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Note the variation of 123 and 124 High Street.
British Telecom telephone directory in 1998 listed Barnaby's (latterly Cook's) as 123 High Street, not 124! There was no 124.


Earliest information: 1851, ?1470
Original estate: Hungerford Engleford
Listed? No
Common Rights? Yes (Total Frontage with 125 High Street: 37ft; 1 horse or 2 cows)
Date of current building:

Thumbnail History:

Booksellers (various) -> Stationers -> Drapers -> Bakery

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Squires Bakery, 124 High Street, Apr 2012


Three Cooks, 124 High Street, Feb 2007

1871 parish magazine-shepherd
1871 parish magazine-shepherd

Advert for Miss Shepherd, Parish Magazine 1871


The Pharmacy and Wyatt's, c1981.

LHS-119 Jan 1980
LHS-119 Jan 1980

Wyatt's, Jan 1980.

LHS-126 Feb 1980
LHS-126 Feb 1980

YK Fruiterers, Feb 1980.

LHS-127 Mar 1981
LHS-127 Mar 1981

Aldridge's Fish and Game, March 1981.


The Pharmacy, Barnaby's and Inklings, Jan 1987.

LHS-138 Jan 1987
LHS-138 Jan 1987

Barnaby's, Inklings and Rayner Opticians, Jan 1987.

- Advert for Miss Shepherd, Parish Magazine 1871.

- Wyatt's, Jan 1980.

- YK Fruiterers, February 1980.

- Aldridge's Fish and Game, March 1981.

- The Pharmacy and Wyatt's, c.1981.

- The Pharmacy, Barnaby's and Inklings, January 1987. 

- Barnaby's, Inklings and Rayner Opticians, January 1987.

- Three Cooks, 124 High Street, February 2007.

- Squires Bakery, 124 High Street, April 2012.


The history below (by Norman Hidden) from 1470 to 1680 is very speculative:

This may be the 4th of the block of Hungerford Englefield tenements, whose history is as follows:

1470 4 tenements, q.r. (N-S) 4d, 8d, 4d (+1d for lane?), 4d (Henry Baylyf)

1552 4 tenements listed q.r (N-S) 4d separate (+ ½ a meadow), 8d (+5 acres, 4d (+2 acres) (and land in the Breach 6d), 4d tenement only.

1573 3 tenements only (4th omitted - ?transcription error?), q.r 4d, 8d (+5 acres), 4d (+2 acres), --- .

1609 survey 4 tenements, q.r. 4d (+ ½ acre in Woodmarsh), 8d (+5 acres, copy held by Thos Holmes), 4d (+2 acres), 4d (copy held by Thos. Holmes), occupier. 1606 by Robert Payne, 1609 by Arthur Norcrofte.

1609 Manor Rent receipts roll does not include Norcrofte (nor is he mentioned in the rent roll of that year), but this is because it is subsumed under the indenture of lease granted to Holmes / Millington and successors.

1621 a manorial survey (WRO 490/1590 f. 60v) shows that Tho. Millington (successor to Thos. Holmes above) holds by indenture the lease of Philip Seimor (Kingsland + Swan + "1 other tenement with backside and gardens containing ½ acre lying on north side of Hill House"; total rent £4-8-4): a covenant dated 3 Jas I to Thos Holmes to eschange the 3 lives of the Simors for 3 other lives.

1623 (WRO 490/1529) as in 1621.

1633-4 These seem now to be John Gunter, gent

1650-54 These seem now to be Edward Mills, gent.

1662 Edward Mills whose lease was on lives of Dorothy Mills his mother, himself and John his son, is granted a new lease for Dorothy, himself and his wife Mary, of 99 years.

1680 CL (HCB) the dwelling in the relevant position of the 4th tenement is that of widow Osmond. This corresponds with a deed relating to Hell House in 1673 (Berks RO D/Q1/T21/3) which has a house belonging to Sir Edward Hungerford on its north side occupied by Ursula Osmond. [John Osmond buried 1655; widow Osmond buried 1681].

