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Earliest information: <1470
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (frontage 37ft + 10ft = 47ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: c.1800
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

Golding -> Gunter -> Boswell -> Hamblyn -> Maylen -> Jenaway -> Dymer -> Stephens -> Pearson -> Head -> James -> Pearce -> Major -> Dickson -> Bell -> Long (Osbourne Princep Cryer)

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now offices. c1820. Slate roof, brick with rubbed red brick arches, stone coped parapet and stone moulded coffered cornice. Three storeys. Three glazing bar sashes, those on first floor with segmental headed brick architraves and fluted tympana; ground floor has central 6-panel bolection moulded door in doorcase of half columns on plinths supporting frieze with triglyphs and cornice, door approached by two stone steps.

Photo Gallery:

20171005 107HS
20171005 107HS

107 High Street, 5 Oct 2017


Dated brick "HPM 1888" (Harry Pike Major) on the dividing wall between 107 and 108 High Street. (HLP 2006).


Dated brick "HK 1888" on the dividing wall between 107 and 108 High Street. (HLP 2006).

20220503 107 HS 17.30.24
20220503 107 HS 17.30.24

107 High Street, 3rd May 2022.

- Brading Cryer, 107 High Street, March 2007.

- Dated brick "HPM 1888" (Harry Pike Major) on the dividing wall between 107 and 108 High Street. (HLP 2006).

- Dated brick "HK 1888" on the dividing wall between 107 and 108 High Street. (HLP 2006).

- 107 High Street, 3rd May 2022.


<1470 (NH) J. Golding

c.1470 (NH) Henry Gunter: 1 burgage late J. Golding, q.r. 8d.

1552 (NH) Robert Boswell for:
- 1 tenement and 2 acres (late in tenancy of John Bushell) and
- 1 tenement late in tenancy of John Webbe, now of Thomas Hamblen – total q.r. 8d.
(1522 Muster Roll: Robert Boswell, freeholder)

1561 (NH) F of F (Berks) 3 Eliz I Easter: Thomas Hamblyn purchased of Thomas Boswell and widow John 1 messuage and 1 loft, 2 gardens, 13 a arable, 12 a pasture, 6 a wood in Hungerford and Inkpen.

1573 (NH) Thomas Hamblyn: 1 tenement, garden, backside and 1 acre in Everlong. q.r. 8d.

1591 (NH) John Malin ("on east side"): 1 messuage, garden, backside and little close adjoining and 1 acre in Everlong, q.r. 8d.

1593 (NH) Thomas Hamblyn, shoemaker, buried (Parish register)

1609 (NH) John Maylen: 1 tenement and 1 acre in Everlong. Q.r. 6d (Adjacent if Rafe Hamlyn: 1 tenement q.r.2d – see 1591 entry for Thomas Hamlyn q.r. similarly 2d).

1616 (NH) (Hocktide Court Book): Jn Maylen and wife Joan -> Francis Jenaway (NB John Maylen married Joan Madley or Meadlie – 1586 Parish Register).

1619 (NH) (F of F Berks) 16 Jas I Easter (CP25(2)/273) John Maylen -> Francis Jenaway 1 messuage, garden, orchard and 1 acre of land in Hungerford and right of common

1653 (NH) (Hocktide Court Book) Francis Jenaway -> Francis Dymer.

Edmund Stephens, c1663-1682:

?1663 (NH) (Hearth Tax) Edm Stephen senior: 4 hearths.

1667 (NH) (HCB) Francis Dymer -> Edmund Stephens

1676 (NH) (QRR) Mr Edmund Stephens, q.r. 6d.

1682 (Inventories) Edmund Stephens, gentleman, died.

Edmund Stephens Inventory, 1682:

