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Earliest information: 1470
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (25 ft frontage inc passage; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 17th century (with 18th & 19th century alterations)
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

Common rights; quit rent 4d.

1470 Davy -> Gunter -> Faller/Fletcher -> Biddle/Heywood -> Goddard/Haynes -> Haines (saddler) -> Daniel Reade (saddler) -> Presbyterian Meeting House -> Goddard/Brushwood -> Allen -> Miller -> Atherton -> Davis & May -> Orchard -> Arman (cordwainer) -> Robbins (bootmaker) -> Borlase (tailor) -> Confectioners (Stillman -> Drew -> Missen -> Trigg -> Hooson -> Bacon -> Crovella) -> Roxton (sporting)

Description of Property:

From Listed Building records: House, now-house and shop. 17th century with 18th century and 19th century alterations. Tiled roof, one gabled dormer to right, timber framed with brick infill and painted render to whole of street elevation. T-plan with 2½ bays of timber frame at right angles to street. 2 storeys and attic, 2 wide glazing bar sashes over 19th century shop front of 2 square bay windows and central door trader timber fascia and cornice. House door to left.

Photo Gallery:


11 Bridge Street, Mar 2007


Bridge Street, c1890

bridge_st_candy shop 1974
bridge_st_candy shop 1974

Candy Cottage, 11 Bridge Street, 1974

20180823 11 Bridge Street
20180823 11 Bridge Street

Roxtons, 10 & 11 Bridge Street, Aug 2018.

- 11 Bridge Street, March 2007.

- Bridge Street, c.1890

- Candy Cottage, 11 Bridge Street, 1974.

- Roxtons, 10 & 11 Bridge Street, August 2018.


<1470 (NH) William Davy

1470 (NH) William Gunter

1552 (NH) Thomas Faller (owner), miller; John Fletcher (tenant)

? (NH) George Bradford (tenant), employee of Hungerford family

1573 (NH) Richard Biddle (owner); John Heywood (tenant).

1609 (NH) Thomas Goddard (owner); Robert Haynes (tenant).
1626 (Deed 10BS) Robert Haines, saddler.

Daniel Reade, saddler and Prespyterian:

1672 (W.H. Summers, "The Story of Hungerford") Daniel Reade, Presbyterian Meeting House.
1676 (QR) Daniel Reade, saddler.

From: Original Records of Non-Conformity, by G Lyon Turner (originally published before 1923): p.526: Henry Gearing. His name is subscribed to a single undated memorandum [321 (325)]. It contains an application for two licences: one for a house in Ramsbury, Wilts, and the other for a house in Hungerford, Berks.
The owners were severally Thomas Freeman and Daniel Reade. The memorandum reads:
‘For the house f Mr. Tomas Freeman, Tanner of Ramsbery is Wiltsheire presbyterien,
‘Daniell reade of Hungerford in Barksheire for his house – presbyter.
Both were granted the same day – viz June 10 1672 – as we see in E. (153), where the latter precedes the former on the page. It is curious to learn – as I was informed by W. Summers in notes communicated to me not long before his lamented death – that while Mr. Thomas Freeman, of Ramsbury, is described in this application as ‘a Tanner,’ Daniel Reade was a saddler, a man of credit and repute, being a Trustee of the Town properties. He may have been the son of Jonathan Read saddler, who is spoken of in the Lambeth return three years before as a leader of local Nonconformists. By 1676 Jonathan Read seems to have taken a brewery on the east side of the main street, and Daniel was in that year residing in a house on the west side nearly opposite. The probably inference is that Jonathan had given up the saddlery business to Daniel somewhere between 1669 and 1672. The house in which Daniel lived in 1676 is therefore in all probability the same for which the licence was granted, and is easily identified by the Quit-rent Rolls of the borough which begin 1676. It has been much modernised in front, but is very quaint inside, with traces of secret staircases and peep holes which a re singularly suggestive.

1690 (Deed) Francis Goddard (owner); William Brushwood (tenant).

1753 (QR) Joseph Allen for his "lower house"; he also had an "upper house" at 12 BS).

1774 (QR) Matthew Miller (unclear), q.r. 4d.
1781 (CL) Matthew Miller
1795-1804 (QR) Matthew Miller for house late Joseph Allen's, q.r. 4d.

1805-17 (QR) Thomas Atherton (deleted) William Jarvis Thomas May for house late Matthew Miller, q.r.6d. (sic!)

1807 (CL) William Davis
1818 (QR) William Davis and Thomas May.

1818-23 (QR) Thomas May for house late Matthew Miller, q.r. 4d.