1781 (CL)

1819 (EA) Un-named

1841 (CS) Mary G.... (?spelling (50) -stationer.

1847 (CL) ??

1851 (CS) Mary Hincks (70), bookseller.

1861 (CL) ??

1861 (CS) Amey Hidden (75) - stationer ( But Miss (?Sarah) Hidden in 125H/S on CL 1861 )

1871 (CS) George Bailey (41) - bookseller.

1871 (Parish Magazine) See advert for Miss Shepherd's stationery shop
1881 (CS) Mary Shepherd (45) - stationers shop / solicitors managing clerk.
1890 (NH) Sold to Ann Gibbons, and her name is on the CL ?..?
1891 (KD) Miss Mary Shepherd - stationer
1896 (CL) Anne Gibbons (owner), Margaret Shepherd (occupant).
1902 (T&M Register) Anne Gibbons (owner)
1903 (T&M register) Margaret Shepherd (occupier until ?1906)

1903 (KD) John Spendley Tyler - draper & millener ( 5 & 124H/S )

1907 (T&M Register) Lilian Mary Nye (occupier until ?1909)
Pre- WW1 (Peter Wyatt) "Miss Nye - needleshop / tea shop"
1910 (T&M Register) Lilian Mary Cope (nee Nye) (occupier until ?1913)

1914 (T&M Register) John Spendley Tyler (occuier until ?1921)
1914 (CL) Anne Gibbons (owner), John Spendley Tyler (occupant).
1920 (KD) John S. Tyler - draper & ladies outfitter. Also wool and baby clothes. Miss Althea Tyler m. Henry Barr.
1922 (T&M Register) Ada Althea Tyler (occupier until ?1934)

Undated (T&M Register) Arthur Heanes Bingham (owner)
1935 (T&M Register) Reginald C Wood (occupier)
1936 (T&M Register) Arthur Max Barnes (occupier until ?1937)

1938 (T&M Register) Albert George Wyatt (occupier until ?1945)
1937 (Brenda Newton) Rented by Albert Wyatt from ?Binghams.
1939 (Blacket's) 123 and 124: A.G. Wyatt, fruiterer and greengrocer
1946 (Brenda Newton)) Albert Wyatt bought and moved in to 122HS. Whilst here, he bought 123/4, and rented it to Miss Kennington.
<1968 (T&M Register) Peter William Horace Wyatt (owner)

1946 (T&M< Register) Edna Kennington (occupier)
1947 (CL) Miss Edna Kennington - wallpaper and paints.
1952 (CL) Miss Edna Kennington
1956 (CL) Void

Wyatt's Confectioner and tobacconist, 1957-1984:

"Early 1950s"(Brenda Newton) Albert Wyatt bought it from ?Binghams.

1957 Confectioner and tobacconist started. Wyatts moved back from 122 to 123/4.

1963 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt
<1968 (T&M Register) Peter William Horace Wyatt (occupier)
1968 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt
1970 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt – bread shop
1976 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt – bread shop
1978 Wyatt - baker
1983 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt – bread shop
1984 (CL) Peter William Horace Wyatt

Barnaby's Bread and Confectionery, 1984-1999:

1984 Newton (Hungerford) Ltd: Barnaby's Bread & Confectionery. Manager = Barnaby Newton (son of John Newton).
1985 (CL) John Leonard Newton
Undated (T&M Register) John newton (occupier)

Three Cooks bakery, 1999-2012:

1999 Sold to "Three Cooks Ltd" (a bakery chain)
2000 (CL) Void
2005 (CL) Void
2011 (CL) Void
2011 Three Cooks re-branded "Cooks"
Nov 2011 Cooks closed (by receivers)

Squire's Bakery, 2012-2022:

Apr 2012 Squires Bakery opens
2016 (CL) Void ("123")
Feb 2022 Squires Bakery closed.

Mio Fiore Italian Restaurant, 2022-present:

Planning application by Mr Fahredin & Mrs Ardita Kurtaj