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Earliest information: 1576
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: ?1748 (see below)
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

Common Rights, Quit Rent 2d. Referred to as "the other house" adjacent to the "House and Mill", quit rent 8d.

Miller's cottage adjoining Town (or Queen's) Mill. Lucas -> Harrison -> Popham (various millers) -> Turner -> Dawson -> Whalley/Ham

Photo Gallery:


Mill Cottage and Mill Hatch, Mar 2007

088- town mill c1900
088- town mill c1900

Town Mill c1900

- Mill Cottage and Mill Hatch, March 2007.

- Town Mill c.1900.


1576 Queen's Mill operating (deeds at Wilts R.O. & one at Berks R.O.)1748 (Deed of 9 BS) " Newly erected messuage of Edward Lucas". Lease dated 23rd August 1748 of a newly erected messuage, bank-side garden and plot of land on the West side of 'shoot', by William Allen to his son Joseph Allen at a peppercorn rent to be paid on the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, i.e. 29 Sep. It also says that this messuage is now in the tenure of Thomas Mundy and James Murray. The newly erected messuage of Edward Lucas being on the North side and a tenement of Walter Tuttle on the South side.

1753-61 (QR) Harrison house and Mill (8d); for his other house (2d)

The Pophams:

1805-17 (QR) Harrison for House & Mill (amended to) Edward William Leybourne Popham Esq. (8d); Ditto for his other house (2d)
1818-36 (QR) E.W.L. Popham Esq., for his other house (2d)
1841 (CS) Isaac Bray (20) - "M.S." (man servant)
1847 (CL) Committee of E.W.L. Popham (own); James Langford (occ)
1851 (CS) E.R. Hills (33) (Miller foreman).
1861 (CS#10) John Coles (42) Miller.
1861 (CL) Committee of E.W.L. Popham (own); James Langford (occ)
1864 (DIR) Jasper Rumboll (Corn merchant and maltster).
(?) "From the middle of the 19th century, the Andrews family were the millers (see notes on 20 Bridge Street), and the entries in this document refer to their foreman millers, who lived in Mill Cottage. At one time there was a corridor joining the mill to the cottage."
1871 (CS) Thomas Greenaway (33) (Miller).
1881 (CS) Frederick Flower (31) (Miller).
1896 (CL) Francis Wm Leybourne-Popham (own); Robert Cole (occ).
1903 (KD) Robert Cole (Miller)
1903 (T&M Register) Robert Cole (Miller, occupant)
1912 (Jock Rolfe) "About WWI Farmer Cole moved to 104 HS, after which Mr. Moore was miller for him".
1912 (T&M Register) James Moore (occupant until 1923)
1914 (CL) Hugh F.A. Leybourne Popham (own); Robert Cole (occ).
1920 (KD) Robert Cole (Miller).

1926 (T&M Register) The Earl of Mayo (occupant until 1928)

Alfred Geoffrey Turner:

1928 (DD - Brian Ham, 2011) The Countess of Mayo sold to Alfred Geoffrey Turner of Inglewood, Newbury, the Mill, Mill Cottage the sluice pond and the small meadow, in all 2 acres three roods and 30 perches, together with a right of way to Charnham St. (Mill Hatch still has this right of way). (The Earl of Mayo was the Rt Hon Dermot Robert Wyndham Bourke who died 31st Dec 1927 and his wife the countess sold in 1928). In 1928 the land from the Bear along Charnham Street belonged to the South Berks Brewery, and the land from the canal wharf to the Dun to Mr J.H. Wooldridge.
1929 (T&M Register) Alfred George Turner (owner & occupier)

1930 (T&M Register) ..?.. Bailey (occupier)

1931-36 (T&M Register) Void - no occupier.

(Pearts) "Mr & Mrs Dennis Brittain lived there for a short time, leaving after a flood!"

1932 (QR) Mr. G. Turner (Burrard) "House and Mill, formerly Edward Wm Leybourne Popham Esq.", q.r. 2d.

1937 (T&M Register) Miss Dawson (occupier until 1946)

1935 (Peart) "Derelict mill demolished.

1939-c1956 (Blacket's) Mrs Dawson, (a nurse)

Major Sir Gerald Burrard:

1946 (DD - Brian Ham, 2011) Major Sir Gerald Burrard of Hungerford RA purchased from AG Turner of Hungerford Park, the Mill and Mill Cottage. He already owned the land behind the Brewery, making an estate of 29 acres.

1951 (DD - Brian Ham, 2011) John Foster Robinson purchased the same estate.

Whalley and Ham family:

1959 (DD - Brian Ham, 2011) Martha Whalley purchased Mill Cottage.
1963 (CL) Mrs Martha Edith Ann Whalley.
1968 (T&M Register) Martha A Whalley (occupier until 1972)
(Mrs Rae Ham) "Cottage stood empty for a year after Mrs Whalley's death in 1972".

1973 (T&M Register) Void, no occupier.

1973 (Cyril and Rae Ham) Felicity (nee Whalley) and Brian Ham (own); Cyril and Rae Ham (occ)
1974 (T&M Register) Brian Lionel Ham & Felicity Hope Ham (owners); Cyril Claude Lionel Edward Ham (occupier)
1976 (CL) Cyril Claude Lionel Edward Ham
1984 (CL) Cyril Claude Lionel Edward Ham
1985 (CL) Cyril Claude Lionel Edward Ham
1985 Cyril Ham died.
1991 Rae and daughter Caryl moved to Lowestoft. Rae Ham died 1992.
1991-92 House renovated. Still owned by Bonnie Ham, Luxembourg (who has kindly sent the following information on tenants, Jan 2020):

Nov 1992 Neil Raven and Hilary Metcalfe
Aug 1996 Marc and Wendy Allen ( the estate agent)
Aug 1997 Stephen Gennard and Maria Leon
May 2002  Carol Cope
June 2003  Peter and Sally Marden
2004  Kate Taylor & Warren Scott
October 2005  Louis Heaton

2005 (CL) Peter Marden
2008 Bonnie Ham (owner); Colin & Louise Black (tenants)
2011 (CL) Void

2013 Owners: Jontie Ham and Daniel Ham. Tenant: Julie Clark.

2018 Tenant: Lawrence Jackson.

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