Inventory of Edmund STEPHENS, of Hungerford, Berks, gentleman, 10 March 1682:
Appraised by: Thomas Robinson, Nicholas Burch
- His wearing Apparrell with his sword and belt and money in his purse £08 00s 00d
- In the Hall of his dwellinge house one Table board, one forme, two joyned stooles, five chaires, one iron Jack, two drippinge panns, two paire of Andirons, one fender, three spitts, three paire of Cotterells, one fire pan, one paire of Tongs, one fire forke, two paire of pott hookes, and one paire of bellowes 01 18 06
- All his brasse, and pewter 06 14 00
- In the Parlour, one long Table board and carpett, one side cupboard and cloth, seaven chaires, two paire of Andirons, with some other small things 01 08 00
- In the buttery one Table board, one forme, one fryinge pann, one powderinge Tubb, and some other small things 00 08 00
- In the brewhouse one furnace, one keeve(?), three kivers, two Tubbs, three bucketts, two treyes, one bushell with some other lumber 03 01 06
- In the Celler one Table board, one saltinge trough, two flitches of bacon, six barrells, two beere stands with some lumber there 02 11 00
- In the Chamber over ye Hall one Tester bedsteede, with a cord and matt, one sett of curtaynes and Vallins, one Trundle Bedsteede with a cord and matt, one little Table board, one presse, one trunke, one coffer, three boxes, one joyned Stoole, one close Stoole, three feather beds, two feather bolsters, one downe pillowe, two ruggs, one pair of blanketts, two coverletts, one paire of Andirons, one fire pann and tongs 09 13 06
- Nine paire of Sheetes, three dozen of Napkins, six Table cloathes and some other small lynnen 04 17 06
- In the Chamber over the Parlour one Tester bedsteede, with cord and matt, one sett of curtaynes and Vallins, one feather bedd, two feather bolsters, one pillowe, one rugg, one blankett, one presse, one chest, two side cupboards and one paire of Andirons 06 10 00
- In the Garretts one bedsteede, with cord and matt, one sett of curtaines and vallins, one feather bedd, one bolster, three pillowes, two ruggs, one chaire, one stoole, one chest, one deske, with some other lumber 06 01 00
- In the Studdy one Table board, one stoole, a parcel of sheel-?- and bookes 02 00 00
- Fower rother beasts, and one pigg 09 03 06
- In the barne a parcell of corne in the strawe, and one fann, with all the Tacklinge 06 10 00
- In ye backside three ladders, a parcell of faggotts, and some other wood, and lumber 04 00 00
- Eight acres of corne in the field 12 00 00
- Due to the deceased from severall persons the sume of 12 00 00
One Table board and a gunn 01 00 00
Suma Totalis 95 16 06

Pearson family, ?1682-1774:

1704 (NH) (Poor Rate) By position: Mrs Pearson.

1737 (NH) James Pearson, gent. [In 1737 Richard Sare's will mentioned the freehold messuage then in the occupation of his sister-in-law Mary Sare (106 HS), which is adjoined on the north side (107 HS) by the dwelling of James Pearson gent.]

Mid c18 ??Possible date of original house and stables

1753-61 (QR) Mrs. Pearson for her house, q.r. 6d.

Sir Thomas Head, 1774-1780:

1774-80 (NH QR) Sir Thomas Head, for house "late Pearson's". Sir Thomas Head died in 1780, and the property passed to his son Walter Head, who was created Baronet in 1791.

Sir Walter James, 1780-1803:

Sir Walter assumed the surname James on inheriting the estate of Denford, bequeathed to him on this condition by his aunt Elizabeth, the widow of John James of Denford.

[In 1783 Walter James leased "a house, garden, and orchard on the east side of the High Street with 4 commons(which I take to mean commoner's rights for pasturage of 4 animals) in Hungerford Down" to William Dismore and this was renewed on a yearly basis up to and including 1783-4 at an annual rent of £8 (D/Ex 449). [James also had 4 acres in the Everlong which he leased separately in 1781, also on a yearly basis, to Francis Stockbridge (D/Ex 449)].

*NB: D/EZ11/T66 column 18 refers to a lease for 7 years dated 9 May 1770 now expired (i.e. c.1780) from Mr John James to Mr William Lucas of a house in Hungerford.

Sir Walter James' property also included in 1780 a messuage in Hungerford in the occupation of Henry Clarke (D/EX 449). No further reference has been found.]

1795-1804 (QR) Sir Walter James James, Baronet, for his house, q.r. ?d..

Thomas Major, 1803-1845:

Thomas Major was a Member of the Society of Apothecaries and the Royal College of Surgeons. He had been a surgeon in the Royal Navy, and had been involved in the Battle of the Nile in 1798. He left the Royal Navy and came to practice medicine in Hungerford in 1803. [Thomas Major was born in Stockbridge 1771. His father was Thomas Major, surgeon and "Man midwife". See notes by Gerry Green on the Majors]

For much more on the Major family see 19th century and Medical Nepotism

1805-17 (QR) John Pearce, amended to Thomas Major, formerly late Sir Thomas Heads, q.r. 4d.

