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Earliest information: 1753
Original estate: ?Chantry of Holy Trinity
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 44ft; passage 13ft. 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: ?19th century
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

Quit Rent = 4d. Pearce -> Simmons -> Child -> Beckingham -> Buckeridge -> Mills -> Alexander -> Gow -> Good -> Moore -> Barr-Hamilton -> Kirkaldy -> Wills -> Jean May Antiques -> Tilley & Nicholson Antiques -> Below Stairs Antiques (Hofgartner).

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, 19th century. Concrete tiles, one small flat-topped dormer, brick walls, grey headers and red dressings and band at first floor, plinth. Two storeys. Three glazing bar sashes with marginal glazing, exposed moulded frames and stone cills. To left canted bay with hipped tile roof, to centre 6-panel door under flat hood with scroll brackets and thin pilasters, to right large vehicle entrance. Included for group value.

Photo Gallery:


Below Stairs Antiques, 104 High Street, Mar 2007

- Below Stairs Antiques, 103 High Street, March 2007.


1753-61 (QR) Eleanor Pearce for her house, q.r. 4d.

1774-1790 (QR) John Simmons for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d.
1781 (CL) John Symmonds

1795-1804 (QR) Mary Simmons for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d.

1805-17 (QR) Mary Simmons (amended to Elizabeth Simmons, amended to Charles Child) for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d.

1807 (CL) ?John Symmonds or ?Widow Simmonds

1818-23 (QR) Charles Child for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d.

1819 (EA) Un-named

1832 (QR) Elizabeth Child for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d
1836 (QR) Elizabeth Child for another house late Pearce's, q.r. 4d
1847 (CL) ?
1851 (CS) ?
1861 (CS) ?

1861 (CL) Widow Child (own); Walter Keen and Edward Buckeridge (occ)

1871 (CS) Edward Buckeridge - Smith & farrier

1873 (DD) 103,104,105 HS were sold by Child & Brown to Edward Buckeridge (103), the eastern end of 103 & 104 HS (i.e. the upper part of the garden) to Harry Pike Major of 107 HS (qv)

1881 (CS) Alfred Buckeridge - Farrier, emp 1 man

1896 (CL) Dev. of Alfred Buckeridge (own) - Matilda Buckeridge (occ)

1902 (T&M Register) Devisees of Alfred Buckeridge (owners)
1903 (T&M Register) William Giles (occupier until ?1904)

1905 (T&M Register) Richard Barnard (occupier until 1910)

1911 (T&M register) Frederick Barnard (occupier until ?1916)
1914 (CL) Dev. of Alfred Buckeridge (own) - Frederick Barnard (occ)

1917 (T&M Register) Alfred Mills (occupier until 1929; Void 1930-1933)

1920 (KD) Alfred Mills - butcher. Abattoir behind. (Previously at 51HS, later to 7 Bridge Street.)

1924 (DD) 103,104,105,106 HS sold by Jos Roy Alexander to Norman Gow
1932 (QR #31) Mr. Gow (Mills shop late) for "House formerly Pearce's then Wm. Beckingham", q.r. 4d.
1934 (T&M Register) Norman Gow (owner, & occupier until 1936; void 1937)

1938 (T&M Register) Norton Butler Napier Good (occupier)
1939 (T&M Register) Ernest Edward Moore (occupier)
1939 (BL) 103: Capt N.B. Good, "Woden Cottage"

19?? (Joan Macey) Gows passsed property to Cdr & Mrs. Edward Moore. Moores moved to 106HS. 103 went to two sisters.
1947-1952 (CL) Ernest Edward Moore

1953 (DD) Mrs Gow sold 103 & 104 to Mr Barr-Hamilton

1956-1968 (CL) Mrs. Ethel Kirkaldy
1968 (T&M Register) Ethel Kirkaldy (owner & occupier)

1969 (T&M Register) David Seton Wills (owner, and occupier until 1971; void 1972)
1970 (CL) David Seton Wills (own)

?1970s (Joan Macey) Littlecote Antiques (business only) run by Mrs Spreadbury (non-residential)

1973 (T&M Register) James Oswald Crawford (occupier until 1975; void 1976-79)

1974 (Mrs Sheila David (owner)
1974 (Photo) Venner's Antiques.

1976 (CL) Void

1977 (T&M Register) City Birch(?) Ltd & Kirthness(?) Ltd (owners)

(Joan Macey) Jean May Antiques - owner lived near Reading. Living-in manager who moved into Bath Road antiques shop

1978 Tilley & Nicholson - antiques

1980 (T&M Register) Alex Johnson & Jean Elizabeth Johnson (owners & occupier)

Hofgartner, Below Stairs Antiques, c1983-present:

1983 (CL) Stewart Lionel Hofgartner - Below Stairs Antiques
1984 (CL) Stewart Lionel Hofgartner
1985 (CL) Stewart Lionel Hofgartner
1988 Below Stairs (S L Hofgartner) "Shop and Courtyard specialising kitchen antiques. Quality 19th century bedroom furniture. Decorative garden items, lighting and all manner of interesting collectables. Emphasis on good English items. No modern or reproductions. Secondary showroom at 37a Charnham Street"
2000 (CL) Stewart Lionel Hofgartner.
2005 (CL) Susan Hofgartner
2011 (CL) Susan Hofgartner
2016 (CL) Susan Hofgartner

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