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The history of ownership and occupation of the properties at the southern end of the west side of High Street (modern numbers 45-65) is very speculative. Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


Earliest information:
Original estate:
Common Rights? No
Date of current building:
Listed? No

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59 High Street, Feb 2007

uhs-102 59hs
uhs-102 59hs

Wyatt's Fruiterers, 59 High Street, decorated to celebrate the Carnival Queen, (?mid 1930s)

19861100 59 High Street (John Allen)
19861100 59 High Street (John Allen)

59 High Street, Nov 1986 (John Allen).

20221215 58-60 High Street damage
20221215 58-60 High Street damage

Damage to 58-60 High Street, December 2022.

20221213 RTA at 59 High Street
20221213 RTA at 59 High Street

The RTA at 59 High Street, 13th December 2022 (with thanks to Penny Post).

- 59 High Street, February 2007.

- Wyatt's Fruiterers, 59 High Street, decorated to celebrate the Carnival Queen, (?mid 1930s).

- 59 High Street, November 1986 (John Allen).

- Damage to 58-60 High Street, December 2022.


1851 (CS) ?William Elliott (30), tin plate worker.

25 Oct 1851: (DD) Conveyance, H.H.P. Major sold to Absalom Lambourn (of Hungerford, labourer)

1861 (CS) ?Sarah Neal

1871 (CS) ?Edward Batt

24 Jun 1874: Richard Hasell filed for bankruptcy. A Judd was appointed trustee of the debtors' estate.
16 Jul 1874: (DD) Will of George Andrews, miller, corn dealer and maltster (qv)
11 Aug 1874; (DD) A. Judd bought the estate (?4 cottages and land) for £950.
15 Aug 1874: (DD) Codicil of Will, recorder he had purchased freehold property in High Street (no 59) from Richard Hasell, baker.
21 Aug 1874: (DD) George Andrews died.
31 Dec 1874: (DD) Indenture between Eliza Prince (of Newbury, spinster), Alfred Judd (of Newbury, grocer), Richard Hasell (of Hungerford, baker), Harry Pike Major (of Hungerford, doctor), Thomas Andrews (of Durley, grocer) and Ann Andrews (widow of George Andrews)... "a.. that messuage or dwellinghouse and shop with bakehouse stable outbuildings yard and garden ... on the west side of High Street ... in occupation of George Batt and also all those six cottages  ... belonging adjoining the aforesaid messuage... on the south side thereof and then or late in the occupation of Edward Batt, Bungey David, Tidbury, James Batt, Frances Winchcomb and Giles Miller, ... bounded to the west partly by land belonging to Lucy Nock, ... north ... Edward Buxcey ... to south by road leading from High Street to Back Lane, .. therretofor described as all those four cottages..."

1881 (CS) George Batt

1891 (CS) George Cannings
1901 (CS) George Cannings

1905-10 (Sonner North) Canning & Baker, greengrocer

27 Apr 1920: (DD) Ann Andrews died.

25 Aug 1920: (DD) Indenture between the vendors (J McKerlie of Hungerford, vet, and Thomas Henry Bishop of Park Farm Hungerford, farmer, and Robert Cole of Hungerford, miller (the purchaser). £465. Messuage or dwellinghouse, and shop, four cottages occupied by Mr Harrison, Mrs Grimshaw, Mrs Tidbury and Messrs Clack and Langford respectively, bounded on north by property formerly of Edward Buxcey but then John Edward Mills.
26 Aug 1920: (DD) Mortgage of £400 with Provident Union.
13 May 1922: (DD) Furher charge of £160.

5 May 1923: (DD) Conveyance Robert Cole sold to Ernest James Cole  (of Hungerford) in the company of Berks Transport contractor. £565.

1 Dec 1923: (DD) Conveyance Provident Union sold to Herbert John Bushnell of High Street Hungerford, Relieving Officer, and Wilfred ewart Lawrence of Ramsbury, builder. £560.
3 Dec 1923: (DD) Mortgage with Provident Union of £500.

12  Apr 1928: (DD) HJ Bushnell and WE Lawrence sold to Albet Andrew Wyatt for £375. Bounded to north by property of John Edward Mills.
1939 (Blacket's) A.A. Wyatt, fruiterer, etc.

1978 Hungerford Fruit & Vegetable Market (Closed ?Oct 1986)

In 1993 March Hair, hairdressers

2007 "Snippet's Barbers"

13th December 2022: Major dastructural damage as a result of a vehicle collision.

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