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Earliest information: 1665
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (frontage 23ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building:
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

By 1728 Bell Alehouse until c.1930 -> butchers (Quenby) -> Emma Jane Boutique -> Fare Wise Travel -> With Love -> Luna Too

Note: The Bell Alehouse is not to be confused with the much more ancient Bell Inn in Charnham Street.

Photo Gallery:


Fare Wise Travel, 115 High Street, Mar 2007


The Bell, c1875

uhs-050 lantern slide
uhs-050 lantern slide
1935 coker
1935 coker

Advert for Coker's butchers, from the Carnival RagMag, 1935.

fair wise travel 10th birthday
fair wise travel 10th birthday

Fare Wise Travel 10th Birthday offer


Luna C Too, 115 High Street


With Love, Dec 2010

20181114 115 High Street
20181114 115 High Street

Jade Bailey Interiors, 115 High Street, Nov 2018.

- 115 High Street, February 2007.

- The Bell, c.1875.

- The Bell, c.1908.

- Luna, 115 High Street April 2012.

- The Bell, 115 High Street, c.1908.

- Advert for Coker's butchers, from the Carnival RagMag, 1935.

- Fare Wise Travel 10th Birthday offer.

- Fare Wise Travel, 115 High Street, March 2007.

- With Love, December 2010.

- Jade Bailey Interiors, 115 High Street, November 2018.


1665 (NH) William Hinwood was vicar of Hungerford 1662-1670. He had two daughters by his first wife – Mary and Anne Hinwood – who took a cottage together on the site of the present day 115HS in October 1665 (WRO 490/1542).

1669 (NH) The lease was taken over in October 1669 by William Hinwood, and Mary Hinwood took up a reversion granted to Jane Field to hold for her life and the life of her sister Anne Hinwood and that of Marie Nailor, daughter of Richard Nailor of London, silkweaver (ibid). Mary Hinwood, daughter of vicar Hinwood, was buried 25 April 1670, the vicar himself on 9 August 1670. In 1667/8 Deborah, w/o Richard Naylor was buried in Hungerford.

The Bell Alehouse (<1721 - 1921):

[Note: This is not to be confused with the more ancient Bell Inn in Charnham Street.]

1721 Sun Fire Insurance: William Ryman (in tenure of Adam Betteridge, innkeeper.
1722 (Deeds of 33 HS) William Ryman also owned 33 HS and "The Bell", HS. with Adam Betteridge (occ). Thomas Robinson to south; Robert Elliot to north.
1727 Sun Fire Insurance: William Ryman (in tenure of George Purvey). George Purvey, innkeeper.
1753-61 (QR) William Ryman for his house, q.r. 4d.

1763 (Deeds of 33 HS) The Bell: Thomas Poole (occ)

1771 Courtleet Presentment: Mr Curr's palisader and pitching at the Bell. Also: "They do present the pitching or pavement before the Bell Alehouse door to be out of repair and they do order Paul Pearce the occupier of the said Alehouse effectually to repair the same."

1774-90 (QR) ..?.. [amended to] John Townsend for the Bell Alehouse, q.r. 4d.

1781 Sun Fire Insurance (Vol 293, No 444023) Thomas Watson, innholder
1781 (CL) Thomas Watson
1792 (Deeds of 33 HS) The Bell: Thomas Watson (occ). Loder Smith to south (Hungerford Engleford property – 114 HS); John Pearce to north (in 116 HS – "Dolton's").

17?? (NH) Bell Inn here (the one mentioned in 1494 was in Charnham Street).

1795-1804 (QR) John Townsend for the Bell Alehouse, q.r. 4d.

1805-17 (QR) John Townshend (amended to Richard Compton) for the Bell Alehouse, q.r. 4d.
1818-23 (QR) Richard Compton for the Bell Alehouse, amended to... q.r. 4d.
1819 (EA) "Bell" named on S. Side of Swan
1831 (CS) The Bell Public House follows the 3 Swans

1832 (QR) J. Satchel for Bell Alehouse late Richard Compton, q.r. 4d.
1836 (QR) John Satchell for The Bell Inn, q.r. 4d.

1841 (CS) Jessie Webb (50) - publican.
1843 (CL) Jessie Webb
1844 (PD) Jessie Webb - Bell
1847 (CL) John Satchel (The Bell) (own); Jesse Webb (occ)
1851 (CS) Jesse Webb (64), innkeeper; Eliza Webb (60).

In Bell Yard:

1851 (CS) William Angell (24) - labourer; Susannah Oram - charwoman.
1861 (CS) Priscilla Williams (52) - Agricultural labourer; Joseph Martin - blacksmith.
1871 (CS) John Berryman (31) - labourer; Richard Lewington (57).