1832 (QR) David Orchard, for house late Matthew Millers, q.r. 4d.
1836 (QR) David Orchard for house late Thomas May's, q.r. 4d.
1841 (CS) David Orchard (55 yrs), leather seller.
1847 (Kelly) David Orchard, currier, shoemaker. [A currier is a person who curries leather C14 from Old French corier, from Latin coriarius a tanner, from corium leather]
1847 (CL) David Orchard (own & occ)
1851 (CS) Elizabeth Orchard (56), shoemaker.

1861 (CL) William Arman
1861 (CS#13) William Arman (66 yrs), cordwainer. [A cordwainer is a shoemaker using Spanish leather from Cordova]

1869 (PO) William Robbins, boot and shoemaker.
1871 (CS) William Robbins (54 yrs), bootmaker.

1896 (CL) Margaret Robbins (own); Alfred Ernest Philo (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Margaret Robbins (owner until 1932)
1903 (T&M register) Alfred Ernest Philo (occupier)

1904 (T&M Register) James Borlase (occupier until 1921)
1914 (CL) Margaret Robbins (owner); James Borlase (occupant), tailor.
1920 (Kelly) James Borlase, tailor
("Jock" Rolfe: James Borlase was known as "Tommy". Borlase's yard to rear with four cottages:
- 1. Mr Darkie Smith, wife Rachel, married 1919. Bricklayer, long beard. 23/= a week, 7d an hour.
- 2. Ernest Stacey and wife and large family. In 1983, Mrs Stacey in Park Way.
- 3. Sparks family, no longer around in 1983
- 4. Winsors, moved to Atherton Crescent in 1921

1922 (T&M Register) H Rippon Seymour (occupier)

1923 (T&M Register) Fred Misson (occupier until 1925)
19.. (Jim Davis) Fred Missen, confectionery.

1925 (T&M Register) Alfred Mew (occupier until 1930)
1931 (T&M Register) Frederick Arthur Drew (occupier until 1932)

1932 (T&M Register) Thomas Stillman (owner until 1967; occupier until until 1939)
1932 (QR) Mr Stillman (deleted) F.A. Drew for "House formerly Matthew Millers afterwards Mays the David Orchard", q.r. 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) T. Stillman, confectioner and tobacconist
1939 (Kelly) Thomas Stillman, confectionery.

1940 (T&M Register) Ewart Trigg (occupier until 1967)
1947 (CL) Ewart Trigg,
1952 (CL) Leslie John Trigg. Brenda Newton says he ran an independent lending library at shop.
1953 (DD 12BS) William Ewart Gladstone Trigg and Leslie John Trigg

1953 (Jim Davis) Jack Lloyd died 1953
1956 (CL) Arthur John Lloyd. Follow this link for the NWN obituary, 3 May 1956.

1963-70 (CL) Tom (T.O.M.) Hooson, confectioner, tobacconist.
1968 (T&M Register) Thomas Osborne Morgan Hooson (owner and occupier until 1971)
1968 (CL) Thomas Osbourne Morgan Hooson (Confectionary)
1970 (CL) Thomas Osbourne Morgan Hooson (Confectionary)

1970 (Jim Davis) D.J. Baker¸(owner), confectioner, tobacconist.
1971 (T&M Register) Derek James McAlpine Baker (owner and occupier until 1975)

Crovella, confectioner and tobacconists, 1975-1984:

1975 Roland and Sandra Crovella (occupants), confectioner, tobacconist.
1976 (T&M Register) Roland Joseph Stephen Crovella (occupier)
1976 (CL) Roland Joseph Stephen Crovella (Confectionery)
1978 The Old Candy Cottage
1983 (CL) Roland Joseph Stephen Crovella (Confectionery)
1984 (CL) Roland Joseph Stephen Crovella

Roxtons, 1984-2022:

1984 Sold to Roxton Sporting Ltd. shooting, fishing tackle, and country clothes.
1985 (CL) Christopher Orssich
1993 Saddler (Mr Jonathan Roots) and gunsmith H. Chaddock also trading there.
2000 (CL) Void
2009 Roxtons
2005 (CL) Void
2011 (CL) Void

2022 (April) Roxton's closed and re-opened at 118 High Street.

The Gallery Hungerford, 2022-present:

June 2022 The Gallery Hungerford opened. (with 10 Bridge Street)

Notes from Norman Hidden's papers:

A house which belonged in 1470 to William Gunter (¼ burgage, quit rent 2d.), and was formerly William Davy's, probably stood on this site, and the same house was owned in 1552 by Thomas Faller, the miller, who had let it previously to John Fletcher, then to George Bradford, an employee of the Hungerford family who held him in high esteem. Quit rent 2d.

