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Earliest information: 1830 (?1819)
Original estate: Possibly a late addition, after the 1617 feoffment?
Common Rights? No
Date of current building: c.1830
Listed? Grade II

Now known as College House.

Thumbnail History:

Residential (Barker) -> Private School (?Earle's Froome) -> Boarding House (Tubb Large Howe Low Casson) -> Hugh Ellin, Solicitors -> Accountants (Freeman, Freeman Baker, PBA) -> Residential.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House. c.1600, refronted c.1830. Slate roof, hipped with overhanging eaves, painted brick with band at first floor. Three storeys. Three glazing bar sashes with cambered heads, the centre blocked on second floor, central 20th door with rectangular fanlight in plain reeded surround.

Note: It is unclear what evidence there is for "c.1600, refronted c.1830". The present building appears to be consistent with c.1830 (HLP).

Photo Gallery:


Freeman Baker Associates, Feb 2007


Lower High Street, c1900

LHS-109 Dec 1978
LHS-109 Dec 1978

College House (and 129 and 128 High Street), Dec 1978.


College House, c1993.

20220819 16.31.56
20220819 16.31.56

"College House", August 2022.

- Lower High Street, c.1900.

- College House (and 129 and 128 High Street), December 1978.

- College House, c.1993.

- Freeman Baker Associates, February 2007.

- "College House", August 2022.


This appears to be a later building between 131 and 129 High Street. The frontage is built around a pillar of 131 High Street.

1819 (Enclosure Award map) Property marked on the map, but un-named.

1830 (Mr & Mrs Charles Low) Believe this house to have been refronted c.1830. There are no historic deeds available.

1841 (Census) Richard Barker, 30, surgeon. From baptism records, he married Elizabeth Ann, had 8 children. By the 1851 Census, the Barker family had moved to Kennet House, 19 High Street.

c.1846 Charles Osmond. When Ann Hincks resigned as Post Mistress on 15th June 1846 due to a 'serious illness' she was replaced by Charles Osmond of 130 High Street, Parish clerk, Stationer, Toy dealer & agent for the Norwich Union. He remained in office for the next 44 years. (This was probably the same Charles Osmond who had been recorded in the 1841 census as a butcher, aged 20 years at 10 High Street. He seems to have been a versatile young man!).

1851 (Census) Charles Osmond (33), postmaster, and George C. Pearce (28) Curate of Hungerford.

1861 (Census) William Burt (74) – tax collector. (The 1861 Census has Emma Earle (33) School Mistress at 7 High Street (the south end W.H. Smith today))

Earle, Private School (c1865-c1881)

1869 (Post Office Directory) Misses Sarah & Emma Jane Earle, High Street

1871 (Census) Emma Jane Earle (38), School Mistress. Henry Button, lodger – bank clerk.

1877 (Kelly's Directory) Misses Sarah & Emma Jane Earle, day & boarding school, High Street

Mary Froome, Private School (c1881-c1920)

1881 (Census) Mrs. Mary Froome (37), School Mistress, Private School.

1890+ Owned by Mrs. Martha Ann Platt: (an agreement re access for inspection of drains between MAP and Henry d'O W Astley).

1891 (Kelly's Directory) Mrs. Mary Froome, boarding school, College House, High Street (first reference to name of College House).

1903 (Kelly's Directory) Mrs. Mary Froome, boarding school, College House, High Street.

1911 (Kelly's Directory) Mrs. Mary Froome, boarding school, College House, High Street.

1915 (Leo Cowell Townshend) Leo C-T attended this small preparatory school. There were 6 children - 3 Peart children (Lon, Mary & Margaret), Dr. Starkey Smith's wife to be, son John and himself. He remembers being taught by Miss Froome who also gave piano lessons.

1919 (Deeds) States Mary Froome occupant of 130 High Street.

Mary Tubb, boarding house (c.1920-c.1930)

1920s (Leo Cowell Townshend) Mrs. Mary Tubb ran a boarding house (ie it was no longer a school). (Husband Harry Tubb died in 1920s). Sold to Mr & Mrs Large.

Mr & Mrs Large, guest house (c.1930-c.1945)

1930s (Leo Cowell Townshend) Mr & Mrs James Large – retired butler of Sir Harrison Hughes, Denford Manor. Ran guest house for fishermen. Daughter was Mrs. Kitty Cowell-Townshend. Sold to Stephen Neate.

1939 (Blacket's Directory) J. Large, College House boarding establishment.

Mrs Norah Howe, boarding house (c.1945-1951)

1946 (Mr & Mrs Charles Low) Mr. Stephen Neate (owner) leased to Mrs Norah Howe (Mrs. Tubb's daughter). Ran boarding house. Emigrated to Australia in 1951.

Mr & Mrs Charles Low (1951-c.1981)

1951 (Mr & Mrs Charles Low) Mr Charles & Mrs Irene Low (occupants). Boarding House. Stephen Neate's Executors (owners). Mr Low kept a smallholding (where Port Down flats are in Park Street) keeping pigs, chickens and vegetables.

1976 (Mr & Mrs Charles Low) Low's bought the house, moved to 86 High Street, selling 130 to Mr & Mrs Casson.

Mr & Mrs Cassons, Bed & Breakfast (c.1981-c.1983)

1981 (Mr & Mrs Charles Low) Mr & Mrs W. Casson (owner) – Bed & Breakfast. They later moved back to their Faulkner Square house, selling to Hugh Ellin.

Hugh Ellin, Solicitor (c.1981-c.1991)

1983 Hugh Ellin – Solicitor.

Freeman & Co, Accountants (c.1991-2008)

1991 Freeman & Co. Accountants - offices

In 1993 [1st floor] Freeman & Co, accountants [Clive Adolph]

In 2000 Hants & Berks Property, and Freeman & Co, accountants

2008 Freeman Baker Associates

PBA Accountants (2008-2017)

May 2008 PBA Accountants (new business name for Freeman Baker Associates). See: NWN advert 9.5.2008 for PBA Accountants

April 2018 PBA Accountants moved to Ramsbury House, Charnham Lane, leaving the property empty.

Dr & Mrs Pihlens (2020-present)

August 2020 Bought by Dr & Mrs David and Alex Pihlens. Restored to residential use.

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