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Earliest information: 1757 - ?1663
Original Estate: Hungerford Engleford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 29ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building:
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

Hungerford Engleford -> Loder Smith -> Bance -> Bank (Tanner & Pinckney -> London & County -> Westminster -> NatWest -> Costa Coffee)

Photo Gallery:


NatWest Bank, 119 High Street, Jan 2008


London & County Bank, 119 High Street, Jan 2008

20210305 Costa Coffee
20210305 Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, 119 High Street, 5 Mar 2021.

- NatWest Bank, 119 High Street, January 2008.

- London & County Bank, 119 High Street, January 2008.

- Costa Coffee, 119 High Street, 5th March 2021.


NB: The following notes covering the period 1650-1750 are from Norman Hidden's records, and cover 118 and 119 High Street:

1663 (NH - P.R.O ASSI 5/1/9) Berkshire Assizes (6 Mar 1663) records a burglary. John Blisse of Hungerford broke into the house of Jn. Lewis and placed the family of Wm. Phillips, who seems to have lived in the same building, "in fear of their lives".

1663-1664 (NH) The 1663 & 1664 Hearth Tax Assessments (running S N) have John Lewis (?118 or 119 HS) and William Phillips (?119 or 120 HS) as neighbours (2 chimneys each), followed by John Norris and Williamm Dyer (both in properties demolished for the railway bridge). It seems from this that the original house had been divided or converted into two dwellings.

1676 (NH QRR) In the 1676 QRR (running NS) Dyer's house (now railway bridge) has been taken by George Clempson, then follows Jn Norris on S (now railway bridge). Both these houses were later demolished by the GWR. Continuing further S (up the hill) come Wm. Stallard (?120 or 119 HS) and ?Geo Hamlin (119 or 118 HS), then the 3 Swans (117HS). Lewis and Phillips therefore lived in buildings on the site of the present day 118 & 119HS.

- John Lewis died in 1680, leaving a D&C of W will, leaving the occupation and possession of his 2 messuages to his wife Elizabeth and some free land.

1680 (NH) The 2 messuages were said to be occupied in April 1680 by John Lewis and Richard Povey and William Stroude.

- Lewis had no male heir; he leaves half his property after his wife's death to his daughter Elizabeth (born 1676/7). His wife Elizabeth was probably Elizabeth Cocke (Cooke) married 1673. The other half he leaves to his sister Sarah, wife of John Copland of Upper Lambourn. See also D/S will 1718 of his brother Thomas Lewis.

- Mr. William Phillips senior, doctor, buried 17 July 1671. He paid a mortuary of 7s 6d, so there really should be a will for him (which I have not got). Admitted free suitor 1659 – payment of 5s.

- John Norris brewer admitted 1659. 1670 Constable.

- William Stallard maltster was admitted to the Hocktide Court in 1675.

- There was a relationship between Richard Povey and the Hamblin family, which may or may not bear on the later apparent occupation of Lewis' premises by Georg Hamblen (See D/S will 1667 of Richard Povey senior, whose eldest son was Richard .)

- In 1639 Richard Povey senior married Mary Hamblin. This is a very slight straw to grasp at.

- 1668 John Norris purchased from George Sharpus 1 messuage, 3 gardens in Hungerford and Sanden Fee. (Berks Feet of Fine)

- William Stallard was occupying the house of John Clarke at Clarke's death in 1678.

- I have a note that 118 & 119 may be the property involved in CP43/169 pages 3 or 4 and INDI/17185 involving a transaction Fowler to Burch. It is included in Index to Deeds Enrolled (Hungerford) 1555-1629. The deed is at the end portion of the roll number 240.

1757 (NH) BRO D/EX/57/1: John Haynes

Matthew Bance, Silversmith and watchmaker, c.1776-1804:

1776 (DD) Lease & Release between Matthew Loder Smith and Matthew Bance
1781 (CL) Mrs ?Whitelake deleted -> Matthew Bance
1785 (NH) D/EZ/57/1: Matthew Bance. A lease of 120 High Street for one year of the property by Katherine Westall, 18th August, widow (again), of property to John Deadman. Says property now has John Cox(head?) on north (now railway bridge) and Matthew Bance on south (119 High Street).
1792 (UD) Matthew Bance, silversmith & watchmaker
1804 (DD) Matthew Bance died (Sarah Bance died in 1805)

Bance family, 1804-c.1832:

1817 (DD) Mortgage between Thomas Bance and John Fortescue

[1830 (PD) King, Gosling and Tanner, Bank. 11-3pm every Wednesday at the Three Swans, HS]

1832 (DD) Lease & Release between Thomas & Cecilia Bance
1832 (DD) Lease & Release between Frances Cecilia Bance and George Barrett

1835 (DD) Lease & Release between William Richard Dyer and William Robert Hall
1838 (DD) Lease & Release between William R. Hall and William Barnes

1841 (CS) S. Shorn (?sp) banker.

