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Earliest information: 1690
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (22 ft frontage; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: c1786
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

Common rights; quit rent 4d.

1690 Walter Tuttle -> 1786 "newly erected" -> Coxhead -> Bannister -> Webb -> Blamires -> Phelps -> Batchelor -> Earl's Stores -> Glover (china) -> Free's (furniture) -> Roxton (sporting)

Description of Property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop, 17th century with 18th and 19th century additions. Tiled roof, 2 gabled dormers, walls painted render. 2 storeys and attic. 2 wide 20th century casements to first floor. Late 19th century shop front with recessed central doors and house door to left under timber cornice and fascia.

Photo Gallery:


Bridge Street, c1890

20151112 img_5648
20151112 img_5648

Roxtons, 10-11 Bridge Street, Nov 2015


Roxtons, 10 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

20160716 IMG_3238
20160716 IMG_3238

South-west Bridge Street showing Roxtons, 24 Jul 2016.

20221014 10 BS
20221014 10 BS

The Gallery, Hungerford. 14th October 2022.

- 10-11 Bridge Street, November 2015.

- Bridge Street, c.1890.

- 10 Bridge Street, March 2007.

- South-west Bridge Street showing Roxtons, 24th July 2016.

- The Gallery, Hungerford. 14th October 2022.


Tuttle family, c.1690-1776:

1690 (Deed 11BS) Walter Tuttle
1748 (Colin Scarrett) Walter Tuttle. Lease (relating to 9 Bridge Street) dated 23rd August 1748 of a newly erected messuage, bank-side garden and plot of land on the west side of 'shoot', by William Allen to his son Joseph Allen at a peppercorn rent to be paid on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel (29th September). It also says that this messuage is now in the tenure of Thomas Mundy and James Murray. This newly erected messuage of Edward Lucas being on the north side and a tenement of Walter Tuttle on the south side (i.e. 10 Bridge Street).
1753-61 (QR) Walter Tuttle for his house, q.r. 4d.
1774-80 (QR) Walter (?William) Tuttle for his house amended to John Bannister for house late Tuttles, q.r. 4d.
1781 (CL) Widow Tuttle

Coxhead/Bannister family, 1786-1822:

1786 (Deeds) "Newly erected building on the west side of the High Street". (Bridge Street was not named until c.1840.)

1786 (Deed) Susannah Tuttle (owner) - William Coxhead (occupant), cabinet maker and upholsterer.
1786 (Deed) William Coxhead buys property for £60.

1787 (Will) Left in will to wife Elizabeth Coxhead.
1792 (Document) Elizabeth Coxhead (own). Elizabeth plans to marry John Bannister, collar maker and saddler. [One witness was James Dismore, joiner of Hungerford]. Property again described as "newly erected".

1795-04 (QR) William Tuttle (amended to John Bannister) for house late Tuttles, q.r. 4d.
1799 (Will) John Bannister leaves all property to Elizabeth Bannister (previously Coxhead). [Elizabeth's mother was Mary Pool, deceased, Innholder (of the Red Lion in Charnham Street]
1805-17 (QR) Elizabeth Bannister for house late John Bannister, q.r. 4d.
1807 (CL) Widow Bannister
1818-23 (QR) Elizabeth Bannister (deleted) William Webb, for house late John Bannister, q.r. 4d.

Webb family, 1822-1842:

1822 (Deeds) Elizabeth dies. William Webb buys (at auction) for £415, coal merchant, later grocer and pastry cook.
1832 (QR) William Webb for house late John Bannister's, q.r. 6d. (Why 6d – others are all 4d for this property)
1836 (QR) William Webb for house late John Bannister's, q.r. 6d. (Why 6d – others are all 4d for this property)
1838 (Will) William General Webb, late coal merchant, now grocer and baker, left all to his wife Sarah Webb.

1841 (CS) Sarah Webb (60 yrs), pastry cook. Two cottages behind mentioned - Jane Willis (20 yrs) and John Foster (27 yrs), tailor.

Let to Blamires family, 1842-1847:

1842 (Deeds) Sarah Webb (now a widow) and Thomas Major (mortgager) let to George Blamires (for £15 on Michelmas and Lady Day), coal merchant.
1845 (Will) George Blamires leaves all (this property in his occupation, and another occupied by Ann Hidden) to his wife Elizabeth Blamires and three children (Harriet, William Lizard, and Elizabeth).
1847 (Kelly) Elizabeth Blamires, shopkeeper. (In the 1864 directory she ran a day school in Great Church Lane).
1847 (CL) Widow Blamires (own & occ)

1851 (CS) John Alison (34), draper.

George Phelps, 1857-c.1907:

1857 (Will) via several transfers, comes to George Thomas Phelps, confectioner.
(For much more about George Phelps and his work in the Methodist Church in Hungerford, see under Methodist Church)
1861 (CS#12) George Phelps (40) Baker & Grocer.
1861 (CL) John Phelps (deleted) George Thomas Phelps
1896 (CL) George Thomas Phelps, owner and occupier.
1901 (Deed) George Thomas Phelps sells (for £520) to son George Phelps, know as "Gingerbread Phelps" - a feoffee in 1903.
1902 (T&M Register) George Phelps (owner);
1903 (T&M Register) George Thomas Phelps (occupier)

1907 (T&M Register) George Phelps (occupier)

Batchelor family, c.1907-1935:

1913 (T&M Register) Charles Batchelor (occupier)
1914 (CL) George Phelps (owner), Charles Batchelor (occupant).
(Jock Rolfe) George Phelps son drowned in Hungerford lock during 1st WW. Later, Fred Batchelor ran a kind of café/restaurant there. Fred had three other brothers in the town, including Charlie, in 22 Charnham Street, opposite the Bear. (1920 (Kelly) Charles Frederick Batchelor, confectioner and café, furniture dealer in Charnham Street.)
1932 (QR) C. Batchelor, for "House formerly John Bannister's afterwards Webbs, then Widow Blamires", q.r. 4d.
1935 (T&M Register) Frederick Batchelor (occupier)

Earl's Stores, china and hardware, 1936-1954:

1936 (T&M Register) William Wellington Hall (owner, & occupier until 1945)

1936-54 (Jim Davis) Earl's Stores, (Mr. Allen, builder's merchant, Reading, owner, leased to Mr. Arthur Glover) Ironmonger.

1939 (Blacket's) A.W. Glover, china and hardware
1946 (T&M Register) Arthur William Glover (occupier until 1967)
1947-1952 (CL) Arthur Willie Glover

Frees, furniture, 1954-1978:

1954-78 (Jim Davis) "Free", Furniture store and removals, Mr Eric Leslie ("Jim") and Mrs Blanche Davis occupant.
1956-1976 (CL) Eric Leslie Davis (Frees – furniture)
1968 (T&M Register) Eric Leslie Davis (owner & occupier until 1978)
1978 Frees - furniture

Roxtons, 1978-2022:

1978-2022 Roxton Sporting Ltd., shooting, fishing tackle, and country clothes.
1978 (T&M Register) Thomas Hooson (occupier)
1983 (CL) Void
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Christopher Orssich
1993 Saddler (Mr Jonathan Roots) and gunsmith H. Chaddock also trading there.
2000 (CL) Void
2005 (CL) Void
2008 Roxtons
2011 (CL) Void

2022 (April) Roxton's closed and re-opened in 118 High Street.

The Gallery Hungerford, 2022-present:

June 2022 The Gallery Hungerford opened. (with 11 Bridge Street)