdon freeholder in Hungerford of messuage and lands occupied by self.

1774-80 (Quit Rent) (Edward deleted), James Woodham, late Butler (N=1HS), and Mrs Brunsdon late Forty's (S=3-4HS) each with quit rent 6d. Then follows the Kennet and Avon Company (to the north).
1777 (NH) Edward Wodham of Hungerford, whitesmith, left a PCC will dated May 1777 (probate Dec 1777) in which he left to his wife Joan all his several messuages in Hungerford and Chilton Foliat. Widow Wodham's Dean of Sarum will is dated February 1778 and proved July 1799. She leaves to her son James "all those 2 messuages in Hungerford now in my own possession and the possession of ..?.. Dismore my tenant". Since Wodham was an ironsmith it is probable that his house, late Butler's, was that insured by Thomas Butler, ironmonger, in 1716 (vol 5 Sun) and by John Butler in 1719 (vol 10 Sun), also ironmonger.

1781 (CL) James Wodham.
1782 (CL) James Woodham, 1 HS
1793 (NH) The Schedule of Properties liable to be affected by the Kennet & Avon Canal project to which the Act of Parliament (1793?) refers, lists the house of James Woodham as occupied by him and Mary Coxhead as 2 tenements, garden and orchard.
1805 (QR) (Mary Brunsdon deleted / Pettit deleted) for house late Forty's -George Pettit (S=3-4HS) quit rent 6d and James Woodham late Butler 6d (N=1HS).
1807 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS

1831 - A large burglary took place at the shop in October. Read all about here: 1831 - Burglary at James Woodham's clock and watchmaker's shop.

1843 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS
1847 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS, owner and occupier. (Edward Woodham at 3 High Street)
- William Moody, 105HS (own); Self and A. Woodham (occ)
1861 (CS) James Woodham (72), retired watchmaker, had by now retired to 1 High Street.

1818 (QR) (George Pettit deleted) Edward Woodham late Forty's 6d.(S=3-4HS) and James Woodham late Butler's q.r. 6d. (N=1HS)
1832 (QR) Edward Woodham late Forty's 6d (S=3-4HS) & James Woodham late Butler's (N-1HS).
1836 James Woodham "late Butler", q.r. 6d.
1841 (CS) James Woodham (50), Clock maker; William Haynes (30) Stay maker
1847 (CL) James Woodham (owner and occupier).
1851 (CS) James Woodham (62) watch & clockmaker
1861 (CS) 1 HS: James Woodham (72) Retired watchmaker; Henry Woodham (42) Watchmaker

1881 (CS) "The Bridge": Henry Woodham, watchmaker
- "The Bridge": Jane Bance, dressmaker
- "Woodham's Yard" a. Chas Stagg, labourer
- William Woodham, carpenter 

1896 (CL) Trustees of Alfred Jas Ferrier; William Frederick Ferrier (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Trustees of Alfred James Ferrier (owners)
1903 (T&M Register) Joseph Gardiner (occupier)

c.1910 Mr. Hall, barber in upstairs (across bridge). Ray Stebbings met a Charles Hall, from Didcot aged 80 in ?1995, says his father was the barber there, left c.1914 for Thatcham with his family.

1912 Photograph of High Street shows "Umbrellas" sold at the first floor shop – access over the bridge.

1914 (CL) Trustees of Alfred Jas Ferrier; Joseph Gardiner (occ)

1928 (T&M Register) Dorothy Allen (owner); George Edward Allen (occupier)
1932 (QR) Mr G. Allen, "House formerly Butler's afterwards James Woodham", q.r. 6d.
1920's-45 George Allen - ?insurance agent. Mrs Allen (no children) moved to 1HS from thatched cottage (85 HS). Died at 1HS.
1939 (Blacket's) G.E. Allen "Northend"
1947 (CL) George Edward Allen

1952 (CL) Miss Priscilla Margaret Briant
1956 (CL) Miss Priscilla Margaret Briant
(1952-55 Jack & Margaret Williams lived at 1 Canal Side after their marriage.)

1963 (CL) Greta Kingstone

1968 (CL) Reginald Arthur Lewis Jeanes
1968 (T&M Register) Reginald Arthur Lewis Jeanes (owner & occupier until 1972)
1970 (CL) Reginald Arthur Lewis Jeanes

1973 (T&M Register) Leslie Alan Wiles (owner & occupier)
1976 "Bridge Gallery" – antique prints etc. (??run by Mrs. Rose Wiles, wife of Leslie Wiles)
1976 (CL) Leslie Alan Wiles
1978 Bridge Gallery - prints
1970's - 86 Leslie & Rose Wiles – left Oct 1986.
1983 (CL) Leslie Alan Wiles
1984 (CL) Leslie Allan (sic!) Wiles
1985 (CL) Leslie Allan Wiles

1993 Peter Hallett (?dates came and went?)
1999? Manager of Groom's Antiques (at Riverside House, Charnham Street)

Ground floor:

1993-2004 "Jokas" (Games and gifts shop). Jo and Kathy ..?...

2004 Charlie Woodhead, (Greatwood Properties) owner (of what? – developed terrace of 3 properties in the garden, alongside the canal towpath). Changes to interior, exterior windows, and pedestrian bridge to first floor.

2004: "Divine Right" (ladies fashion). Owned by Tim Harker. Closed Summer 2007.

Oct 2007: "Mistral" Ladies Clothing (moved from Walton's Clothing at 129 HS). Closed Aug 2015.

Nov 2015: Back in use as offices - Chanelle Medical, Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary.

Nov 2019: Empty.

Jul 2020: Property for sale. Follow this for the Sale Details.

Jul 2023: "Shine Down" - the eco friendly candle shop and gifts.
Cleeve Partnership -  Recruitment Agency.

Upper floor:

2004 "Fired Earth" (Tiles, paints etc). Closed 2.7.2008

Nov 2009: "Blue Cross" Charity Shop.

The ornamental bridge at first floor level:

It is quite possible that an ornamental bridge to join the canal bridge to the first floor of the property was installed soon after the canal bridge was built in 1798.

A photograph (in the Photo Gallery) the bridge in c.1880.

(Dr Jimmy Whittaker says that in 2004 Charlie Woodhead of Greatwood Properties, Reading considerably modified this property. as part of his modifications he erected a pedestrian foot bridge to give access to the upper floor of this building.)

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1831 - Burglary at James Woodham's clock and watchmaker's shop