1843 (DD) Indenture of appointment in Fee between John Reeks and William Richard Hall

1843 (CL) Andrew Heath.

Tanner & Pinckney Bank, c.1844-c.1853:

1844 (PD) Tanner & Pinckney Bank (a branch of the Marlborough bank). Pigot Directory states that the bank "draws on Spooner & Attwoods' & Co. London". [Henry Pinckney opened a bank in the early 17th century at "The sign of the Three Squirrels, over against St Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street". The original premises were burned down in the Great Fire of London, but were rebuil, later becoming Gosling Bank, and then Barclay's. Much later, in 1869, William and John Pinckney bought Everett & Co Bank in Salisbury (previously The Salisbury Old Bank) - becoming Everett & Pinckney, later Pinckney Brothers Bank. The history of the Tanner & Pinckney Bank is not yet known.]
1847 (PO) Tanner & Pinckney Savings Bank ( no other bank listed in H/ford except Savings Bank at the Town Hall ev. Wed. 12-2 by H.E.Astley actuary)
1847 (CL) John Reeks (owner); Messrs Tanner & Pinckney and Andrew Heath (occ)
1851 (CS) George Hodgett (30), bankers clerk.

London & County Bank, c.1853-c.1914:

1854 (BD) London & County Bank HS
1861 (CL) John Reeks (owner); London & County Bank (occ)
1861 (CS) Manager - George Hodgett (40).
1864 (BD) London & County Bank, draw on chief office London, manager Mr. Luard.
1871 (CS) County Bank : Manager - William Swan (38)
1891 (KD) London & County Banking Co. (owners). Isaac Westcombe
1896 (CL) London & County Banking Co. (owners); William George Judd (occ).
1902 (T&M Register) London & County Banking Co Ltd (owners)
1903 (T&M Register) Frederick William Baker (occupier until 1914)

London, County & Westminster Bank, c.1914-c.1932:

1914 (CL) London, County & Westminster Banking Co. (owners). Frederick William Baker (occ).
1915 (T&M Register) William Burmester Hedger (occupier 1915 until ?1924)
1925 (T&M Register) Henry George Wildish (occupier until ?1932)

Westminster Bank, c.1932-1968:

1932 (QR #18a) Westminster Bank, for "Bank House and premises formerly John Reeks", q.r. 4d.
c.1932 Note: (CL #18) G.W.R. (Kennet & Avon Canal Co added) for "Culver Acre formerly ?Watsons". Culver Acre was attached to The Three Swans? This entry is between Westminster Bank and Alexander Bros.

1933 (T&M Register) John Dudley Wells (occupier until ?1939)
1939 (Blacket's) Westminster Bank (J.D. Wells, manager)
1939 (KD) Westminster Bank: Manager- John Dudley Wallis.
1940 (T&M Register) Ernest leslie M Tye (occupier)
1947 (CL) Ernest Leslie Tye – Westminster Bank
1952 (CL) Leslie Reginald Palmer Pfaff – Westminster Bank
1956 (CL) Gerald Reg. C. Pfaff – Westminster Bank

National Westminster "NatWest" Bank, 1968-2018:

1963 (CL) National Westminster: Edward Henry Jennings.
<1968 (T&M Register) George William Cousins (occupier until 1972)
1968-70 (CL) George William Cousins.

1971 (T&M Register) Owner switched from Westminster Bank to National Westminster Bank Ltd.

1973 (T&M Register) Roger Henry Frearson (occupier until 1978)
1976 (CL) Roger Henry Frearson.
1976 (CL) Roger Henry Frearson – NatWest Bank

1979 (T&M Register) Neil Candy(?), Manager (occupier)
1983 (CL) Void – NatWest Bank
1983 (CL) Alan Brian Staddon.
1984 (CL) Alan Brian Staddon
1985 (CL) Alan Brian Staddon
1989-90 Rear of NatWest became part of municipal car park, behind 119-120 HS. Entrance from Station Road.
2000 (CL) Void due to non-residential status
2005 (CL) Void due to non-residential status
2011 (CL) Sarah Fradgley
On 1 Feb 2016 NatWest reduced its opening hours to Mon-Fri, 10.30-15.30.
2016 (CL) Sarah Fradgley

Dec 2017: NatWest announced it is planning to close the Hungerford branch (and many others) on 31 May 2018. "Transactions have reduced by 50% since 2012, with now only 35 customers visiting the branch on a weekly basis".

May 2018: NatWest closed on 31 May, ending a 177 year history of a bank in this building. The War Memorial that was on the wall of the bank was removed to the Newbury branch (info thanks to Sarah Fradgley).

Costa Coffee, 2019-present:

22 Aug 2019 Costa Coffee opened, franchise by Emilio Aleio and Kerry.

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