115 High Street Timeline cont'd:

1861 (CS) Joseph Clifford (41) - publican "The Bell"

1861 (CL) John Satchel (owner), Joel Clifford (occ).

1862 Wikipedia states that on 21 Sep 1862 James E. Talmage, later an English chemist, geologist, and religious leader in the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was born the first son of Susannah Preater and James Joyce Talmage, the manager of The Bell.

1869 (Kelly) Richard Lambourne

1871 (CS) William White (37) - publican & carrier.

1891 (KD) James William Humphries - Bell public house.

1896 (CL) Somerset & Co (owner) "The Bell"; Henry Pope

1902 (T&M Register) Heir of John Satchell (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Henry Pope (occupier until 1904)
1905 (T&M Register) Widow Pope (occupier until 1913)

1914 (CL) Newbury Brewery Co Ltd. "The Bell" (own); Albert Edward Newell (occ)
1914 (T&M Register) Albert Edward Newell (occupier until ?1916)
1917 (T&M Register) Ernest Withers (occupier until ?1918)
1919 (T&M Register) Alfred Robert Macklin (occupier until ?1921)

Butcher's shop (1922-?1968):

1922 (T&M Register) Horace Coker (occupier until ?1936)
19?? (Betty Mumford) Cokers - butchers.
1930 (NH) (QRR) Mr Coker, 1s 0d for permission to build a bow window in the Bell Inn, late Messrs Somerset & Co.
1932 (QR #22) Mr H. Coker, for "Formerly "The Bell" formerly Comptons then J. Satchell", q.r. 4d.
1935 Carnival RagMag) Advert for Coker & Son, family butchers.

1937 (T&M Register) Frederick Draper Saunders (occupier) (Betty Munford) Saunders - butchers.

1938 (T&M Register) Charles Cocker Quenby (owner & occupier)
1939 (Blacket's) C.C. Quenby, butcher
1939 (KD) Charles Cocking Quenby - Butcher.
1947 (CL) Charles Cocking Quenby
1952 (CL) Charles Cocking Quenby
1956 (CL) Charles Cocking Quenby
1963 (CL) Void

Boutique (c1968-1993):

1968 (T&M Register) Marjorie Wynona Crossley (occupier until 1969)
<1968 (T&M Register) Louis Frederick Anderson (owner until 1973)
1970 (CL) Major Louis Frederick & Mrs Anderson. Mrs. A. started Emma Boutique.
1970-73 (CL) Void

1974 (T&M Register) Accrew Inns Ltd (owner until 1978); Carol Elsden (occupier until 1978)
1976 (CL) Carol Elsden
1978 Emma's Boutique
1979 (T&M Register) Rodney Roach & Patricia Roach (owners); void
1983 (CL) Void
1983 Mr & Mrs R.B. Roache - (lived in 115a part of week) Emma Jane Boutique.
1984 (CL) Rodney Bernard Roache
1985 (CL) Rodney Bernard Roache

1993 Mrs Roache closed Emma Jane Boutique and sold property (including 115a HS and 116 HS) to Mr & Mrs Bossom snr, and son Tyrell.

Travel Agent (1993-2010):

1993 Fare Wise Travel (Veronica Bailey – managing partner of Hungerford Office)

2000 (CL) Tyrell Arthur Kenneth Bossom (Constable 2000-2003)
- Fare Wise, travel agents
2005 (CL) Tyrell Arthur Kenneth Bossom
Mar 2010 Fare Wise Travel moved to 19 High Street.

Clothing and Boutiques (2010-2022):

Dec 2010 "With Love" (Crafts, Collectables, Children's clothing)
2011 (CL) Tyrell Arthur Kenneth Bossom
Aug 2011 "With Love" closed. Property vacant.

Mar 2012 "Luna" boutique opened

May 2018: "Luna" closed. Moved to 5 Bridge Street.

Nov 2018: Jade Bailey Interiors. Closed December 2023.

Snippets Barbers (2023-present):

September 2023: Snippets Barbers (barbers, ladies salon and children) re-located here. They had been temprarily sharing premises at Layers Hair Design in The Courtyard when their own premises at 59 High Street was seriously damaged by a road vehicle.

No. 115a High Street (Cottage – site of Bell yard)

? (Mrs. May Marks ) Mr Lewington
1970s Mrs Ellen Clark.
1983 Mr & Mrs Roache.
- Mrs Katharine Bossom (Tyrell's mother) lives there.

2016 (CL) Tyrell Arthur Kenneth Bossom