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The history of ownership and occupation of the properties at the southern end of the east side of High Street (modern numbers 66-93) is very speculative.

Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


Earliest information: 1779
Original estate: ?Dean and Canons of Windsor
Common Rights? No
Date of current building: Early 20th century
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

A 20th century terrace of four properties, 78, 79, 80 and 81 High Street, which replaced two pairs of semi-detached cottages, between The Borough Arms (now 77), and the pair of cottages (now 82-83).

Description of property:

A 20th century terrace of four properties

Photo Gallery:

- 78-81 High Street, Feb 2007

- 78-81 High Street, c1920


1777 (NH) In 1777 Abiam Tubb, cutler, mealman and moneylender, bequeathed no less than 5 sets of property in Hungerford and Charnham Street.
- One such set consisted of two tenements "near the town pond", which he left to his nephew Thomas (probably present-day 97-98 HS),
- His own residence, present-day 131/2 HS, which he left to his nephew John Tubb. This was in two tenements, one occupied by himself, and the other by William Alexander.
- 4 tenements left to Elizabeth Naxton (Knackstone), his niece. These also were on the east side, between present-day nos. 97/98HS and the Borough Arms (no. 77 HS), possibly 84/86HS?. (See Sun Fire Insurance vol 267 (1778)),
- Another 4 tenements "at the upper end of the town", left to Elizabeth Maishel, his housekeeper and kinswoman. These would seem to be the group of cottages now numbered 66, 67, 68 and 69HS, but, as with property (3) above, there is not absolute certainty owing to the confused state of the town records relating to this area.
- 2 tenements and land in Charnham Street purchased from widow Coxhead.

1778 (NH) Sun Fire Insurance Vol. 267, no. 39974, dated 30 June 1778: John Naxton shoemaker on his ..?three?.. tenements in 1 building in tenure of himself and others. Brick and tiled.

1779 (NH) Abiam Tubb's will left a block of 4 tenements to his niece Elizabeth Naxton (Knackstone), daughter of Abiam Tubb's brother John Tubb. [Elizabeth Tubb married John Knackstone in 1771, and she was buried in 1785]. In two of these Elizabeth was living; the others were occupied by James Adams and Moses Pocock.

The tenement block was said to be next to the house of Jane Betteridge. It is probably the burgage plot which is marked John Knackstone on the Enclosure Award Map of 1819. The same map shows the neighbouring plot on the north to belong to Hall (?=85 HS), and the neighbouring plot on the south to belong to J. Burgess (?=77 HS).

The early 19th century quit rent rolls do not include these properties. This is presumably because
- Hall's property was a former Hungerford Englefield property,
- Knackstone derived his via Tubb from the Dean and Canons of Windsor (Rectorial ten no 7 + 2 acres), and
- Burgess also held a former Hungerford Englefield property. More evidence is needed, however, to substantiate this presumption, and until the plot is exactly pin-pointed, it is difficult to make use of earlier surveys to trace its history.

1814 (NH) DCW survey. John Knackstone – "Tenement, 2 rooms below, 2 Above. Garden, Land behind 3 rods, Arable Land 1 acre 2 rods Value £12-0-0".

1819 (EA) John Knackstone

1821 (NH) DCW will of John Knackstone, shoemaker, dated June 1821 – leaves all leasehold messuages and lands to Charles Salisbury baker, and William Fox , carpenter, on trust to dispose of by auction and to put the money into securities for Ruth Knackstone, daughter-in-law; but if she marry, then to Betty Neale, widow of William Neale. After the death of daughter-in-law, various provisions including to sister Sarah Dare(?), w/o Joseph D. Probate Aug 1822. There is also 1822 DCW will of Hannah Knackstone.

1851 (CS) ?Joseph Rosier (36), labourer.

1939 (Blacket's) 78: J.T. Gibbs, builder
- 79: C. Keep, police constable
- 80: L.P. Gould, police constable
- 81: G. Yule, police constable

From Norman Hidden papers:

86/85 Hall (H.E)
83/84 Knackstone (rectorial)
77 Burgess (H.E.)

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- 1814 DCW Survey including 78-81 High Street