In 1573 there was a house here tenanted by John Heywood and leased from Richard Biddle, quit rent 4d. By its position in the 1573 and in subsequent quit rent rolls this house is undoubtedly on the same site as the present day no.11. The change in quit rent to 4d. (at which rate it remained until 1836 when the last quit rent roll was drawn up) is a difficulty in identifying the site with that of the 1470 & 1552 house, though by its position in the surveys the site would seem to have been the same.

It has not been possible to identify the property in the survey of 1591 since in this survey the buildings are not listed in the regular order of previous & subsequent surveys. In 1609, however, the property clearly appears as a tenement & backside occupied by Robert Haynes, with three halves (i.e. 3 half acre strips) of meadow in Woodmarsh appertaining to it. The freehold is said to belong to Thomas Goddard and the quit rent is 4d. (This raises the possibility that in the 1552 and 1470 surveys the meadow land had been let separately or accompanying another property, attracting its own share of quit rent at 2d. There is, however, no hard evidence for this.)

In 1626 the lease of the neighbouring house to the south (this should be north – HLP) shows that no.11 was then in the occupation of Robert Harries, saddler. (P.R. Robt. Harries saddler m. Joan Newbury widow, 1589. A Robert Newbury was buried in June 1587). A further deed dated 1676 shows that the neighbouring messuage to the south (i.e. 12 BS) was then tenanted by Isaac Jenkins glazier. The 1676 quit rent roll lists, immediately north of Isaac Jenkins, Daniel Read who like Robert Harries was a sadler by trade (PCC will of Samuel Waters l675). W.H.Summers, the Congregationalist minister, who wrote "The Story of Hungerford", was particularly interested in Daniel Read since his house was used by Presbyterians as a meeting place (p.119). Summer's book includes an early photograph of the premises and its neighbours.

A lease granted 31 January 1690 by Francis Goddard to William Brushwood describes-: the tenement (with backside, garden, & orchard adjoining) as situated on the west side of the High Street between a tenement in the tenure of Joseph Butler on the south (12 BS) and one in the tenure of Walter Tuttle on the north (10 BS). (Joseph Butler had acquired the property on the south and is shown as such in the 1753 quit rent roll).

In 1753 the house is that between Joseph Butler's and Walter Tuttle's & is described as Joseph Allen's Upper House, that is, in distinction from his Lower House which was a couple of doors "down" the street towards the river (in fact this is 9 BS – HLP). In the 1774 QRR this has become Matthew Miller and in 1795 Matthew Miller "late Allen's". In 1805 this becomes Thomas Atherton, followed in 1818 by William Davis & Thomas May; in 1832 by " - Orchard, late Matthew Miller", & in 1836 David Orchard, late Thomas May".

Tenants in the four cottages in the yard ("Albert Place") behind 11 Bridge Street:

[The name "Albert Place" was visible on the wall of the building behind Roxtons in the 1980s].

1841 (CS)
1.  William Painter (40) Shoemaker
2.  Amos Barrett (20) Shoemaker
3.  James Smith (50) Shoemaker
4.  ……. Lambourn (25) Shoemaker

1851 (CS)
1.  John Cleaver (25)    Shoemaker
2.  William Phelps (45) Carpenter

1861 (CS) Arman’s Yard.
1.  Alfred Pearce (45)   Gardener
2.  James Martin (60) Currier
3.  John Adams (48) Postboy
4.  James Canning Labourer
5.  Elizabeth Sheldon (49) Washerwoman
6.  Mary Wain (35) 

1871  (CS) Robbins Yard:
1.  Joseph Martin (52) Blacksmith
2.  Uninhabited
3.  Elizabeth Adams    Charwoman
4.  Elizabeth Perkins (22) Tailoress
5.  Elizabeth Sheldon (59) Laundress
6.  Martha Mustow
7.  George Heaver (34) Labourer

1881 (CS) Albert Place:
1.  Joseph Martin (62) Engine fitter
2.  Richard Smith (22) Labourer
3.  Alfred Field (29) Labourer, Martha (wife), George (son)
4.  William Andrews (26) Plate layer
5.  Elizabeth Sheldon (67) Former laundress
6.  Unoccupied
7.  Charles Palmer (28) Blacksmith

?WWI (Jock Rolfe) Borlase’s Yard:
1.  “Darkey” Smith    Bricklayer
2.  Ernest Stacey
3.  …… Sparkes
4.  ……. Winsers

1933    Demolition order!