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The history of ownership and occupation of the properties at the southern end of the east side of High Street (modern numbers 66-93) is very speculative.

Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


Earliest information: 1753
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (for 76a HS - Frontage 20ft; 2 horses or 4 cows))
Date of current building: c.1968
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

This area was redeveloped c.1968 into the High Street part of Fairfields sheltered housing. The quit rent of 2d helps identify ownership in quit rent rolls back to 1753.

Description of property:

Redeveloped c.1970 into the High Street part of Fairfields sheltered housing.

Photo Gallery:


74-76 High Street, Feb 2007


Upper High Street c1905 showing 74-76 High Street on the left

- 74-76 High Street, February 2007.

- Upper High Street c.1905 showing 74-76 High Street on the left.


1753-61 (NH QR) ..??.. Ford [?Missford?] for his house, q.r. 2d.

1774-1790 (QR) Edward ..?.. [possibly Missford?] [amended to] William Webb for house, q.r. 4d. [Why 4d?]or 2d? ?late Mistford, previously Abiam Tubb's, along with two others (late Scarlett), 4d + 4d

1781 (CL)

1795-1804 (QR) William Webb for house late Edward Missford's, q.r. 2d.

1805-17 (QR) Miss Webb for house late Edward Missford's, amended to Devisees of William Webb, q.r. 2d.

1819 (EA) Webb

1818-23 (QR) Devisees of William Webb for house late Edward Missford, amended to John Willes, q.r. 2d.

1832 (QR) John Willes Esq'r for house late Webbs, q.r. 2d.
1836 (QR) John Willes Esq'r, for house late Webb's, q.r. 2d.

1847 (CL) George Willes (own); William Sopp (occ)

1851 (CS) William Sopp (38), gardener.

1861 (CL) George Willes (own); Holmes (occ)

1896 (CL) Thomas Phelps (own); George Payne (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Thomas Phelps (owner); Thomas Rosier (occupier)
1904 (T&M Register) Ernest Clements (occupier until ?1907)
1908 (T&M Register) George Scarlett (occupier)
1909 (T&M Register) William Bushnell (occupier until ?1910)
1911 (T&M Register) Charles Jessett (occupier until ?1915)
1914 (CL) Thomas Phelps (own); Charles Jessett (occ)
1916 (T&M Register) George Shephers (occupier until ?1933)

c.1932 (QR) Mr Phelps, "House formerly Edward Missford's then Webb's then G. Willes Esq.", q.r. 2d.

1934 (T&M Register) John Brewer (occupier )

1939 (Blacket's) 74: Mrs S.A. Chapman

75: W. Eatwell

76: J. Brewer

1947 (CL) 76: John Brewer

1952-1963 (CL) 76: Edith Florence Brewer

c.1968 Fairfields and High Street properties redeveloped by council for warden-supervised sheltered accomodation
1968 (T&M Register) Hungerford Rural district Council (owners until 1973)
1968 (CL) 76: Void

1970 (CL) 76: Void
1974 (T&M Register) Newbury District Council (owners); Arthur Franklin (occupier until 1977)
1976 (CL) 76: Arthur Franklin

1978 (T&M Register) Frank Williams (occupier until 1978)

1979 (T&M Register) Lilla Alice Williams (occupier)
1983 (CL) 76a: Lilla Alice Williams
1984 (CL) 76a: Lilla Alice Williams
1985 (CL) 76a: Lilla Alice Williams

2000 (CL) 76a: James O'Brien
2005 (CL) 76a: James O'Brien

2011 (CL) 76a: Robert Moffat

2016 (CL) Joan Pratar