Thomas Major married Sarah Pearce (of Standen Hussey) in Dec 1802, and it appears he acquired the house from Sarah's wealthy family. It was around this time that the new frontage of the house was built - a "pattern-book" house chosen from an architect's book of plans.

1807 (CL) ?Smith, surgeon / Thomas Major. .

1818-23 (QR) Thomas Major for house late Sir Thomas Heads, q.r. 6d.
1819 (EA) Thomas Major (land behind wide strip to Fairview Road then large plot to Common)
1832 (QR) Thomas Major for house late Sir Thomas Head's, q.r. 6d.
1836 (QR) Thomas Major for house late Thomas Head's, q.r. 6d.
1841 (CS) Thomas Major (65) Surgeon

1845 Thomas Major died 1 Jul 1845, aged 72 years. (See memorial in St Lawrence's Church).

Harry Hopkins Pearce Major, c1847-1861:

1847 (CL) Devisees of Thomas Major (own); H.H.P. Major (occ)

1851 (CS) Henry H.P. Major - G.P. & MCS, Master & Licenciate of Apothecary's Hall.
1861 (CL) H.H.P. Major

1861 (CS #39) Maria Major (52), widow; Harry P. Major (24) son, M.D. (University of St Andrews), G.P.; Emma (18), daughter; Rosa (14), daughter); Kate (12), daughter; Thomas Webb (21), groom; Ann Eatwell (22), Servant of all work.

Harry Pike Major, 1861-c1916:

1864 (BD) Harry Pike Major
1871 (CS) Harry Pike Major
1873 (DD) re sale by Child and Brown, when top end (i.e. eastern end of gardens) of 104 and 103 were sold to H.P. Major.
1881 (CS) Harry Pike Major (44), and John Rosier - groom and gardener.
1888 Brick on north dividing wall inscribed HPM 1888.
1891 (KD) Harry Pike Major, MD, Surgeon, MO & Public vaccinator.
1896 (CL) Dr Harry Pike Major.
1902 (T&M Register) Harry Pike Major (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Harry Pike Major (occupier until ?1916)
1903 (KD) Harry Pike Major JP
1914 (CL) Dr. Harry Pike Major.

1917 (T&M Register) Miss Major (occupier until 1918)

1919 (T&M Register) Mrs Goddard (occupier)

1920 (T&M Register) Walter Dickson (occupier until ?1929)
1920 Walter Dickson MD

William Charles Bell, from c1930:

Joan Macey remembers 107 being called "Bell or Bells House". Mr & Mrs Bell from Reading bought from Miss Major (who moved to Fairview Road adjacent to no 4), and it then passed to their daughter Mrs Long, followed by her daughter, Mrs Parsonage. She is current (1985) owner, but living in Maidenhead.

1930 (T&M Register) William Charles Bell (owner & occupier)
c.1932 (QR #27) Mr W.C. Bell, for "House formerly Sir J. Head's then Major afterwards H.H.P. Major", q.r. 6d.
1939 (BL) W.C. Bell
1939 (KD) William Charles Bell (Private Resident)

Trevor Cooper wrote (2004) to say that his father was evacuated (from Hackney) to Bell House during the war. He added "I believe there were quite a few people evecuated to the house". See also: "Evacuees from London during Second World War"

1947 (CL) Mrs. W.C. Bell

Undated (T&M Register) Catherine Jane Bell (owner <1968 until 1975)

1952-1963 (CL) Mrs. Dorothy Osborne (occ).

Used as Accountants' Office, c1968-2011:

1968 (CL) Edgar John Princep (occ)
1968 (T&M Register) Edgar John Princep (occupier <1968 until 1976).

1976 (T&M Register) Rhoda Edith Long (owner)

1976-1984 (CL) Dennis William Cryer (occ).
1977 (T&M Register) Dennis William Cryer (occupier)

1968-1970 (CL) Edgar J. Princep – Brading Barber Accountants

1976 (CL) Edgar J. Princep (deleted) Dennis Cryer – Brading Barber Accountants

1978 Brading Barber - accountants

1983-2000 (CL) Dennis William Cryer – Brading Barber Accountants
2005 (CL) Dennis William Cryer
2011 (CL) Dennis William Cryer
May 2011 Brading Barber moved to Charnham Lane.

Reverted to residential use, 2015:

2015 Reverted to residential use. Now named "Burlington House".

2016 (CL) Void

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